BLACK COUNTRY DIALECT O - S   (A selection of reference Words, Terms & Spellings)

'Ommer             hammer
'Ond                   hand
Ooer                  Woman of ill repute, whore
Ood                   would
Ooman              woman
Oot                    will you
Opple                Apple
Oss                   horse
Ote                   hold, eg "Ketch ote on it" - take hold of it
O'thatnin'        in that way
O'thisnin'        in this way
Ow                   how
Owamya?        how're you?
Ow bist?          How are you?
Owern             my husband, my son, my daughter, often used by women to denote
                        member of family

Pail                  Beat as in I'll give yo' a pailin'
Pie-can            Silly, daft as in "Yo' pie-can"
Piece               Slice of bread or a sandwich, often spread with jam or dripping
Pikelet             Crumpet
Pisey               Spitful
Podge              to push in when queuing
Pon                  Pan, as in saucepan
Poorly              sick, ill. 'Ers proper poorly
Puk                  pick, as in pick up
Pus                  purse
Purler              A fall as in "cum a purler" fall down

Reasty            Off, as in food gone bad or dirty as in "Your hands are reasty".
Rennin            Raining
Riffy                Dirty or unclean

Sad                 heavy, as in bread that does not rise.
Saft                 stupid, soft (in the head)
'Safta              Shortened version of "this afternoon." eg. See ya this safta.
Saided            sated, glutted remains left after rendering lard
Sailin'             Ceiling as in "up on the sailin"
Sate                seat
Scrag              To beat up as in fight
Scrawmp        To have a good scratch
Scratchings    Black Country delicacy - pork rind deep fried