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Does anyone know about the Jolly Boys group ????.


As it says on the ball, the image was taken in 1914

during an international trip to Rhyl. Who are the

"Jolly Boys" [ and girls ] [ and dog ].


Makes you wonder if it was the last Jolly

time for some before going to war.


Ebby Beckley, grandfather to Graham Beckley is on the back row, 8th from left. 

Do you know this most unusual doorway in Dudley?

Let the society know where it originates from, click below.

Graham Beckley published his book 'Our Stour', following the river Stour from its source in the Clent Hills to where it joins the river Severn at Stourport. This beautifully published book is available from the Gift/Book Shop section of the website. Graham took over 600 photographs and because there was a limit to the number that could be published, we are pleased to have permission to show you those unpublished here.

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