BLACK COUNTRY DIALECT  A - Z   (A selection of reference Words, Terms & Spellings)

Ackidock                    aqueduct
Afower                       before possibly from Afore
Agen                          again
Airk                            as in belly ache, stomach ache
Ait                              eat
Aks(axe)                    ask
Anunst                       against, next to, eg "The housen anunst hisen"
Ar                               Yes as in "Ar I am"
Ay or A                       haven't or isn't. "Is it just the way we speak or lazyness
                                  which enables us to phase an entire sentence in single letters
                                  such as I A A I (I haven't, have I).

Babby                        Baby from the Anglo Saxon Babben
Backerds                   Backwards
Barly                          a truce. Sometimes "Arley-Barly" is used.
                                   (Possibly a corruption from the French "Parlez" to talk?)
The Baggies               West Bromwich Albion Football Club (not a very good one!)
Bai or bay                  am not, eg "I bay gooin' ter tell yow agen"
Bally                           Belly, stomach
Bamboozle                 puzzle, bemuse
Barmpot                     A silly person
Barmy                        Daft, silly
Bawk                          hinder or confuse. Probably from Balk
Bay or Baynt              am not
Beezum                      a broom of birch
Bibble                         A pebble
Bin                              been, have been
Bist                             are, eg "how bist yow?" = How are you?
Bisn't                          aren't, opposite of Bist. eg "Bisn't gooin up the shaps?" for
                                  "You're not going up the shops?"
Blaberen                    to talk idly
Black Bat                   Black Beetle
Bladda or Bladder     Balloon
Blart                           cry - from "the bleating of sheep"
Blether                       to talk nonsense or talk incessantly. "Blether yed" “blether
                                   Head” - someone who talks nonesense, a fool.
Blobmouth                 blabbermouth eg "'Ers a right blobmouth. Tell 'er terday,
                                   the world knows tomorrer"
Blubren                      crying, eg "Ar kids blubren agen"
Bobhowlers               Any large moth
Boffle                         hinder
Bonce                         the head
Bonk                           bank or small hill. Pitbonk (hill made from mine waste)
Bost                            broken or burst, past tense Bosted
Boster                        something big or possibly something good
Bostin                        Meaning "very good indeed" eg "We 'ad a bostin time" or "Ers a bostin wench"