BLACK COUNTRY DIALECT  K - O   (A selection of reference Words, Terms & Spellings)

Lamp                              To beat or thrash, eg "Ee giv' 'im a right lampin'
Larrupin /Larussin         Also to beat or thrash, eg "Ee giv' 'im a right larrupin'"
Lather    ladderLather    upset or excited as "In a bit of a lather"
Lickle                               little
Lief                                   as soon as
Loff                                  laugh
Lommock                        clumsy, lumbering, eg "Yow big lommock"
Lover                               common term of endearment to children - m'lover
Lugole/Lughole              Ear or ear hole Lungeous        

Madden                          to make wild, annoy
Maitrum                         matron (of a hospital)
Maulers                         hands
Maunch                         to chew carefully (as with no teeth)
Maygrums                     Faces as in Pullin' maygrums = Pulling faces.
Miskin, Midden or
Mixen                            Rubbish heap or dustbins (garbage bin) From the Anglo-Saxon for dung
Moach or mooch           to idle about in a bored fashion or search
Mucker                          confusion, eg "All of a mucker" can also mean a mate as in "me old mucker"
Mun                               must
Mush                             meaning an acquaintance eg What yo looking at mush?
Mush                             the face
Myther                          to bother, to irritate, or be irritated by


Nairun                           none, not one
Naither                         neither
Natty                             tidy, neat
Niggle                           to find fault in insignificant things
Node                             known, eg "I've nowd 'im for 'ears"
Noggen yedded            stupid
Noggin                         thick piece of bread or the head
Noo                              new
Nous, Nowse              "Hav yo no nous?" meaning are you dumb or have no intelligence
Nuss                           nurse, eg Nit Nuss (checked school children for head-lice)

Ockerd                       awkward
Ode                            old, eg "Th' ode lad" - the devil
Odge                          push, eg "Odge up" - move up a bit
Oliffer                        Nail making machine, actually the word is from Oliver
                                  (a spring loaded tilt hammer)
'Ommer                    hammer
'Ond                          hand