BLACK COUNTRY DIALECT S - T   (A selection of reference Words, Terms & Spellings)

Scrumpin'          pinching fruit (usually apples) from someone's orchard
Shap                   Shop
Sharra                Motor Coach - derived from char-Ã -banc (Drawn wagon)
Sharrap              Shut up, be quiet.
Shed                   spilled/spilt
Sheed                 to spill a liquid
Shek/Shekin      Shake, shaking
Siden                  Out of perpendicular, crooked. aka The Crooked House, aka The Siden House
Siken                  to sigh (from the Old English 'Sican' )
Skraze                graze, scratch
Scromble            a tangle of wool, string, and the like
Smosh                Smash.
Snap                   Food, commonly lunch taken by a working man
Snidge/Snitch    Nose
Spake                 speak
Splod                  flat-footed
Spockle              to cover with drops of moisture
Spottle               splash
Soople                to soften, make supple
Steen                  stew jar or earthenware pot
Suff                     sewer or drain, eg "Down the suff" - down the drain
Suck                    Sweets
Sup                     to sip, a sip, drink
Sustifikut            certificate
Swaits                 sweets
Swelth                swelling
Swilker               to spill or splash
Swole                 swollen
Swopson             a heavily built woman, used in a semi-humorous sense

Tack up               improvement in the weather, eg "It'll tack up tonight"
Tocky-bonk        a pit mound
Tararabit            Bye for now
Taters                 potatoes
Tai(tay)               tea, also "it isn't"
Tek                     take
Tek after            to resemble, look like physically, mentally, or emotionally
Tewthree            a few, two or three, always used as a noun preceded by "a"
Thaten               that one
Thissen             this one
Thrial                 group of three, used only in the card game of Cribbage
Thrape               thrash. Give 'im a good thrapin'
Tiswas               Confused, "getting in a tiswas"
Tizzicky             having an irritating dry cough
Tittle                  tickle
Tranklements   small possessions, bits and pieces, paraphernalia, precious possessions.
Trapes               walking aimlessly about, eg "Trapesin' in an' ott like a dog at a fair"
Trussen             to trust
Tummy              a snack, especially a collier's mid-morning snack