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This very moment in time is one of your own points of certainty in what has become an uncertain world. Take this moment to listen to the sounds around you, feel the sensations through your body and look at what surrounds you.

Too often we deny ourselves a real awareness of the physical space and the emotional experiences in our lives.

So, for the next few minutes choose one of your senses and immerse yourself in it. For instance, sit by your fire and feel the warmth or watch the colours changing or use your sense of smell.

Take your mind back to an occasion in your home or elsewhere that was pleasurable.

Let your mind dwell in its power of memory.

Feel relaxed, calm and at one with your World.

Appreciate that you are existing in the moment.

FEATURE: What's in an Accent?

This item is an essay based on the experience of one of the Society members who came to the West Midlands to get a job. 

Click on the pdf below to read the full essay.

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