Birmingham Air Raids 1940 to 1945

A few years ago a relative gave me a hand written manuscript that logged the German air raids carried out in the Midlands during WWII. They lived in Handsworth Wood at the time. The notes are brief, but to those who lived through these times, may be of interest.   

EA = Enemy Aircraft and AA = Ack Ack (anti-aircraft) defensive Guns.


25th June Tuesday -    warning 11.45 - 12.25, night, 2 bombs between Scott Arms and Great Barr, no damage.

29th June Saturday -   warning 11.45 - 1.50, night, bombs Stone Way. Casualties and damage. 2 killed, 8 injured.

9th August Friday -     warning 2.10am - 2.35am, early morning, bombes Erdington. Casualties and damage.

13th August Tuesday - 11.20am - 3.15am, night E.A., bombs, AA fire clearly heard. Screaming bombs used. Casualties and damage to N. aero works and Washwood Heath. 5 killed and 26 injured.

16th August Friday -     warning 11.20pm - 3.20am, early morning, E.A. heard before and during warning.Isolated AA fire and bombs. Casualties and damage at  Erdington & Washwood Heath. 6 killed and 13 injured.

17th August Saturday - warning 11.55pm - 3.05am, night, EA heard before and during warning. Bombs.

18th August Sunday -   warning 10.55am - 1.15am, EA heard and bombs dropped. Wardens warning 1.20am - 2.00am.

20th August Tuesday - warning 3.45 - 4.25. Bombs and EA heard. Bombs Bilston. Casualties and damage.

24th August Saturday - warning 2.35am - 5.15am, early morning. EA and AA fire before and during warning. Bombs dropped.

24th August Saturday - warning 9.50pm - 11.50pm. 2 warnings and all clears. Final all clear at 5am. EA heard and very heavy AA fire. Bombs dropped.

25th August Sunday -   warning 9.50pm - 4.00am, Slight AA fire. EA and bombs heard. 2nd warning 4.02am - 5.00am. Bombs on town; Market Hall burned out,  many delayed action, also Erdington and Birchfield. Bombs (incendiary) on Beauchamp Avenue, Leopold and Vernon. Much damage.

26th August Monday -  warning 9.00pm - 4.20am. Heavy AA fire and EA heard. Bombs dropped . Damage to Industrial Works and casualties at BSA.

27th August Tuesday -  warning 1.50 - 2.00pm, dinner time.

28th August Wednesday - warning 9.30pm - 4.20am, EA heard. Bombs dropped, casualties and damage.

29th August Thursday - warning 10.20pm - 3.00am, EA heard and bombs.

30th August Friday -     warning 9.20pm - 4.20am,EA and bombs heard.

31st August Saturday -  warning 9.45pm - 3.10am. EA heard and bombs dropped.

1st September Sunday - warning 10.37pm - 1.55am. EA heard.

2nd September Monday - warning 10.10pm - 2.05am, 2.06am - 3.05am, EA, heavy AA fire and bombs heard.

3rd September Tuesday - warning 10.38pm - 1.30am. EA heard

4th September Wednesday - warning 9.40pm - 3.55am. EA heard.

5th September Thursday - warning 9.18pm - 9.30am, breakfast time,. Bombs and EA heard.

6th September Friday - warnings 9.00pm - 9.27pm. 9.52pm - 10.35pm; 12 midnight - 3.15am, 3.30am - 4.30am. EA heard.​

7th September Saturday - warning 11.45pm - 3.30am. EA heard.

9th September Monday - warning 11.35pm - 12.15am; 12.30pm - 1.08am. EA heard

10th September Tuesday - warning 9.50pm - 1.55am. EA heard and bombs.

11th September Wednesday - warning 12 midday - 12.25pm. EA heard. Warning 10.55pm - 2.50am. EA heard.

12th September Thursday - warning 7.05pm - 8.00pm; 8.20pm - 4.15am. EA heard and bombs dropped - Alma Street, Oldbury and Bilston.

14th September Saturday - warning 8.00pm - 9.55pm.

15th September Sunday - warning 9.25am - 9.30am, breakfast time, warnings 8.34pm -8 52pm; 10.45pm - 1.50am. Last all clear 3.20am. EA heard.

16th September Monday - warning 8.40am - 8.53am, breakfast time, warning 8.23pm - 9.17pm; 10.40pm - 12.25am. EA and bombs heard. 1 EA brought down by balloon barrage at Kings Heath.

18th September Wednesbury - warning 10.30pm - 11.15pm, 11.23pm - 2.15am. EA heard.

19th September Thursday - warnings 8.58pm - 9.22pm; 10.30pm - 10.50pm; 11.55pm - 12.15pm; 2.00am - 2.15am. EA heard.

23rd September Monday - warnings 10.25pm - 11.15pm​; 12.30am - 5.25am. EA heard and bombs dropped.

25th September Wednesday - warning 8.47pm - 9.42pm. EA heard.

26th September Thursday - 5.35pm - 5.48pm, teatime. EA heard. warning 8.05pm - 1.15am, 1.28am - 1.55am. Many EA heard.

27th September Friday - warning 5.40pm - 5.53pm, teatime. warning 7.55pm - 9.45pm. EA heard.

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