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'Save the Seven Cornfields' - Message from Ian Austin MP

Thanks to all the residents who have contacted me about plans to build on the Seven Cornfields

I am completely opposed to these plans.

This is precious open land between Sedgley, Wolverhampton and Staffordshire – it is loved and used by lots of local people who are very worried about plans to build on it.

We need more housing, but there are plenty of brownfield sites which should be used.

I’ll be writing to every local resident on the Northway about this, I’m writing to Dudley Council, Wolverhampton Council and Staffordshire Council urging them to oppose these plans,

I’m asking to meet Barratt Homes and I’ll be doing everything I can to support local residents to prevent this land being used for housing.

Let me know if you think there is anything else I can do.

There’s a Facebook Campaign Group which residents can join -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/savesevencornfields/


The Save The Corbett Meadow Action Group and Stourbridge Community Land Trust are looking to work together to protect the Corbett Meadow and to see it managed for public benefit in the future.

The Meadow is part of the land gifted to the people of Stourbridge in 1892 by John Corbett for the building of a Hospital. However fourteen acres of this ancient land was never built on and its current owners, Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which has inherited the land, now considers it surplus to its operational requirements and has placed it on a register of publicly owned land with potential for housing development. It has also appointed a development partner.

The Action Group is opposing development and is pressing for the land to be protected as a Local Green Space in the Black Country Plan when it is published in the Summer. However the long term management of the land for public benefit would still need to be assured - and that is where the Stourbridge Community Land Trust comes in.

SCLT is a formally constituted body dedicated to improving local people’s lives and well-being and can acquire and manage land to that end. It has a number of current projects ranging from building low energy, affordable apartments in Stourbridge through to community cohesion work in Lye and is ideally placed to take on and manage Corbett Meadow as a community asset in the future.

The two groups are now looking at how best they can closely collaborate to secure the future of the Meadow in perpetuity.

Helen Cook of the Action Group said “Firstly we have to see off the threat of new housing development taking away the Meadow forever - but we also need to see it used positively for the benefit of the people of Stourbridge just as John Corbett wished”.

Eddy Morton for the Stourbridge Community Land Trust said “The Meadow can become a wonderful place for people and protect the abundance of existing wildlife, a place where physical and mental health can be refreshed and restored in a twenty first century version of Corbett’s intentions. Together we can make this happen”

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