BCS TALKS ARCHIVE this page shows the variety of events organised for Members.

Churches of the Black Country
Speaker: Tim Bridges

The ecclesiastical building consultant for Herefordshire and Conservation adviser for the Victorian Society looks at some of the Black Country’s impressive and perhaps not so well known churches. info@blackcountrysociety.co.uk


A History of Colliery Ventilation

Speaker: Alan Hill

IA Group event.

JUNE 2017


Exploring Ryders Green and

Swan Village

Speaker: Alan Hill

WALKABOUT - Meet for 7.30pm prompt in the new market car park, Market Place, Tipton. (not the car park behind the Lounge Bar/ Limerick.




Clean Water in the Black Country
Speaker: Dave Moore

The Chairman of the Lichfield Waterworks Trust, a charity set up to save the Victorian Waterworks at Sandfields near Lichfield, will talk about the introduction of clean water in the mid-19th century following a series of cholera epidemics when as many as 20% of the population of some urban Black Country villages died info@blackcountrysociety.co.uk .


Peter Kennedy.

Air Raids in The Black Country in the Second World War

Peter, a retired teacher, has made a study of enemy action in these parts. He will look at the frequency, the targets focussed on and the results of the bombing raids during a critical time in the war. Perhaps a few members can still remember the horror of these events and provide us with eye witness accounts.



MARCH 2017

A Canal Trip in the West Midlands
Speaker: Roger Butler

Presenting a large collection of ‘before and after’ photographs Roger will take us back to 1971 and indulge in a nostalgic journey along our local canals and the river Severn. info@blackcountrysociety.co.uk .

AGM - 50yrs and counting.


Dr Edward Cooke.

Ferces and Plerces.

Edward Cooke was born and bred in the Black country and practiced as a GP in the area throughout his professional career. His recent hilarious yet poignant autobiography 'What The!!' has met with much acclaim. This lecture will begin with a brief look at his life and career and  will then move on to a show of his collection of personal photographs of the Black Country and some of its colourful inhabitants. Dr Cooke is a great raconteur and this promises to be an entertaining evening.

APRIL 2017

The Irish Community in Wolverhampton
Speaker: Simon Briercliff

Following recent research, Simon will consider a small but significant part of the City’s history and reveal some of the buildings and characters associated with the area.







Keith Hodgkins

Looking Back on Fifty Years of the Black Country Society

This years President, long time member and supporter of the Society Keith Hodgkins will take a walk down memory lane. Examining the early days, the achievements and numerous social events together with descriptions of some of the early activists who helped to lay the foundations upon which the Society has been successfully  built.