Black Country Personalities - Michael Hall MA - S. Hill

The Life of Mary Percy Jackson, Pt2 - L.D. Wilkie

The Missing Tenant of Wollaston Hall Pt2 - J. Byard-Jones

The Hailstone - B. Dakin

The Murderer - R. Jones

The Root of the Matter - A. Truby

Robert Broad & the Horsley Co, Tipton - J.S. Allen

Price Street Mission Anniversary -

    Memories from the 1950's & 60's - D. Hughes

Beasleys & Farmer - S. Robinson

An Unusual Horrible Murder - E. Jenkins

Black Country History Day - J. Watkins

Back to School - D. Barlow

Groping for a Higher Truth; The Literature

    of William Henry Robinson - P. McDonald

I've Been to London to see the Queen - F. Mllward

Jew's Harp Manufacturer in the West Midlands -

    1800 - 1900 Pt1 - M. Wright

Fire at the Bump - N. Williams

Dynasty - Ms W.R. Probert

The White Black Country - G. Hensman

Sir Edward William Elgar: Black Country Connection Pt1 - M. Dallow

The Railway in Wall Heath - J. Van Leerzem


Black Country Personalities - Christine Charles - S. Hill

The Missing Tenant of Wollaston Hall Pt3 - J. Byard-Jones

The Jew's Harp Manufacturer in the West Midlands Pt2 - M. Wright

The Extraordinary Man (Arthur Hooper) - B. Dakin

The White Black Country - G. Hensman

Sir Edward William Elgar: Black Country Connection Pt2 - M. Dallow

Tracking the Lion - From Bradley's to Baltimore

The Stourbridge Lion & the Foster & Rastrick Co. - N. Baker

Auction at Fieldings of the Estate: H.J. Haden - S. Hill

A Legend - Duncan Edwards - J.R. Flavell

Marjorie Crosby - The Poet of Penn Fields - P. McDonald

Walsall's Own Lady with the Lamp - Ms W.R. Probert

An Essay on Modern Day Management - R.W. Abley

A Legendary Headmistress - P. Talbot

William, First Earl of Dudley & 11th Lord Ward Pt1 - Dr T. J. Raybould

Henry Timothy Tilley - Life and Times of a Black

    Country Vicar Pt1 - D.E. Yates

The Diaries of Francis Perks, Tailor of Stourbridge Pt1 - R. H. Perks


The Forgotten Wireless Pioneers - D.H. Barlow

British Association for Local History Award

The Diaries of Francis Perks, Tailor of Stourbridge Pt2 - R.H. Perks

Henry Tomothy Tilley - Life & Times of

    a Black Country Vicar Pt2 - D.E. Yates

Tumble Fold Tales: Joseph Whittakers Wolverhampton - P. McDonald

Simon Evans- A Forgotten Poet - A. Truby

William: 1st Earl Dudley & 11th Lord Ward Pt2 - Dr. T.J. Raybould

The Staffordshire & Wocester Canal - G. Fisher MBE

Madeliene Carroll - an Unveiling -J. Watkin

The Lucas Sisters - J. Baynard-Jones

Money to Burn (Short Story) - C. Hathorne

Samuel Wilkes - Wood-Whittling Champion of the World - B. Dakin

I Was There - D. Newton

Buck Genner - R. Jones

Late 19th & 20th Century Family Life in Oldbury - I. Walker

The Airmen of Perton - A. Dunphy

Charlemont Farm, West Bromwich - M. Dallow


William Humble Eric Ward,3rd Earl of Dudley (1932-69) - Dr. T Raybould

Laurence James: Biker Hero & Black Country Best Seller - P. McDonald

Detonators - R. Jones

Descriptions: Birmingham & the Black Country in James Woodhouses

'The Life & Lucubrations of Crispinus Scriblerous - Pt1 - S. Van-Hagen

A Ballot Box & a Wrekin View - P. Talbot

Is Life in 'is Onds - B. Dakin

Bird Thou Never Wert - A. Truby

The Brickhouse Comes Alive

Hickman & Co. - M. Pearson

Maxwell Trimble: Racing Driver - M. Dallow

Staffordshire & Worcester Canal 'follow up' - G. Fisher

John Thomas Hyde Legge - Electrical Engineer - J. Byard-Jones

JohnThompson - L. Willis

A Country Called Black - M. Pearson

In Memorium: John Fletcher, the Bishop & Me - G. Wiley

The Forgotten Wireless Pioneers 'update - D.E. Evans

Weight Watcher - R. Jones

'Come Ye Thankful People' - Rev. C. Hathorne

As Others Saw Us 'Perceptions of the Black Country' - Dr. T.J. Raybould



William Humble Ward, Earl of Dudley (1885-1932) -

                                                                                   Dr T. Raybould

Acid - R. Jones

Descriptions: Birmingham & the Black Country in James Woodhouse's 'Life and Lucubrations of

    Crispinus Scriblerus Pt2 - S. Van-Hagen

Sour Opples an' Sweet Chocolate - Revd C. Hathorne

Kanya Wackett's Observations - B. Dakin

Unlocking the Potential of the Black Countries

   Business Archives - C. Williams

Simmonds Brothers: Radio Pioneers - D. Simmonds

A Flame in My Heart

    (John Petty's Forgotten Novel) - Dr P. McDonald

'My Life with Jack' - J. Morgan

Change in the Midlands - A. Lockwood

Kidderminster Rose - M. Dallow

Robert Chapman Wins Sky Lifetime Award

Chance Encounter - A. Truby

Coach Outings with the BCS - 'Inky'

Martin Lickert - Bassplayer, Bookmaker, Barrister - J. Morgan

The Course of the Smestow Brook - A. Dunphy

Maxwell Trimble - H.M. Berry

Any Glassware by Chance - D.P. Encill

The National Youth Theatre

A Titanic Journey - L. Sidaway & J. Powell

A Million People - Black Country as an Urban Park - R. Julian

A Country Called Black update - M. Pearson

The Bitter Divide-The Religious divide Then & Now -

                                                                                     B. Wetherall


The Lords of Dudley (1774 - 1863) - Dr T. Raybould

'God Bless yer Nurse' - M. Roberts

Black Country Living Museum - R. Julian

St. Johns Church, Kates Hill, History Treasure Trove - D. Brownlee

George Cosens: Midlands Black Baptist Pastor - D. Watts

Fighting Man: Henry Treece's lesser known Novel -

                                                                                  Dr.P McDonald

The Future of Our Past - B. Dakin

The Smestow from Aldersley to Compton - A. Dunphy OBE

Young Folks   ...

A Vanished World - R. Jones

Langley Local History Society = Dr T. Daniels

Charles Elwell (RIP) - S. Hill

The Upper Severn Hydro & Navigation Co. - G. Fisher MBE

The Staffordshire Giant Miner - M. Dallow

An Extraordinary Story: William Nock Glassmaker - P. King

Playthings - R. Jones

Smethwick & the Truth of Chance - D.P. Encill

The Rebels - Henry Treece (1953) - D. WALKER

Lost Manufacturing - G. Darby

Tolkeins Mordor: Black Magic in the Black Country - P. Low

The Healers - B. Spakemon


The Smestow from Compton to Perton - A. Dunphy OBE

A Black Country Writer: Archie Hill - R. Jones

Heritage Open Days - C. Williams

Dudley Grammar School, 1562 - 1975 Pt1 -

                                                                      Dr T. Raybould

Peter Jones: A Black Country Imagist - Dr. P,. McDonald

The Island in a City - J. Tromans

Elizabeth Ann Warren SRN (RIP) - S. Hill

Four Old Photographs - N. Taylor

So Many Southalls in Dudley - J. McNeill

The Lather Boy and the Starter Upper - B. Spakemon

Adventures in the Hop Fields - D. Lister

Black Country Heraldry - P. Tibbetts

The Dunera Boys - J. Watkin

Grange Furnace - Dr P. King

The Territorial Army - 100 years of Service - K. Jeavons

The Beech Tree Colliery Timber Delivery Mystery -

                                                                             P. Barnsley

Hobbs & Sons; Fish & Chip Shop Proprietors -

                                                                             N. Williams

Lost But Not Forgotten - T. Church

Magaret McDonald - W. Viner

Post War Walsall & Walsall Law Association

    Diamond Jubilee - D.F. Vodden

Black Country Vicar - Revd C. Hathorne

RIP for A Non-Aviating Avian - A. Truby

Brockmoor Life - J. Perry

Growing Up in Wartime Lye - P. Dunn

Local History in Oil Paintings - J. Lester


The Smestow From Perton Mill to

    Trescott & Furnace Grange - A. Dunphy OBE

Dudley Grammar School 1562 - 1975 Pt2 -

                                                                       Dr T. Raybould

Black Country Vicar - Revd C. Hathorne

Derek Dougan: Charismatic Maverick - J. Beck

Hobbs Fish & Chip Shop Pt2 - N. Williams

Aunty Poll & Uncle Bill - L. Webster

National Service: Devizes - R. Jones

The 40th Anniversary of BCS - D.F. Vodden

Roosterspakes Night in the Singing Cave - M. Pearson

Victoria (Poem & Images) - A. Cadman

An Old Cjoirboys Memory - Dr N. Allen

Widening Circles: Edward Lowberys BC

    Anthology - Dr. P. McDonald

The Bitter Divide: Religious Conflict Pt2 - B. Weatherall

John Cornfield: The Cosely Poet - A. Gale (nee Cornfield)

On John Cornfield - Dr P. McDonald

Industrial Biography: The Black Country Chapters - G. Stokes

A Famous West Bromwich Undertaking

                                                       - I. Walker (ed P. Shirley)

Wireless in a Coalmine - 2ZD

Accles & Pollocks (1962=69) Pt1 - T. Henwood

A Census of the Landscape - P. Quigley

'The Legend of Salt & Sauce' Book about

   Wolverhamptons Famous Elephants - N. Williams

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