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The Black Country Society engages with its membership through regular Meetings, Walks and Talks, Book

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If you are not from the Black Country, we are sure the interest you take in the history of the area

will be enhanced  through the additional sources to investigate and surprising insights of life in

a time when industry and new production methods became the lifeblood of the Nation.

The Black Country, as small in size as it is, has made a huge contribution in the advancement to

science, industry and commerce in the UK and throughout the World. 

Member Pages - These pages are password protected and available to Members Only. They contain lots of fun information and Society News. In the Publications area Members can access pages from early editions of the magazine in pdf format. These part of the Magazine Library will eventually provide the opportunity to view all copies of the past 50+yrs of the Blackcountryman.




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The Society is pleased to be enriched by an extended membership around the World. Many overseas members have family ties and links to the Black Country and many others have a great interest in the history of the area. You are all most welcome and we hope you enjoy and benefit from your much valued membership. Thank you!

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The Black Country Society sponsors the publication of a small number of books each year. All our books are researched/written by BC authors and feature the Black Country -

Humour, Personalities, History, Heritage, Recipes, Religion, Football, Rivers, Boxing, Street Names, Canals, Iron Founders and so much more ... visit the Publications page to make your selection.


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The Black Country Society welcomes many people from overseas who want to be a part of a society that is linked to the important 'heritage' it represents, as identified by UNESCO. The cost of overseas membership is £30.00 for twelve months (this includes postage of your magazine). 


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Because of the virus pandemic the Society has had to cancel all Talks and Walks. However, all Members will receive their copy of the magazine issues as normal and we welcome any contact you may wish to make with the Society and Members through the website.

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The Society has embarked on a project to upload a pdf file of every copy of the magazine published since 1967. It is hoped this work will be completed by Autumn 2021.

Access to this information will be password protected and only available to Members of the Society. It may be possible to provide access to part of this archive of the magazine, and Society Members will be notified when this is ready for launch.

The Black Country Society values its Members and their identity rights. BCS operates with a GDPR Officer and a strict GDPR policy. The Society is pleased to communicate with all members as they wish (mail, telephone and email). The Society is aware of the need, not to waste materials and resources and asks that all members agree wherever possible to communication by email. If this is acceptable, the Society will only communicate with members by email to inform members of Black Country Society News, Talks, Walks, Social Events and to provide reminders about membership renewal dates.