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Black Country Personalities - Lord Harmar Nicholls - S. Hill

The Christmas Fair - B. Barr

Wolverhampton's Civic Society Blue Plaques

Tipton's Forgotten M.P. - D. Yates

Black Country Museum Aquisition - J. Boulton

Men Before their Time (Manders Works Council) - P. Hickman

Airships Over the Black Country - J. Van Leezdem

Corngreaves School 1892 - 1922 - J. West

Rolfe Street Baths - R. Griffin

A Loss to Cradley - G.E. Hodgetts

Very Hip at the Hippodrome - J. Sparry

Lost Mansions of Sedgley - R. Baker

Black Country Bumpkin - V. Holloway

Wordsley Brewery - D. Cox

Swinford - in Search of a Boundary - E. Richardson

Harry & Carl Northwood (Wordsley Boys) - J.S. Measell

Mr Jeston Homfray & The Old Worse & Worse - P. Barnsley

Braithwaite & Kirk, Crown Works - P.J. English


VOL 31.2

Black Country Personalities - Alderman Sir John Chalstrey, M.A., M.D., DSc.,F.R.C.S., Lord Mayor of London 1995-6 - S. Hill

Made in te Black Country for S.S. Titanic - R. Moss

Nancy Price, Actress, Novelist, Film Producer - J. Perry

Corngreaves School 1892 - 1922 - J. West

What's in a Name - K. Bloomer

Working in Wartime Cradley Heath - P. Taylor

The Steve Bloomer Memorial - P. Barnsley

Sir John Campbell, Dudleys Modern MP - P. Skidmore

The Sunday Opening Wars in the Black Country - N. Williams

Himley Hall - R. Jullian

A Man who Owns a Star - J. Hunt

Brian Manning, Hon. Doctor of Science - Prof. E. Ives

As Busy as Bees in Bilston Street - J. Sparry

County Youth Drama - R. Griffin


Black Country Personalities - H. Jack Haden - S. Hill

The Walsall Chamber of Commerce - E.J.L. Elwell

Steve Bloomer's Claim to Fame - P. Barnsley

Corngreaves School 1892 - 1922 - J. West

Ralph Meanly - The Black Country Baritone - C. Simmonds

A Community in the Early Forties - Horsley Heath - K. Blount

The Sedgley Manor Local Museum Mural - R. Baker

Around the Black Country Museum with Ron Davies - R. Davies

Sir John Campbell, Dudley's First Modern MP II - P. Skidmore

A Stitch in Time - G.G. Chance

Retracing Footsteps - M. Clarkson

'Two Little Chicks' and other chortles - J. Sparry

Greensforge Roman Sites - D. Cox

The Cinema in Wartime - M. Massey

Graseley Old Hall - G. Warburton

'Flying the Flag - G. Beckley


Black Country Personalities - Stanley Adams - S. Hill

The Discovery of the Powder Plot - J. Sparry

George Armstrong & the GWR at Wolverhampton - N. Williams

Harry & Carl Northwood ( Wordsley Boys) - J.S. Measell

Braithwaite & Kirk, Crown Works, W. Bromwich - P.J. English

I Remember - 1940-1947 - Memories of Lapal, Halesowen and Lapal Primary School - M. Wheway

Bilston Landmarks - R. Davies

Corngreaves School 1892 - 1922 III - J. West

Christ Church, Quarry Bank Celebrates 150yrs-Rev T. Chapman

Bob Marsh - Candle Maker - P.Power

A Community in the Early 1940's, Horsley Heath - K. Blount

Lye Forge - P.W. King

Black Country Bumpkin -

    A Land Fit for Heroes 1919 - 1929 - V. Holloway

Footer - J.D. Williams



Black Country Personalities - John Graham Price - S. Hill

Rally of Black Country Made Vehicles - J. Boulton

Sagging Seagars! It's Sang de Beout' (Ruskin Pottery - J. Sparry

A Day to Remember - R. Griffin

The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries - D. Mannering

New Stamps - Black Country Connections - J. Boulton

A Black Country Marconi Wireless Officer WW1 - J. Bradley

A Child's Christmas (c1917) Poem - J. Hunt

Rolfe Streets Theatre Royal - R. Griffin

The Family & Local History Fair - G. Beckley

Fox Henderson & Co. of Smethwick - P.J. English

William Corbett in the Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

R.A.F. Over the Black Country - J. Van Leerzem

Wittimer - R. Jones

Stourbridge Festival & Arts Forum - S. Wallin

The Black Country Viewed from Far Off Places - M. Homer

We Will Remember Them - P. Hickman

James Bates Brickworks 1840 - 1956 - T. Genge

No Nudes is Good Nudes - B. Broadbent

Rowley Regis Parish Church - G. Bubb



Black Country Personalities- Frank Beckley- S. Hill

The Greening of the Black Country - P. Skidmore

100 Years of Springmire Reservoir - J. Van Leerzem

From Kingswinford Church to Kingswinford Cross - J. Sparry

Nearly the House of Dudley - D. Mannering

Cradley's Forgotten Connections - P. Barnsley

Advice for a Commercial Traveller - P. Hickman

The Tipton Heritage Centre & Museum - P.J. Lacey

The Life & Work of Sister Dora - A.H. Price

Christ Church, Oldbury - C.J.N. Fletcher

The Sanitary Movement of the Black Country Pt1 - C.J.L.Elwell

From A Police Sargents Notebook - J. Lester

40th Anniversary - Munich Air Crash

Braithwaite & Kirk, Crown Works Pt3 - P.J. English

Cum Sing Wi' We - R. Weston

Scarper the Chavvies - B. Broadfield

Baggeridge Colliery 1895 - 1968

Harry Ecclestone, O.B.E., PPRE and the Caponfield Suite


Black Country Personalities - Samuel Thompson -  S. Hill

Wordesley Workhouse - D. Cox

A Hymn for a Special Industrial Sunday Service - S.L. Fletcher

The Wolverhampton Flour & Bread Co. - P. Hickman

The Sanitary Movement of the Black Country Pt2 - C.J.L.Elwell

Is Gibraltar Redundant? A Kingswinford Walk - J. Sparry

A Tribute to Frank Richards - R. Bowling

Theatrical 'Digs' of Yesteryear - B. Broadfield

A Pennfields Hero - A. Dunphy

The Life & Works of Sister Dora Pt 2 - A.H. Price

100yrs of Pumping at Tack Lane - J. Van Leerzem

Nearly the House of Dudley Pt2 - D. Mannering

The New 'Cut' at Brierley Hill - G. Warburton

Braithwaite & Kirk, Crown Works Pt4 - P.J. English

Memories of a Lamplighters Lad - P. Power

The Lollipop Lady - I. Richards

Jack Judge on Record - P. Barnsley


Black Country Personalities - John R. Woodhouse - S. Hill

The First Motorised Lye Vehicle - R. Wilkes

Ninety Years of C.H.A.O.S. - G.E. Hodgetts

Open Days at Boulton Paul

75th Anniversary of Wolverhampton Trolley Buses - D. Vernon & JVL

The Sanitary Movement of the Black Country Pt3 - C.J.L.Elwell

Looking Back - L. Arrowsmith

Oldbury Vicarage Recalled - C.J.N. Fletcher

William Shenstone's 'Priory' at the Leasowes - Dr F. Burns

Braithwaite & Kirk, Crown Works Pt 5 - P.J. English

Jack Judge - A Retrospective - G. Bubb

'Phone Kingswinford 8 or Kingswinford 48 - J. Sparry

The Black Country Urban Forest - C. Bradley

The Black Country Local History Consortium - G. Hill

An Unlikely Connection - M. Jones

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