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The Tipton Slasher, His Life and Times by Tom Langley


William Perry is one of those Black Country legends who crosses the boundaries of both sport and Black Country history. His early life mirrors the life of so many people in the early 19th century; harsh living conditions, hard and physical labour, low life expectancy and the grime and dust of the emerging Black Country. His transformation into the Tipton Slasher and bare knuckle boxing’s Champion of England is a remarkable tale. His demise, at the razor sharp hands of Tom Sayers gives a poignancy to the story that fiction could not hope to re-create. This book is a refreshed and amended re-print of one of our earliest publications by Tom Langley. Extra material has been added and a lot of effort has been put in to ensure this is a book that is relevant to the 21st century. The original format has been changed, so that accounts of the fights between Perry and his opponents run alongside the account of his life. Then there is poetry, further comment on his life, a glossary and a number of images of fighters of his day. Extra images have also been found, together with an additional account of Perry’s clash with Charles Freeman (The American Giant). The cover has also been totally re-designed and all in all this is a most attractive publication at a very reasonable price.

Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor Eighth Selection by Ron Davies


This is Ron's eighth and probably last book of photographs from this most Black Country of Black Country areas. It has been a very popular seller so far and for a good reason. The images portray the rich industrial heritage of the area, but as important, focuses on many of the characters living in the area through their own photographs. There are images showing industrial decline, the loss of old buildings as well as the creation of new developments. Pictures tell the story of the communities, with events including the Queen's Golden Jubilee as well as school and sport teams.

The Seventeenth Century Foleys: Iron, Wealth and Vision 1580 - 1716 (revised) by Roy Peacock


This book is about the Foley dynasty and the fortune that originated with its patriarch Richard Foley, born in Dudley in 1580. Richard followed in his father’s footsteps and entered the iron trade as a nailer, but over the years made the transition to ironmaster and acquired a number of forges and furnaces in and around Dudley and Stourbridge. He was a respected member of the community in Dudley being elected Mayor at the age of 36 and building an almshouse for the poor. He married twice, fathered 13 children over 27 years and moved from Dudley to Stourbridge in 1630. By the time of his death in 1657 the family ironworks accounted for more than half the West Midlands production and around a third of the total for England and Wales. The need for a re-print prompted the author to add a few extras that came to light after the first edition was published

Black Country Power by Malcolm J Richards


This book tells the story of Ocker Hill Power Station, its machinery and men from 1897 to 1977. It was first published in 2001 by the Black Country Society in paper form. This is the digital reprint, also by the Society. The book is illustrated throughout and is a thorough examination of this Black Country power station. For the first 25 years or so of its existence, the history of Ocker Hill Power station was inextricably linked with that of its then owner, the MEC. The story of the power station itself has ever been told before, except briefly in Malcolm's two-part article in The Blackcountryman in 1996, the content of which is incorporated in this, more complete, history. The power station as a landmark was familiar to everyone who lived in the area, surprisingly few had any idea what 'made it tick', and even fewer, even among those who worked there, had any idea of its origins, or its importance to the industrial history of the area. I hope that this book will, in its small way, help to correct that situation.

Artists in Cameo Glass by H. J. Haden


This book incorporates Thomas Woodall's Memoirs, read about the Portland Vase and the men who re-created this great Roman piece of cameo glass, including John Northwood, Philip Pargeter and Joseph Locke.

Bostin' Fittle (recipes and hints) by Pat Purcell


First published in 1978, this book has been re-printed many times. The pages are filled with traditional recipes and you can learn how to freeze a pig, make grorty pudding and homemade wines Black Country style.

Black Country Humour compiled by Winston Homer and Harold Parsons


A collection of jokes, sayings, cartoons, verse and a section from a 1930s volume by John Freeman. Now in its 9th re-print since first published in 1980. This is a new edition, with a re-designed cover, but the contents are as previous versions. Still THE best-selling book on Black Country Humour

More Black Country Humour, Tales & Verse compiled by Stan Hill

A second and larger collection than the original Black Country Humour, first published in 1994, now in its 4th impression.

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