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BCNS - 24 hours Challenge 2015
Angela Scott in the late 1940s - A. Dunphy
Charles Winne: the life, times and legacy of a 17th century

    puritan priest (Part 2) - Dr Derek Thomas
Conservator to Stay - A. Eales
Leonardo and the Art of Glassmaking – G. Fisher
Landmark for Black Country Ale Tairsters - M. Round
The Heart of the Stour: Exhibition by G. Beckley
The Fishley Charity - M. Doyle
Book Launch: ‘Bilston, Bradley & Ladymoor’
Black Country Image: Bilston Steeplejack - G. Gough
Private Thomas Postins - update - R. Peacock
The Ballad of St. Kenelm
National Service - Another Perspective (Part 3) - K. Blount
The Practice of Churching - M. Pearson
Charlie Marson - T. Church
Harold Rylett on Nailing and Chainmaking - C. Beavis
JMW Turner’s Tour in Dudley (Part 1) - B. Clifford
F Bernard Shaw RIP November 2014
International Festival of Glass 2015
Terrific Explosion - J. Rhead
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 10th Anniversary
Wednesbury Rugby Club Images from 1920s
The Black Country River - I. Henery
Railway Images - S. Burdett
Were We Really Poor? - B. Dakin
Story of a Street: Railway Street, Horseley Heath - R. Davies
Chairman’s Historical Notes from The Legger (2009) - Vic Smallshire



Sth Staffs Regiment 1957 Intake (photo)
The Story of a Street Part 2 - RH Davies
Charles Winne: the life, times & legacy of a 17th Century

    puritan priest Part 3 - Dr D. Thomas
National Dialect Weekend - Wednesbury
Black Country Poet Wins Prestigious Award
Churching - update
Sandwell adds Records to Deceased Online
Ron Davies 90th Birthday Party - S. Hill
Kingswinford Railway Images - S. Burdett
JMW Turner’s Tour in Dudley Part 2 – B. Clifford
Black Country Society Lecture Programme 2014-15 - James Morgan
Bookies Runner - G. Southern
Re: Terrific Explosion 14 January 1856 – P.  Cutler
National Service - Another Perspective Part 4 - K. Blount
Sam Jeavons Black Country Character - G. Gough
Condition of England 1843 - Dr T. Raybould
Recalling the ‘old’ Bilston Central Station – M. Page
Childhood Memories of Smethwick during WW2 - B. Toynbee
FW Hackwood Biography - A. Dunphy
Exhibition Lion Farm Photographs – R. Clayton
Poets Remember Geoff Stevens - I. Henery
Black Country Boundary - S. Burdett
True History of Pork Scratchings - M. Whittle
Little Yorkie - Eli Adams


Lance Warren Obituary
The Blue Glass Bowl - K. Russell
Closure of Kingswinford Branch - S. Hill
Charles Winne: 17th century puritan priest (Part 3) - Dr D. Thomas
Acorn and Round Oak - G. Fisher
Hawkesyard and the Spode Family – M. Doyle
Memoir: Half a Century (Part 1) - R. Noons
Jack Purcell RIP
South Staffordshire’s Fast Disappearing Traditional

    Farmyard Scene - A. Dunphy
Autumn Morning of the Canal (image) – G. Gough
Herbert William Woodward - S. Hill
The Festival - B. Dakin
Black Country History Day
Lest We Forget, Private Frank Arthur Potter - P. Dunn
The 1838 Lonely Planet Guide to Wolverhampton - I. Henery
The Haycock Saga - C. Weaving
Price’s/Bickley Wharf - R. Shill
Anglo-Saxon Verse - Ed Conduit
Nine Locks Watch - R. Bells
Black Country Geopark
Overview: Who Were the Anglo Saxons – Dr R. Denning
Poetry Corner
Black Country Brass - S. Hill
Brierley Hill Schoolboys 1965 - T. Church
Wolverhampton Remembrance Sunday – E. Birch
Acknowledgement of Great Service
Lynn Boleyn MBE

Vol 49 . 1 Winter

Where the Past meets the Present: People in Sandwell Valley

                                                                            - J. Miskin & M. Hodder
Charles Winne: 17th century puritan priest (Part 4) - Dr D. Thomas
Maurice Scrolls Back the Years in Aldridge
Price’s/Bickley Wharf (Part 2) - R. Shill
Memoir: Half a Century (Part 2) - R. Noons
Exciting Times for Tunnel Trust
The Annie Stanford Mystery - T. Munslow
A Youngster in the Electricity Supply Industry a Hundred

    Years Ago - editor M. Richards
Christmas Poetry Corner
The Battle for the Stourbridge/Worcester Canal 1786 - Dr T. Raybould
Black Country History Day 2015 – J. Watkin
The Wolverhampton Steam Laundry – N. Leadbeater
Amblecote in the 1950s - A. Bartlett
On the Bottle (image) - G. Gough
JT Leslie Attwood - R. Peacock
JMW Turner’s Tour in Dudley - Part 3 - B. Clifford
Breaking the Ice (image) - G. Gough
Come With me to the Hawthorns – H. Taylor
Doh Chuck the Babbie out wi’ the Bath Wairter - M. Pearson
The Forgotten Forest of Parkfield - P. & L. Cutler
Round Oak Steelworks and Jobs for Life – T Church
Ignatius Spencer (1799-1864) and the Black Country - M. Doyle
An Orange for Christmas - A. Moseley..


Vol 49 . 2 Spring

MBE Presentation to Lynn Boleyn
The Saddle Trade - M. Doyle
Smethwick’s Cinema - DE Yates & JD Halverson
Charles Hanmer Obituary - R. Maskery
Unveiling of Memorial Plaque to Catherine Eddowes - D. J Cox
WW2 Civil Defence Service Volunteers
Thoughts on Oxley Viaduct - P. & L. Cutler
Under the Hammer - J. Morgan
Steers Meadow Colliery Disaster (Wednesbury) 1863 - P. Cutler
Sketchbooks of Elizabeth Reynolds & Helen Heywood - M. Bodfish
Bunch of Blue Ribbons: Wife Selling in the Black Country

                                                                                             - S. Prevost
On The Buses - B. Toynbee
Society Walk and Visits Programme
Modern Times - ‘Inky’
Are Football Matches Bought & Sold – J. Pennington
Poetry Pages
The Words That Travelled - C. Turton
Black Country Ramblings - P. Clayton
Price’s/Bickley Wharf (Part 3) - R. Shill
Walsall Poetry Society
The Anglo-Saxon Diet - Dr R. Denning
Memories From the Past - D. LH Bywater
Frederick Allen - C. Beavis


Vol 49 . 3 Summer

Retirement Presentation to Linda Button
Interpreting Place Names - Dr K. James
Lt E Felix Baxter VC - R. Peacock
Dudley War Memorials Book Launch
Prize Crossword Puzzle - Dr John Lester
Launch of Chance Glassworks Heritage Trust
Under The Hammer - J. Morgan
The Black Country River (River Tame) – I. Henery
Report on the 2015-16 Lecture Programme - J. Morgan
The Second Zeppelin Raid on the Black Country - M. Powis
Thomas Clarke: A Short and Troubled Life - C. Twiggs
New Glass Museum Receives its Name
Society Summer Walks/Visits Programme
Shut End Railway - R. Shill

Dreams Unfulfilled (poem) - R. Smout
Old Brierley Hill (Part 1) - Edited by M. Pearson
Whatever Happened to Moses Stiles - A. Haywood
Help Save St. Luke’s Wolverhampton – M. R Cooper
A Trip to Flanders Field - K. & T. Ridge
The Oak Tree Has Fallen - Dr B. Dakin
A Sad Farewell to John ‘JEDD’ Edwards
Leonard Lawley Obituary
Churchill Forge Water Mill - D. Bache
The Light Comes to Walsall - N. Williams
George J Mason Limited - B. Buck

Vol 49 . 4 Autumn

Interpreting Place Names - Part 2 - Dr K. James
Black Country History Day
My Pig - H. Taylor
Looking Further Into the ‘Hole in the Ground’ - P. Talbot
Home Made in Smethwick - new book

Coffee Gringers to Castors: Kenrick Collection at BCLM - K. Davies
Black Country Ramblings - P. Clayton
No Excuses, Just Results (the life of Len Crane) - M. Richards
The Very Reverend Canon Bathurst & the Black Country - M. Doyle
History of the Lye and Lye Waste: Fact & Fiction - E. Pritchard
For A Bunch of Blue Ribbons: A Look at WifeSelling - S. Prévost
Two Dudley Lads During WW1 - J. Clark
St John’s Church, Kates Hill - Grand Key Ceremony - D. Brownlee
Our Stour’ The Black Country River, New Book by G. Beckley
Saiah Aston, Cockshutts Colliery – P. Cutler
Wolverhampton to Rangoon: Story of Dora Hand - N. Leadbeater
Old Brierley Hill (Part 2)
The Horrible History of Wednesbury – I. Henery
Mr Byng’s Tour of the Dudley Area – P. Dunn
Prize Crossword - Dr J. Lester

Vol 50 . 1 Winter

Interpreting Place Names (Part 3) - Dr K. James
Black Country Ramblings (Part 2) - P. Clayton
Early Iron West Midland Canal Boats - R. Shill
Noah Hingley (1796-1877): An Alternative View - P.  Cutler
Our Best-Kept Secret: The Blue Plaque - B. Dakin
Black Country Drinking in the 1970s - K. Hodgkins
Bertie Crick - Soldier at Passchendale - M. R Cooper
Sister Dora, Black Country Angel Who Died on

    Christmas Eve - I. Henery
Allan Baker: Willingsworth to Walsall via Wembley and

    Villa Park - T. Church
Playing for the Albion 100 Years Ago - H. Taylor
The Deaf Saddle Maker - M. Doyle
First Piano Lesson - D. Lester
Priestfield and the ‘Battle of the Gauges᾿ - M. Page
On Life in the 1500s - M. Pearson
Glass Snippets
Railway Images - S. Burdett
Aristocratic Involvement in Promoting the

    Canal Revolution - T. Raybould
National Service Stories in The Blackcountryman - G. Darby
The Unveiling of the Equestrian Statue 1866 - P. Cutler
The Second Zeppelin Raid on the Black Country - M. Powis
The Dynasty Builder - D. Williams-Thomas

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