Dear Visitor, since the Society was established late in 1967 the First issue of the Blackcountryman magazine was published in 1967. This tradition has been continued and you will therefore find all Issues numbered 1 in the year before the following issues 2,3 and 4. If you have any queries please contact the society and we will be pleased to help with your enquiry.



Black Country Personalities - John Scott Allen - S. Hill

Hill Top School (Pt1) - Dr. D. Thomas

Avoiding the 'Bitterness' of Party Strife

borough Politics in Wolverhampton 1848-88 - Dr. J. Smith

Eric Brett Young - M. Hall

Comparisons at School - Family History - B. Dakin

Robert Plot and the Black Country - Dr. J. Lester

Getting Steamed Up about Black Country Boilers - T. Lodge

Schooldays? - the Happiest Days? - O. Rose

Homer Bros. Foster Mother Specialists - R.F. Homer

Disappearing Brierley Hill in Pictures - R. Jones

The Watch Night Service - N. Johnson

The Twelve (Black Country) Days of Christmas - P.G. Jones

To Tea or Not To Tea - A. Truby

Jamaican English in the Black Country - J. Biddulph

Documenting the Workshop of the World - P. Evans

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree - A. Dunphy OBE

Merry Hill 123 - 'Inky'

Peter Skidmore (RIP) - S. Hill

Further Memories of Hill Top - O. Coley

W. Midlands N Gauge Model Railway Club - K. Jones

The End of the Earth - J.B. Nicholls



Black Country Personalities - Paul Bloomer - S. Hill

BIP-Pioneers in Plastics - M. Butler

Ocker Hill-How it got its Name - D. Humphries

Something about Anniversaries - N. Williams

More Memories of the Farley Clock Tower - Dr. A.J. Mason

In the Beginning - M. Round

The Bottoms outa the Truck - J. Wood

Hill Top School Pt2 - Dr. D. Thomas

Bilston Beginnings - M. Jarrett

Pills & Potions 'Who's Who in Wolv - A. Dunphy & M. Miller

Rediscovering William Shenstone - A. Duggan

Memories of Bilston - R. Price

Corbett Hospital, 3d a Week - P. Taylor

Coming of Age, Letters from Gallipoli, 1915 - P. Wright-Thompson

Infants & Junior School - R. Jones

The Origins of Holt Road School, Blackheath - M. Homer

From Boy Scout to Sutherland Flying Boat Pilot - B. Riley/P. Dunn


Black Country Personalities - John Parker - S. Hill

Crash Landing at Brierley Hill, 3.30am, 167 March 1944 - K. Russell

Wednesbury Pendant Mystery

Honest Tom Parker, the Unsung Hero - B. Parker

The Church Hall, St. Bartholemews, Penn - A. Dunphy

Worcestershire Salt & the Black Country Salt Men Pt1 - M. Dallow

Pollution History of Black Country Streams - T. Langford

Wordsley World War II Air Defence Mystery - D. Cox

Baggeridge Colliery Commemorative Medal - M. Pearson

Sundials in the Black Country - J. Lester

Senior School - R. Jones

In at the Beginnings - G. Bubb

Black Country Dialect and Nicknames 1861 - E. Jenkins

The Brickie - A.J. Haywood

An Maria Bannister (nee Smith) 1877-1964 - I.M. Andrews

Baleful Bleats of a Black Country Boy 1926 - A. Truby

Black Country Dystopia: John Pettys -The Last Refuge- P. McDonald

Iron Links - C. Higgs

VOL 38.4

Black Country Personalities - Ralph Meanley, Baritone - S. Hill

Shakespears Granddaughter & the Bagleys of Dudley - J. Taplin

Romance & Excitement amoung the Cabbages - D. Bird

Varnished Leaves - History of the Manders - M. Pearson

Ivy Round - D. Winterburn

The Poetry of John Cornfield - P. McDonald

Blue Ribbon Mission - N. Williams

Godly Cleanliness - Robert Spear Hudson - N. Lemon

The Hole in the Ground Where a Hole Don't Belong - P. Talbot

Eldon Firmstone of Wordsley Manor - T. Rogers

Nine Black Country Artists - R. Perry

Culture Alive - B. Dakin

Black Country & the Industrial Revolution - J.S. Allen

Worcestershire Salt & the BlackCountry Saltmen Pt2 - M. Dallow

Visiting Sleipnir - J. Biddulph

Play - R. Jones

A Crown for Staffordshire - D. Mannering

Black Country Weeds - K. Brown

Canada comes to Penn - A. Dunphy OBE



Black Country Personalities - Dennis Masters - S. Hill

Shakespeare's Granddaughter & the Bagleys of Dudley - J. Taplin

When is a Fossil Fuel not a Fossil Fuel? It's Coal - B. Hart

The Man Who Sang of Iron-John Evans Poetry - P. McDonald

Worcesters Salt & the Black Country Saltmen Pt2 - M. Dallow

Homes for The Poor - N. Williams

Sunday School - R. Jones

Rock Music? - A. Truby

The Black Country Museum - R. Julian

Jim Boulton (RIP) - S. Hill

A Crown for Staffordshire (excerpt 2) - D. Mannering

Pop in Cradley Heath - A.J. Hayward

I am My Voice & My Voice is Me - B. Dakin

The Story of Two Tipton Chirches - J. Allen

Those Spectacular Press Balls and How We Got to See

    The Editor's Red Braces - J. Beck

James Whale Letter to Ivo Shaw

The History of Your Famil or Your Family History (I) - M. Pearson

Kathleen Ferrier's Concerts in the Black Country - M. Jones


VOL 39.2 SPRINGBlack Country Personalities - Fred Willetts - S. Hill

Shakespeare's Granddaughter & the Bagley's of Dudley(III) - J. Taplin

The First Schoolboy International - T. Harrison

The Early History of the Horseley Co., Tipton - J. Allen

John Kilburn - The Gt. Barr Nightingale - P. McDonald

Sedgley and the Pen Industry - D. Humphries

I Can Reach Through the Usual Challenges - J.A. Davis

Dudley Zoo - R. Jones

Beeches Road School, West Bromwich - A. Truby

Baron Bilston of Bilston - M. Pearson

A Crown for Staffordshire (excerpt III) - D. Mannering

Master Craftsman or just the Master (Major Nicholls) - A. Smith

A Long Road to the Air Race - R. Hart

WH Peplows - Clockmakers, Silversmiths & Jewellers of

    Stourbridge and Worcester - M. Dallow

The History of Your Family or Your Family in History Pt2 - M. Pearson


Black Country Personalities - Derek Hemming - S. Hill

The Walsall Bombs - J. Harper

Master Craftsman or just the Master? (Major Nicholls) pt2 - A. Smith

The Old Lady and the Doctor's Muse: Life and Works

    of Frank Layton - P. McDonald

Memories of a Six Year Old Evacuee from Smethwick - A. Taylor

Going to the Pictures - R. Jones

Burne Jones, Baldwins and the Black Country - D. Cox

A Notion of Territory - A Social Change - B. Dakin

Gunners Bombarded - T. Harrison

Brierley Hill Men Meet UP IN Aftrica - C. Day

'When Everyone Knew and Respected the Local Paper's

    District Men - J. Beck

Yet Another Side of Dud Dudley - M.White

It All Seemed So Unfair at the Time - D. Mannering

Memories of Dudley Grammar School - D Southall

A True Blast from the Past - A. Truby


Black Country Personalities - Michael Joseph Coyle - S. Hill

G. I. Bride - B.M. Meador

The Missing Tenant of Wollaston Hall - J. Byard-Jones

Any Glass by Chance - D. Encill

Westwood & Wright, Memories of the Gas Valve

    manufacturer - T. Hollinshead

My 1948 Lawnmower - A Frustrating Friend - S. Eveson

How I Remember the Pictures in Brierley Hill - P. Taylor

The Empire Picture House, Dudley.

Visit of His Majesty's Grenadier Guards Band - M. Crowther

Are Black Country People Thick? - R. Jones

Master Craftsman or Just the Master

    (Major Nichols) Pt3 - A. Smith

A Day by the Sea - A. Truby

New Doors Ode Fodes - B. Spakemon

The Life of Mary Percy Jackson - L.D. Wilkie

Fires in the Shows - N. Williams

A Window in Time - B. Hart

In Defence of Walsall Poetry:

    Arthur Brockhurst & Alfred Moss - P. McDonald

The White Feather - M. Dallow

Milestones of Black Country History - D. Humphries

George Borwick of Baking Powder Fame - N. Lemon

The Forger's Black Art - S.J. Millward

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