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Black Country Videos

Black Country Society

Ode to the Black Country

An Ecclesiastical Affair

This page contains links to a number of sites which include a wide variety of videos concerning the history and heritage of the Black Country. Two have been selected from each site, but there are many more - click on the logo to see what else is available. 

History West Midlands

Forging Ahead: Austerity to Prosperity in the Black Country 1945-1968


Cholera and clean water in the Black Country: Lichfield Waterworks Trust

Black Country Geological Society

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Saltwells National Nature Reserve. A virtual field excursion.

The Black Country Geopark: Progress through its first year

Black Country Living Museum

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Life 'on the cut' in the Black Country

Lives of children in 19th century Black Country

Staffordshire Folklore

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The Pub Where You Could Buy Beer by The Pound 

Gideon Grove - Phantom Horseman of Holbeche House

Staffordshire Hiraeth

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Jon Raven - Songs of the Black Country

Wesley Perrins - A Black Country

Black Country History Hunter

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Dudley's lost graveyard

Lowtown, Dudley, history and metal detecting

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