BLACK COUNTRY DIALECT  C - F   (A selection of reference Words, Terms & Spellings)

Craunch                 crunch
Cuff                        a cough
Cut                         canal
Cutherin'                to huddle together, Cuddling?

Dahb                       Daub, smear
Dare-cent               Dare not
Day                         did not, eg "I day see 'im comin"
Desay                     dare say, very likely
Dishle                     cup of tea
Ditherin'                 meaning to shiver with cold, or to hesitate.
Dock                       to stop or hold back wages
Doe                         do not, reply to question "I doe"
Dollop                     large quantity, usually of food
Donny                     hand (children's word) Possibly a corruption from the French "Donnez" to give.
Dowl                       down, soft hair on the face
Drap                        drop
Duck                        evade, dodge
Dun                          Do, as in "What dun yo want?"

he,                           pronoun used to describe the husband or household head
Ess'ole                    Fireplace. I think this may be a corruption of 'ash hole'

Faggots                  Black Country dish made from pig's organs, onion, sage, bread crumbs
Fairce                     Face
Fai(r)ther               Father
Fakes/Fairks         Cigarettes
Fettle                     excellent condition
Fittle                      Food, victuals
Fizzog                    the Face
Flen                       fleas
Flics                      Cinema
Flirter                    Catapult usually made from elastic (rubber) bands
Fode                       Fold or enclosure. A back yard to a house
Foggy                     First : When children were playing games the first child to shout out Foggy
                               Went first/had first pick, then the next child would have to shout out Secky.
Forid                      Forehead
Franzy                   Irritable, particularly fretful children
Frit                        Frightened, eg "doe be frit"
Frowtsy                 Dishevelled
Fust                       First