Dear Visitor, since the Society was established late in 1967 the First issue of the Blackcountryman magazine was published in 1967. This tradition has been continued and you will therefore find all Issues numbered 1 in the year before the following issues 2,3 and 4. If you have any queries please contact the society and we will be pleased to help with your enquiry.


Vol 47 . 1 Winter

Black Country Mining before the Ind. Revolution Pt3 - P. King

BC People in the Oxford Dictionary of

    National Biography - M. Curthoys

New Glasshouse Arts Centre Opens - G. Gough images

Lost Cricket & Football Grounds in Black Country - T. Church

Up, Up and Away - M. Round

Swiss Steel Master visits the Black Country - M. Page

Dudley Newcomen Replica: Top Engineering Honour ...

One Regret - P. Bradley

An Open House at Ray Jones's - D. Lister

Gardening: Raising the Bed - S. Warren

A Coronation Memory & Lord Archer - P. Ray

On Being a Fan: Why I Love WBA - L. Marshall

What the Children Said - Dr T. Raybould

John Berryman VC: Dudley's Forgotten Hero - I. Jeavons

Marsh & Baxter Ltd Pt1 - R. Hill

Who Were These Men - R. Peacock

A Black Country Trail: People, This Time, Not Products - P. Talbot

Mystery of Letters from Australia


Vol 47 . 2 Summer

Black Country Mining before the Ind. Revolution Pt4 - P. King

John Berryman VC: Dudleys Forgotten Hero Pt2 - I. Jeavons

Marsh & Baxter Ltd Pt2 - R. Hill

Sandfields Pumping Station: Lichfields Jewel

    or Blight on the Landscape - D. Moore

Let's 'Not' Go Shopping - S. Warren

Following the Baggies: Follow Up - M. Walker

Cathedral of Industry Becomes A Romantic Ruin - N. Baker

James Grove - Button Factory-End of an Era - M. Pearson

A Black Country Trail: People This Time, Not Products - P. Talbot

Black Country Sketches (1962-1974) - H. Simpson

Harold Bantock Sankey - C. Twiggs

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam Talbot - J. Morgan

A History of Council Housing

Stourbridge Branch Canal Pt1 - G. Fisher MBE

Edwin Butler Bayliss Exhibition ...

The Bilston Coal Mine Mystery - J.P. Lethbridge

Memories of a 91 Year Old Lady - V. Dando

What Kind of Scratchings? - S. Fowler

The Point of Local History - M. Pearson

Coronation Memory - G. Darby

John Corbett (1819-1901) - J. Hodges

The Darlaston Iron Bridge & Roofing Company

    Ltd: A Conundrum Resolved - P. carter

Glass Matters ...

Captain Clarke: The Leamore Lion Tamer - S. Williams

The Hon. George Spencer (alias Father Ignatius) - M. Dallow

Vol 46 . 4 Autumn

An Indian Legacy: FH Lloyd & Co. Ltd (1957-67) - P. Carter

Stourbridge Branch Canal Pt2 - G. Fisher MBE

Brierley Hill Musical Theatre Company - M. Overington

The Doomsday Project - C.L. Hopley

Victorian Whitmore Reans: A Headmistress Story - G. Hilton

Soil: Sole of Infinite Life - S. Warren

Dr Donald Breeze Mendham Huffer (1925-2013) - J. Morgan

Memories of Black Country Schooldays: Inspiring Teacher - I. Warren

The Great Escape 1953-style - J. Beck

James Powell Jones: Tettenhall's Antiquarian - G. Alleeson

The Making of a Tiptonian - Dr T. Raybould

A Wilful Murder In Oldbury - M. Dallow

Tipton Grammar School Photograph ...

BC Connections with the Charge of the Light Brigade - I. Jeavons

Arthur Lockwood images ...

Brierley Hill Schoolboys: My First Sporting Heroes - T. Church

When ~I Was A Girl (65yrs ago) - N.S. Bowater

Old Documents & Their Importance - M. Pearson

BCS Photographic Collection - B. Phelps & S. Brown

Presentation: Wolv. Borough Police Shield & History - M. Collins

Vol 47 . 1 Winter

Memories of My Grandma's Grocery Shop, Cosley - S. Davies

The Earl of Dudley Estate: 8 Centuries of History - R. Marsay

And So To October - S. Warren

Justice For Sale - B. Jones

Women Chainmakers Festival: Cradley Heath - L. Hipkiss

Two Men Down - I.J. Davies

Local History Award: Dr. Michael Hall - C. Hughes

The Making of a Tiptonian Pt2 - Dr T. Raybould

Swinford from Hwiccan Borderland to English Manor Pt1 - Dr K. James

An Oldbury Tragedy - J.P. Lethbridge

When I Was A Girl (65yrs ago) Pt2 - N.S. Bowater

Billy Bassett 'Star' of the Albion Football Team - M. dallow

The Black Country Strike of 1913 - Prof. C. Chinn

Making Things: A Re-assessment of British

   Manaufacturing - P. McFadden

Researching A Rare Surname - Sir J. Chalstrey

The 6.36 (Poem) - N. Wood

Recalling Ettingshall Road & Bilston Station - M. Page

Arthur Lockwood images ...

Cross Country at DGS 1958 + Historic Documents and The

    Black Country Society ...


Vol 47 . 2 Summer

Happy Days at the CCSS Part 2 - M. Page
The Farms and Farmers of Wollaston (Part 2) - J.Byard-Jones
Austin Frank Moseley - J. Morgan
The Real Worth of Old Sports Meeting Programmes - C. Holloway
OS Maps of the Black Country 1814-1817 - P. Chandler
Nigel Hallard - Black Country Artist – M. Andrews (Express + Star)
Great Barr Hall - Walsall’s Downton Abbey - I.Henery
ohn Pearson and his Beloved Lye – E. Pritchard
John Cooksey (1936-2013) - K. Hodgkins
The Chapmans Story - M. Pearson
A New Poetographer in Town
Wednesbury Tube Strike 1913 - the Play of the Strike - B. Hawthorne
Hillmans Fire - G. Gough photograph
Chickens Like Gooseberries - E. Ward Birch
Arthur Lockwood Image - Oldbury Workshop
Len Cooper - the Gornal Lad who Played for England - T. Church
John Chubb image - ICI Oldbury
Dialect and Our Place, Our Heritage - J R. Flavell
The Parish Church of St. Bartholemew, Wednesbury - M. Doyle
Pat Purcell
Dudley (poem) - R. Noons
Linley Wood Caverns (Part 1) - C. Dilger
Henry Wooldridge - C. Beavis
Per Ardua ad Astra - Through Effort to the Stars - A. B. Nicholls
Charles Grigg - Korky the Cat Cartoonist
No, it’s Not a Newspaper - J. Lester


Vol 47 . 3 Summer
Dudley Race Riots 1962 - G. Gough
Linley Wood Caverns (Part 2) - C. Dilger
The Farms and Farmers of Wollaston (Part 3) - J. Byard-Jones
A Black Country Pioneer - K. Hadley
Wilf Barratt - E. Broadbent
Per Ardua ad Astra - Through Effort to the Stars (Pt 2) -

                                                                                        A. B Nicholls
Quest for Airman - K. Russell
Great Barr Hall - Walsall’s Downton Abbey (Part 2) - I. Henery
Tipton Slasher Statue Commemoration
Jean Mary Hill Obituary - M. Pearson
Ettingshall Catchem’s Corner Railway Station - E. Ward Birch
Colliery Fatal at Wednesbury
Arthur Lockwood Image
Busiest Society Committee Member – G. Beckley
The Angela Scott Diaries - A. Dunphy
Dennis Turner: Lord Bilston Obituary
How Bescot Marshalling Yards came to be (Part 1) - M. Page
Jesse Pennington, Hero and Legendary Footballer - M. Dallow
The Mysterious Death of a Servant Girl - M.  Evanson
Living Down the Black Country Name
The Gibbons Family: Ironmasters - Dr T. Raybould
What Dialect is - What Dialect isn’t – J.  Biddulph
The Tipton Slasher - a Fighter’s Fighting Man (poem) - I. Henery

Vol 47 . 4 Autumn
Civil War in the West Midlands, 1642-1646 - Dr D. Thomas
Great Barr Hall - Walsall’s Downton Abbey (Part 3) - I.  Henery
The Corfields, Butty Colliers of Tipton & Wednesbury - G. Price
Clarence ‘Clarrie’ Johnson (!932-2014) – R. Moss
National Service - Another Perspective – K. Blount
Thomas Dudley School Scheme Sponsorship
Dr Robert Gordon ‘Bob’ Bibby (1942-2014) - P.J.  Schofield
Wilf Barratt (Part 2) - E. Broadbent
The Immortality of Graham Fisher? (and others)
La Guerre est Finie - Pat Dunn
Witnesses to Industrial & Social Change – P.  Quigley
Black Country Walks Programme – D. Galley
Walsall Town Swifts v The Canadians – T. Harrison
The Mount and Gifford Connection – M. Doyle
Jimmy Nelson Remembers the MEC – M. Richards
Old Man and the Mountain - G. Gough
A Great War Trail - P. Solomon
How Bescot Marshalling Yards came to be (Part 2) - M. Page
Bilston in Bloom 2014 - E. Ward Birch
The Angela Scott Diaries 1940-1945 (Part 2) - A. Dunphy
Black Country Chamber of Commerce Pledge
Gordon Tomlinson Images
The Tipton Slasher - a Fighter’s Fighting Man (poem) - I. Henery

Vol 48.1 Winter

Vic Smallshire: Dudley Canal Trust - Obituary

Images of Level Street - S. Burdett
You Must Live Near Ironbridge - Dr B. Dakin
Great War Story - N. Postin
Black Country Dialect - P. Dunn
Great Barr Hall: A Father's Love - I. Henery
National Service: Another Perspective – K. Blount
Angela Scott in the late 1940s - A. Dunphy
Christmas Past - G. Cough
The Great War: Ruiton Lads Who Never Came Back - I. Jeavons
Tom Mundon (1934-2014) - J. Morgan
Mr E Griffiths - Whose Retirement Broke a Record

      Partnership - Malcolm Richards
Charles Winne: the life, times and legacy of a 17th

    century puritan priest - Dr D. Thomas
Billy Bassett: Star of the Albion Football Team - M. Dallow
Confessions of a Newsagent's Son – Book Launch
Walks in the Black Country and its Green Borderland

    review by B. Toynbee
Wilf Barratt (Conclusion) - E. Broadbent
Incredible True Story of Red Sleigh Down - Xmas Poem I. Henery
Arthur Lockwood image
The Lost Twenty Nine, soldiers of the Great War
A Shopkeepers Christmas - E. Ward Birch
Martin Parr's Black Country Stories
Walter Parsons - Coral Beavis

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