Dear Visitor, since the Society was established late in 1967 the First issue of the Blackcountryman magazine was published in 1967. This tradition has been continued and you will therefore find all Issues numbered 1 in the year before the following issues 2,3 and 4. If you have any queries please contact the society and we will be pleased to help with your enquiry.



Black Country Personalities - Michael Hall MA - S. Hill

The Life of Mary Percy Jackson, Pt2 - L.D. Wilkie

The Missing Tenant of Wollaston Hall Pt2 - J. Byard-Jones

The Hailstone - B. Dakin

The Murderer - R. Jones

The Root of the Matter - A. Truby

Robert Broad & the Horsley Co, Tipton - J.S. Allen

Price Street Mission Anniversary -

    Memories from the 1950's & 60's - D. Hughes

Beasleys & Farmer - S. Robinson

An Unusual Horrible Murder - E. Jenkins

Black Country History Day - J. Watkins

Back to School - D. Barlow

Groping for a Higher Truth; The Literature

    of William Henry Robinson - P. McDonald

I've Been to London to see the Queen - F. Mllward

Jew's Harp Manufacturer in the West Midlands -

    1800 - 1900 Pt1 - M. Wright

Fire at the Bump - N. Williams

Dynasty - Ms W.R. Probert

The White Black Country - G. Hensman

Sir Edward William Elgar: Black Country Connection Pt1 - M. Dallow

The Railway in Wall Heath - J. Van Leerzem



Black Country Personalities - Christine Charles - S. Hill

The Missing Tenant of Wollaston Hall Pt3 - J. Byard-Jones

The Jew's Harp Manufacturer in the West Midlands Pt2 - M. Wright

The Extraordinary Man (Arthur Hooper) - B. Dakin

The White Black Country - G. Hensman

Sir Edward William Elgar: Black Country Connection Pt2 - M. Dallow

Tracking the Lion - From Bradley's to Baltimore

The Stourbridge Lion & the Foster & Rastrick Co. - N. Baker

Auction at Fieldings of the Estate: H.J. Haden - S. Hill

A Legend - Duncan Edwards - J.R. Flavell

Marjorie Crosby - The Poet of Penn Fields - P. McDonald

Walsall's Own Lady with the Lamp - Ms W.R. Probert

An Essay on Modern Day Management - R.W. Abley

A Legendary Headmistress - P. Talbot

William, First Earl of Dudley & 11th Lord Ward Pt1 - Dr T. J. Raybould

Henry Timothy Tilley - Life and Times of a Black

    Country Vicar Pt1 - D.E. Yates

The Diaries of Francis Perks, Tailor of Stourbridge Pt1 - R. H. Perks


The Forgotten Wireless Pioneers - D.H. Barlow

British Association for Local History Award

The Diaries of Francis Perks, Tailor of Stourbridge Pt2 - R.H. Perks

Henry Tomothy Tilley - Life & Times of

    a Black Country Vicar Pt2 - D.E. Yates

Tumble Fold Tales: Joseph Whittakers Wolverhampton - P. McDonald

Simon Evans- A Forgotten Poet - A. Truby

William: 1st Earl Dudley & 11th Lord Ward Pt2 - Dr. T.J. Raybould

The Staffordshire & Wocester Canal - G. Fisher MBE

Madeliene Carroll - an Unveiling -J. Watkin

The Lucas Sisters - J. Baynard-Jones

Money to Burn (Short Story) - C. Hathorne

Samuel Wilkes - Wood-Whittling Champion of the World - B. Dakin

I Was There - D. Newton

Buck Genner - R. Jones

Late 19th & 20th Century Family Life in Oldbury - I. Walker

The Airmen of Perton - A. Dunphy

Charlemont Farm, West Bromwich - M. Dallow


William Humble Eric Ward,3rd Earl of Dudley (1932-69) - Dr. T Raybould

Laurence James: Biker Hero & Black Country Best Seller - P. McDonald

Detonators - R. Jones

Descriptions: Birmingham & the Black Country in James Woodhouses

'The Life & Lucubrations of Crispinus Scriblerous - Pt1 - S. Van-Hagen

A Ballot Box & a Wrekin View - P. Talbot

Is Life in 'is Onds - B. Dakin

Bird Thou Never Wert - A. Truby

The Brickhouse Comes Alive

Hickman & Co. - M. Pearson

Maxwell Trimble: Racing Driver - M. Dallow

Staffordshire & Worcester Canal 'follow up' - G. Fisher

John Thomas Hyde Legge - Electrical Engineer - J. Byard-Jones

JohnThompson - L. Willis

A Country Called Black - M. Pearson

In Memorium: John Fletcher, the Bishop & Me - G. Wiley

The Forgotten Wireless Pioneers 'update - D.E. Evans

Weight Watcher - R. Jones

'Come Ye Thankful People' - Rev. C. Hathorne

As Others Saw Us 'Perceptions of the Black Country' - Dr. T.J. Raybould



William Humble Ward, Earl of Dudley (1885-1932) -

                                                                    Dr T. Raybould

Acid - R. Jones

Descriptions: Birmingham & the Black Country in James Woodhouse's 'Life and Lucubrations of

    Crispinus Scriblerus Pt2 - S. Van-Hagen

Sour Opples an' Sweet Chocolate - Revd C. Hathorne

Kanya Wackett's Observations - B. Dakin

Unlocking the Potential of the Black Countries

   Business Archives - C. Williams

Simmonds Brothers: Radio Pioneers - D. Simmonds

A Flame in My Heart

    (John Petty's Forgotten Novel) - Dr P. McDonald

'My Life with Jack' - J. Morgan

Change in the Midlands - A. Lockwood

Kidderminster Rose - M. Dallow

Robert Chapman Wins Sky Lifetime Award

Chance Encounter - A. Truby

Coach Outings with the BCS - 'Inky'

Martin Lickert - Bassplayer, Bookmaker, Barrister - J. Morgan

The Course of the Smestow Brook - A. Dunphy

Maxwell Trimble - H.M. Berry

Any Glassware by Chance - D.P. Encill

The National Youth Theatre

A Titanic Journey - L. Sidaway & J. Powell

A Million People - Black Country as an Urban Park - R. Julian

A Country Called Black update - M. Pearson

The Bitter Divide-The Religious divide Then & Now -

                                                                           B. Wetherall



The Lords of Dudley (1774 - 1863) - Dr T. Raybould

'God Bless yer Nurse' - M. Roberts

Black Country Living Museum - R. Julian

St. Johns Church, Kates Hill, History Treasure Trove - D. Brownlee

George Cosens: Midlands Black Baptist Pastor - D. Watts

Fighting Man: Henry Treece's lesser known Novel -

                                                                                  Dr.P McDonald

The Future of Our Past - B. Dakin

The Smestow from Aldersley to Compton - A. Dunphy OBE

Young Folks   ...

A Vanished World - R. Jones

Langley Local History Society = Dr T. Daniels

Charles Elwell (RIP) - S. Hill

The Upper Severn Hydro & Navigation Co. - G. Fisher MBE

The Staffordshire Giant Miner - M. Dallow

An Extraordinary Story: William Nock Glassmaker - P. King

Playthings - R. Jones

Smethwick & the Truth of Chance - D.P. Encill

The Rebels - Henry Treece (1953) - D. WALKER

Lost Manufacturing - G. Darby

Tolkeins Mordor: Black Magic in the Black Country - P. Low

The Healers - B. Spakemon


The Smestow from Compton to Perton - A. Dunphy OBE

A Black Country Writer: Archie Hill - R. Jones

Heritage Open Days - C. Williams

Dudley Grammar School, 1562 - 1975 Pt1 -

                                                                      Dr T. Raybould

Peter Jones: A Black Country Imagist - Dr. P,. McDonald

The Island in a City - J. Tromans

Elizabeth Ann Warren SRN (RIP) - S. Hill

Four Old Photographs - N. Taylor

So Many Southalls in Dudley - J. McNeill

The Lather Boy and the Starter Upper - B. Spakemon

Adventures in the Hop Fields - D. Lister

Black Country Heraldry - P. Tibbetts

The Dunera Boys - J. Watkin

Grange Furnace - Dr P. King

The Territorial Army - 100 years of Service - K. Jeavons

The Beech Tree Colliery Timber Delivery Mystery -

                                                                             P. Barnsley

Hobbs & Sons; Fish & Chip Shop Proprietors -

                                                                             N. Williams

Lost But Not Forgotten - T. Church

Magaret McDonald - W. Viner

Post War Walsall & Walsall Law Association

    Diamond Jubilee - D.F. Vodden

Black Country Vicar - Revd C. Hathorne

RIP for A Non-Aviating Avian - A. Truby

Brockmoor Life - J. Perry

Growing Up in Wartime Lye - P. Dunn

Local History in Oil Paintings - J. Lester


The Smestow From Perton Mill to

    Trescott & Furnace Grange - A. Dunphy OBE

Dudley Grammar School 1562 - 1975 Pt2 -

                                                                       Dr T. Raybould

Black Country Vicar - Revd C. Hathorne

Derek Dougan: Charismatic Maverick - J. Beck

Hobbs Fish & Chip Shop Pt2 - N. Williams

Aunty Poll & Uncle Bill - L. Webster

National Service: Devizes - R. Jones

The 40th Anniversary of BCS - D.F. Vodden

Roosterspakes Night in the Singing Cave - M. Pearson

Victoria (Poem & Images) - A. Cadman

An Old Cjoirboys Memory - Dr N. Allen

Widening Circles: Edward Lowberys BC

    Anthology - Dr. P. McDonald

The Bitter Divide: Religious Conflict Pt2 - B. Weatherall

John Cornfield: The Cosely Poet - A. Gale (nee Cornfield)

On John Cornfield - Dr P. McDonald

Industrial Biography: The Black Country Chapters - G. Stokes

A Famous West Bromwich Undertaking

                                                       - I. Walker (ed P. Shirley)

Wireless in a Coalmine - 2ZD

Accles & Pollocks (1962=69) Pt1 - T. Henwood

A Census of the Landscape - P. Quigley

'The Legend of Salt & Sauce' Book about

   Wolverhamptons Famous Elephants - N. Williams

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