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Every year the Society is approached by Black Country authors who have researched and written books about the people and places from the area. In many cases these manuscripts are too niche for commercial publishers and the Society may be the only option these budding writers get to see their books in print.

The Society make every effort to accommodate BC authors and we are pleased to have the highly valued support of the membership when it comes to sales of the books. Over the years the Society have built up quite a portfolio of books on a wide variety of topics relating to the Black Country and we have always been pleased to offer them at very affordable cost to all those interested. We know you will enjoy reading the books sponsored by the Society and we are pleased from time-to-time to also offer our members, special discounts from authors who have self published.  Please keep visiting the website, keep purchasing to support BC authors and look out for our Special Discounted Offers to you in the future!



The Black Country Society supports, sponsors or publishes a small number of books each year. They are written by authors who are born in the area, live locally or otherwise have a deep interest in the Black Country. Past publications have been about people, industry, buildings and culture including themes such as dialect and humour.


Books are expensive to publish – each publication may cost several thousand pounds and we want to make sure that our books are attractive and informative. We are appealing for Print Angels to help the Society support books which have a local and regional value. 


For a donation you can have your name or that of a relative or friend printed in a book which will be around for many years. Supporting the Society in your will is another way in which you can help. Of course, you can give money without necessarily having a name mentioned in a publication.  



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The Black Country Society are interested and welcome the submission of Features, Articles and Stories about 'the Blackcountry', to be considered for publication with the authors permission in the society quarterly magazine 'The Blackcountryman' and on the website.

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Brendan Clifford is a Black Country

author and has done many live

presentations and talks on various

subjects for the Society.

He has written a book (185 pages)

about the authors who have visited

the Black Country and then

commented in their own unique way

on their impressions of the area.

This is one of the books the Society

is helping to sponsor and when you

click onto the pdf below, it will open one of the articles from the book. This article is featured in the Spring issue of the Blackcountryman.

Brendan and the Society would welcome any contribution you would like to make to fund the publication in 2021.

Click on the pdf to read

a feature from the book.


Author - Graham Beckley


Graham Beckley took over 300 photographs following the course of the river Stour, from tributaries rising in the Clent Hills to where the Stour joins the river Severn at Stourport.

His book is packed with 120 pages of full colour images and descriptive text, indicating the course and use of the river and in recent times the necessary management to prevent the damage caused by pollution. All images are cross referenced with Location, Time/Date taken and grid reference.

PRICE: £16.00 incl. packaging