BLACK COUNTRY DIALECT  B - C   (A selection of reference Words, Terms & Spellings)

Bowk                     A very large recepticle like a skip
Breffus                  Breakfast
Brummagem         Birmingham
Bunny-fire             bonfire
Buz                        Bus

Cake-hole            Mouth "Shut yer cake-hole"
Caggy or
    caghanded      left-handed
Cag-mag             Bad or rotting meat
Camplin/Cankin  talking or gossiping
Cant(in)                gossip(ing)
Catlick                  hasty wash
Caw or cor           cannot, eg "I cor goo the'er terday"
Chawl                  Pork
Chops                  mouth or cheeks
Chimdy or chimly
or chimbly           chimney
Chuffed                Pleased
Chuck                   Throw
Chuky or chooky      chicken, fowl (children's word) also Chooky Egg
Chunter                    grumble under one's breath
Clack                        uvula, eg "Just stop yer clack"
Clarnet                     idiot, fool. "Yo' daft clarnet!"
Clane                       Clean
Clemmed or
    clammed             starved or hungry
Clobber                   clothes or possibly to hit someone
Clomber                  climb
Cocka/Cocker         mate, friend
Cockaver                 a smack
Codge                      a poor job, eg "He's made a right codge of it"
or Cog-nocker        Thick Sandwich (variation on Noggin)
Coddin                    joking, kidding, eg "Goo on, yum coddin me"
Coost                      could you ?, also negative "thee coosnt"
Coot                        coat
Cootin                     Courting
Cor or cort              can't
cork-aiver or
    cog-winder        a good punch
Cost                       can you?, also negative "I cosn't" - I cannot
Cotter                    have no cotter with 'im (have nothing to do with him)
Crack                     fun, entertainment
Craw                      crop of a bird, as in "that sticks in my craw" - I cannot believe it
Croddle                  huddle together