BLACK COUNTRY DIALECT  G - K   (A selection of reference Words, Terms & Spellings)

Gaffer                      master, employer, perhaps husband
Gamgee                  Cotton Wool. From its inventor Dr. Samuel Gamgee, who originally called it   

                                "gamgee-tissue." Dr. Gamgee  was born in Birmingham.
Gammitin                 playing the fool
Gammy                    lame
Gamp                       Umbrella (after a Dickensian character named Mrs Gamp who always carried a                     large black umbrella)
Ganzy                      guernsey, jumper, cardigan
Garn                        Go on
Gawby                     a simpleton
Gawk                       an ill dressed person, or to stare, eg "Who am yow gawkin' at ?"
Gawp                       open mouthed, staring
Gleed or Glede        a cinder.
Gob                          to spit, or the mouth itself, eg "Shut yer gob" or "'Er's got a right gob on 'er"
Gobiron                    Mouth Organ/Harmonica
Goo                          go, eg "Am yow gooin' ter the flics?" = Are you going to the Pictures? (Cinema)
Graunch                  "To suck a boiled sweet and rattle it in ones teeth" for example "...'ark at 'er, 

                            '       ers 'avin a grate with that sweet - graunchin' it."

Haiver                      something big, eg "It's a real haiver"
Hoss road                The street. "Get out the hoss road!" = Get out of the way!
Halfender                 a brick

Ivver-ovver              hesitate, eg "Stop yer ivverin' an' ovverin' an' get on wi'it"

Jack squalin hour    Early morning. ‘He was out cootin till jack squalin hour’
Jeth (jed)                  death (dead)
Jiffy                          brief moment, eg "E woe be a jiffy"
Joobus                     suspicious, dubious

Kay-li                       Sherbet powder (confectionery)
Kaylied                    Drunk
Kay                          Key
Kell                         the lining around a faggot
Keckle                    Kettle
Ketch                      catch
Kissa                      the face