Black Country Mining before the Ind. Revolution Pt3 - P. King

BC People in the Oxford Dictionary of

    National Biography - M. Curthoys

New Glasshouse Arts Centre Opens - G. Gough images

Lost Cricket & Football Grounds in Black Country - T. Church

Up, Up and Away - M. Round

Swiss Steel Master visits the Black Country - M. Page

Dudley Newcomen Replica: Top Engineering Honour ...

One Regret - P. Bradley

An Open House at Ray Jones's - D. Lister

Gardening: Raising the Bed - S. Warren

A Coronation Memory & Lord Archer - P. Ray

On Being a Fan: Why I Love WBA - L. Marshall

What the Children Said - Dr T. Raybould

John Berryman VC: Dudley's Forgotten Hero - I. Jeavons

Marsh & Baxter Ltd Pt1 - R. Hill

Who Were These Men - R. Peacock

A Black Country Trail: People, This Time, Not Products - P. Talbot

Mystery of Letters from Australia


Black Country Mining before the Ind. Revolution Pt4 - P. King

John Berryman VC: Dudleys Forgotten Hero Pt2 - I. Jeavons

Marsh & Baxter Ltd Pt2 - R. Hill

Sandfields Pumping Station: Lichfields Jewel

    or Blight on the Landscape - D. Moore

Let's 'Not' Go Shopping - S. Warren

Following the Baggies: Follow Up - M. Walker

Cathedral of Industry Becomes A Romantic Ruin - N. Baker

James Grove - Button Factory-End of an Era - M. Pearson

A Black Country Trail: People This Time, Not Products - P. Talbot

Black Country Sketches (1962-1974) - H. Simpson

Harold Bantock Sankey - C. Twiggs

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam Talbot - J. Morgan

A History of Council Housing

Stourbridge Branch Canal Pt1 - G. Fisher MBE

Edwin Butler Bayliss Exhibition ...

The Bilston Coal Mine Mystery - J.P. Lethbridge

Memories of a 91 Year Old Lady - V. Dando

What Kind of Scratchings? - S. Fowler

The Point of Local History - M. Pearson

Coronation Memory - G. Darby

John Corbett (1819-1901) - J. Hodges

The Darlaston Iron Bridge & Roofing Company

    Ltd: A Conundrum Resolved - P. carter

Glass Matters ...

Captain Clarke: The Leamore Lion Tamer - S. Williams

The Hon. George Spencer (alias Father Ignatius) - M. Dallow


An Indian Legacy: FH Lloyd & Co. Ltd (1957-67) - P. Carter

Stourbridge Branch Canal Pt2 - G. Fisher MBE

Brierley Hill Musical Theatre Company - M. Overington

The Doomsday Project - C.L. Hopley

Victorian Whitmore Reans: A Headmistress Story - G. Hilton

Soil: Sole of Infinite Life - S. Warren

Dr Donald Breeze Mendham Huffer (1925-2013) - J. Morgan

Memories of Black Country Schooldays: Inspiring Teacher - I. Warren

The Great Escape 1953-style - J. Beck

James Powell Jones: Tettenhall's Antiquarian - G. Alleeson

The Making of a Tiptonian - Dr T. Raybould

A Wilful Murder In Oldbury - M. Dallow

Tipton Grammar School Photograph ...

BC Connections with the Charge of the Light Brigade - I. Jeavons

Arthur Lockwood images ...

Brierley Hill Schoolboys: My First Sporting Heroes - T. Church

When ~I Was A Girl (65yrs ago) - N.S. Bowater

Old Documents & Their Importance - M. Pearson

BCS Photographic Collection - B. Phelps & S. Brown

Presentation: Wolv. Borough Police Shield & History - M. Collins


Memories of My Grandma's Grocery Shop, Cosley - S. Davies

The Earl of Dudley Estate: 8 Centuries of History - R. Marsay

And So To October - S. Warren

Justice For Sale - B. Jones

Women Chainmakers Festival: Cradley Heath - L. Hipkiss

Two Men Down - I.J. Davies

Local History Award: Dr. Michael Hall - C. Hughes

The Making of a Tiptonian Pt2 - Dr T. Raybould

Swinford from Hwiccan Borderland to English Manor Pt1 - Dr K. James

An Oldbury Tragedy - J.P. Lethbridge

When I Was A Girl (65yrs ago) Pt2 - N.S. Bowater

Billy Bassett 'Star' of the Albion Football Team - M. dallow

The Black Country Strike of 1913 - Prof. C. Chinn

Making Things: A Re-assessment of British

   Manaufacturing - P. McFadden

Researching A Rare Surname - Sir J. Chalstrey

The 6.36 (Poem) - N. Wood

Recalling Ettingshall Road & Bilston Station - M. Page

Arthur Lockwood images ...

Cross Country at DGS 1958 + Historic Documents and The

    Black Country Society ...



Happy Days at the CCSS Part 2 - M. Page
The Farms and Farmers of Wollaston (Part 2) - J.Byard-Jones
Austin Frank Moseley - J. Morgan
The Real Worth of Old Sports Meeting Programmes - C. Holloway
OS Maps of the Black Country 1814-1817 - P. Chandler
Nigel Hallard - Black Country Artist – M. Andrews (Express + Star)
Great Barr Hall - Walsall’s Downton Abbey - I.Henery
ohn Pearson and his Beloved Lye – E. Pritchard
John Cooksey (1936-2013) - K. Hodgkins
The Chapmans Story - M. Pearson
A New Poetographer in Town
Wednesbury Tube Strike 1913 - the Play of the Strike - B. Hawthorne
Hillmans Fire - G. Gough photograph
Chickens Like Gooseberries - E. Ward Birch
Arthur Lockwood Image - Oldbury Workshop
Len Cooper - the Gornal Lad who Played for England - T. Church
John Chubb image - ICI Oldbury
Dialect and Our Place, Our Heritage - J R. Flavell
The Parish Church of St. Bartholemew, Wednesbury - M. Doyle
Pat Purcell
Dudley (poem) - R. Noons
Linley Wood Caverns (Part 1) - C. Dilger
Henry Wooldridge - C. Beavis
Per Ardua ad Astra - Through Effort to the Stars - A. B. Nicholls
Charles Grigg - Korky the Cat Cartoonist
No, it’s Not a Newspaper - J. Lester

Dudley Race Riots 1962 - G. Gough
Linley Wood Caverns (Part 2) - C. Dilger
The Farms and Farmers of Wollaston (Part 3) - J. Byard-Jones
A Black Country Pioneer - K. Hadley
Wilf Barratt - E. Broadbent
Per Ardua ad Astra - Through Effort to the Stars (Pt 2) -

                                                                                        A. B Nicholls
Quest for Airman - K. Russell
Great Barr Hall - Walsall’s Downton Abbey (Part 2) - I. Henery
Tipton Slasher Statue Commemoration
Jean Mary Hill Obituary - M. Pearson
Ettingshall Catchem’s Corner Railway Station - E. Ward Birch
Colliery Fatal at Wednesbury
Arthur Lockwood Image
Busiest Society Committee Member – G. Beckley
The Angela Scott Diaries - A. Dunphy
Dennis Turner: Lord Bilston Obituary
How Bescot Marshalling Yards came to be (Part 1) - M. Page
Jesse Pennington, Hero and Legendary Footballer - M. Dallow
The Mysterious Death of a Servant Girl - M.  Evanson
Living Down the Black Country Name
The Gibbons Family: Ironmasters - Dr T. Raybould
What Dialect is - What Dialect isn’t – J.  Biddulph
The Tipton Slasher - a Fighter’s Fighting Man (poem) - I. Henery

Civil War in the West Midlands, 1642-1646 - Dr D. Thomas
Great Barr Hall - Walsall’s Downton Abbey (Part 3) - I.  Henery
The Corfields, Butty Colliers of Tipton & Wednesbury - G. Price
Clarence ‘Clarrie’ Johnson (!932-2014) – R. Moss
National Service - Another Perspective – K. Blount
Thomas Dudley School Scheme Sponsorship
Dr Robert Gordon ‘Bob’ Bibby (1942-2014) - P.J.  Schofield
Wilf Barratt (Part 2) - E. Broadbent
The Immortality of Graham Fisher? (and others)
La Guerre est Finie - Pat Dunn
Witnesses to Industrial & Social Change – P.  Quigley
Black Country Walks Programme – D. Galley
Walsall Town Swifts v The Canadians – T. Harrison
The Mount and Gifford Connection – M. Doyle
Jimmy Nelson Remembers the MEC – M. Richards
Old Man and the Mountain - G. Gough
A Great War Trail - P. Solomon
How Bescot Marshalling Yards came to be (Part 2) - M. Page
Bilston in Bloom 2014 - E. Ward Birch
The Angela Scott Diaries 1940-1945 (Part 2) - A. Dunphy
Black Country Chamber of Commerce Pledge
Gordon Tomlinson Images
The Tipton Slasher - a Fighter’s Fighting Man (poem) - I. Henery


Vic Smallshire: Dudley Canal Trust - Obituary
Images of Level Street - S. Burdett
You Must Live Near Ironbridge - Dr B. Dakin
Great War Story - N. Postin
Black Country Dialect - P. Dunn
Great Barr Hall: A Father's Love - I. Henery
National Service: Another Perspective – K. Blount
Angela Scott in the late 1940s - A. Dunphy
Christmas Past - G. Cough
The Great War: Ruiton Lads Who Never Came Back - I. Jeavons
Tom Mundon (1934-2014) - J. Morgan
Mr E Griffiths - Whose Retirement Broke a Record

      Partnership - Malcolm Richards
Charles Winne: the life, times and legacy of a 17th

    century puritan priest - Dr D. Thomas
Billy Bassett: Star of the Albion Football Team - M. Dallow
Confessions of a Newsagent's Son – Book Launch
Walks in the Black Country and its Green Borderland

    review by B. Toynbee
Wilf Barratt (Conclusion) - E. Broadbent
Incredible True Story of Red Sleigh Down - Xmas Poem I. Henery
Arthur Lockwood image
The Lost Twenty Nine, soldiers of the Great War
A Shopkeepers Christmas - E. Ward Birch
Martin Parr's Black Country Stories
Walter Parsons - Coral Beavis

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