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The Society has collected and been donated many images since its foundation. The collection is expanding continuously and we are grateful to all the individuals who have given the Society full copyright. BCS will offer a licence to those wishing to use any of the images illustrated in these pages. Images are currently being uploaded. If you have a specific requirement please contact the Society through the CONTACTS page form and if you would like to contribute to the Image Bank please email your jpg or pdf to


HPIM0671 grey_edited.jpg
6a canal scene B&W.jpg
Gt West Archade.jpg
Tipton Slasher.jpg

Stourbridge floods           Hop Picking family                            Canal scene.             High Street.                                Tipton Slasher statue

Canal Boat bowl.JPG
Darlston tree art installation.jpg
Darlaston walkway.jpg
WWII HF 227 WEST BROMWICH 1940 [South Staffs Water].jpg

Canal boat decorated bowl.         Darlaston metal tree.       Darlaston walkway.                                       Wartime calamities

Dudley Port 1904 Palethorpes _edited.jpg
1937 WB gas showroom [c Terry Price].jpg
Stourbridge Clock GB_edited.jpg
Redhouse Cone1_edited.jpg
Manor House West Bromwich BCS_edited.jpg

Palethorpes 1904                       Decorated Pub                                       Stourbridge Clock.             Glass Museum Cone.            West Brom Manor House

Lorry from John Hall SB_edited.jpg
Stourbridge Canal TR_edited.jpg
Stourbridge Canal TR 3_edited.jpg
spon lane bromford lane bridge John Alle

John Hall Firebrick Lorry                 Stourbridge Canal 2020 - T Ridge             Stourbridge Canal 2 - T. Ridge.               Spon Lane Bromford Bridge

Hagley Hall Portland Glass Vase 2012_edi
SB Lion goblet2_edited.jpg
Northwood_Queen Eliz_edited.jpg
West Bromwich Billiard Hall_edited.jpg
The Wheatsheaf WB Front_edited.jpg

Portland Vase                Stourbridge Lion Goblet.     Queen Elizabeth II at the Ruskin Centre.      West Bromwich Billiard Hall

Wordseley, around 1900_edited.jpg
Sandwell Valley Bluebells in Sot's_edite
Women Chainmakers_edited.jpg

Wordesley around 1900                                             Sandwell Valley with bluebells                     Women Chainmakers - Cradley Heath

Countess of Dudley_edited.jpg

The Countess of Dudley

Old car_edited.jpg

Morgan car

Baggeridge old Morgan_edited.jpg

Morgan car Baggeridge

Baggeridge Miners 1_edited.jpg

baggeridge Miners