BLACK COUNTRY IDENTITY - BBC  show their true colours
I have just noticed bbc radio wm have changed the running message along the bottom of radio and the words Birmingham and the Black Country have disappeared to be replaced by West Midlands. Black Country has hundreds of years history of hard working people who are and always will be the backbone of this country Have you any idea of the reason behind the change? Are bbc so far out of touch with local black country people they don’t share the passion Black Country people have for their centuries of hard graft that made us what we are today, I cant believe it can be dismissed and a whole chapter of British history completely disregarded.


NAME  Nick Wheatley.          EMAIL  wheatley473@btinternet.com


I am researching my family in Dudley. They were Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights in Wolverhampton Street in the 1860's and Southhalls Lane from at least 1871 through to the 1950's. I also had family living in Kates Hill. Is there anyone I could contact in the society who could help with my research into these areas, trades and my ancestors who were called the Dovey's, Harvey's and Yarsley's.




She is a post graduate student at the University of Worcester and researching cinema audiences, their response to films and employment within cinemas in the Midlands during World War Two. She would love to hear from any of our website visitors in relation to Cinemas in Worcester, Stafford and the Black Country. 

So did you enjoy ‘going to the pictures’ during the 1940s? 

Who were your favourite film stars (such as Tyrone Power, Clark Gable and Bette Davis or did you prefer the British stars like John Mills, Vivian Leigh, Patricia Roc?)

Was Gone with the Wind, Mrs Miniver and Millions Like Us amongst your favourite films or did you prefer war films such as Above Us the Waves, This Happy Breed or Old Mother Riley films?

Did you work in a cinema as an usherette or perhaps even a film projectionist, which was an opportunity for women to become technically involved in film presentation while men were at war.  

If this interests you please contact:

Linda Pike 

Linda.pike54@hotmail .com     Tel 01684 772028 or 07971 623767