Dear Visitor, since the Society was established late in 1967 the First issue of the Blackcountryman magazine was published in 1967. This tradition has been continued and you will therefore find all Issues numbered 1 in the year before the following issues 2,3 and 4. If you have any queries please contact the society and we will be pleased to help with your enquiry.



Black Country Personalities - Catherine Southhall  - S. Hill

Civil Unrest in the Black Country 1750 - 1837 Pt2

    The Colliers March 1816 - D. Cox

Seeing is Believing - H.M. Scharf

The Black Country Toil that Enriches the Soul - P. McDonald

The War Memorial (Poem) - R. Jones

The Black Country Living Museum - R. Julian

Marsh & Holloway - V. (Len) Holloway

Dudley Geological Collection - G. Worton

St. Crispian - Wolverhamptons Connection with Agincourt ...

From What I See - The Art of Christopher Firmstone ...

Cookley Iron Works - T.H. Organ

Steam Engine Memories - J. Mountford

Mrs Lewis - R. Jones

The Remarkable Life of Ann Becher - E. Alexander

'Like A Little Watch' - D. Barlow

Wild in Martley - S. Bache

From Boats to Cars-History of Pritchards Garages - J. Pritchard

Working for the Wolverhampton

    Co-operative Society - N. Williams & M. Brownrigg

Just Helping Out - B. Wills

The Mills of Wollaston - P. Skidmore



Black Country Personalities - Tommy Mundon - S. Hill

The Tipton Slasher & The American Giant - D. Cox

The New Village - R. Moss

Rambling is so Relaxing - N. Blackham

The Black Country Living Museum - R. Julian

Opened in a Blaze of Glory - Closed in Obscurity - N. Williams

Living on the Clent Hills - I. Edge

'Dozy' of Dartmouth Park - A. Truby

Was This Dudley's First Bad Press - D. Mannering

A Trail Through Time - Dudley's Mellennium

    Sculpture Trail - S. Field

A Cup of Tay - P. Taylor

Washing - R.Jones

David Bagnall of Wednesbury 1832 - 1925 - C. Bagnall

'The Secretary Regrets .. the Horse has Died'. the History

   of Walsall Golf Club - T. Henwood

Jahann Van Leerzem M.Phil (RIP) - S. Hill

Jesse Pennington meets Stanley, Earl Baldwin - M. Dallow

James Foster - 150yrs on - R. Peacock

The Burglar's Bible: George Price's Treatise

    on Locks Pt 1 - P. Tempest

Running The Distance - M Dabbs


Black Country Personalities - Ken Rabey - S. Hill

From The Black Country to the Proms

The Life of William Fellowes (1921 - 70) - M. Jones

Helping Mr. Lewis - R. Jones

Dudley Grammar School Cricket 1st Eleven 1938 - Dr. J. Cox

Three Lost Landmarks - A. Truby

The 'Ten-Bob' Piano - D. Mannering

The Burglars Bible (Part 2) - P. Tempest

St. John's Church, Kates Hill, Dudley - Prof. K.G.B. Bakewell

'Living Two' The Lunt Roman Fort, Baginton - D. Cox

So You Think You Have Done A Good Day's Work? - W.F. Homer

Brierley Hill National (CofE) School - P. Taylor

Commemorating Wolverhampton's Historic Vehicles - S. Field

How We Led The D-Day Invasion - Remembered - J. Beck

Mr Samuel Salt's Grand, Never to be Forgotten and

    Most Clever Lecture of 1852 (Pt1) - N.H. Jones

Commemoration of James Foster of

    Stourbridge 1786 - 1853 - P. Skidmore

Bedlam in Wednesbury - L. Tambe


Black Country Personalities - Barry Randle - S. Hill

Mr Samuel Salt's Grand, Never to be Forgotten and Most Clever

    Lecture of 1852 (Part 2) - N.H. Jones

In A Black Country Practice - Dr. J. Lester

Aynuk's Revenge - A. Truby

Our Visit to Dudley (Poem) - J. Ruston

The Industrial Progress of the Black Country 1868 - M. Elliot

A Black Country Man (Poem) - D. Muir

The Story of 'Sleipnir' - Wednesbury's Viking Heritage - S. Field

Still Ahead-A Reluctant Soldiers Advance

    through Europe - J. Palmer (Ed. J. Beck)

From Gornal to Gippsland Lakes - The Art and Life

    of Owen piggott - J. Beck

Pen A Line - H.M. Scharf

West Bromwich, Ellesmere Athletic Club - M. Dallow

Remembering my father Arthur Cashmore 1907 - 86 - D. Bird

'Wind in the Willows' The Story of Syd Royall - Last of the

    Black Country's Bellow Makers - M. Woodyatt

The Clayton Collection - D. Cox

Why is the Black Country Funny? - Dr. P. McDonald

Disappearing Brierley Hill - R. Jones



Black Country Personalities - John Massey - S. Hill

The Black Country in the Doomsday Book - Dr. J. Lester

A Dream or Nightmare (Poem) - M. Cox

History & Heresay - F. Bernard Shaw

Allotment Associations in the Black Country - S. McNicol

The Photograph - D. Mannering

A Taste of Success - 'Inky'

The Black Country Living Museum - R. Julian

Which Way Did the Romans Go? - A. Dunphy O.B.E.

The Tramp - R. Jones

Standing on One Corner of Black Country History - Dr. T Langford and D. Humphries

The Effects of Mr J.A. Crabtree's Early Death - D.F. Vodden

Bryan White (1934 - 2003) RIP - S. Hill

One Sunday in November (Poem) - 'Spider'

Major John Berryman VC - Col. S. Archer GC, OBE & J. King

The Landscapes of Mr Lucton's Freedom - J. Biddulph

Memories of Tipton before Wolv. New Road - Dr. J. Cox



Black Country Personalities- Robert Perry - S. Hill

The Dosser - R. Jones

Operation 'Frozen Loaves' - D. Mannering

Andrew Yarranton - "Lost' Blast Furnace & Iron Works

    Glasshampton, Worcestershire

- M. Dallow

The Black Country Living Museum - R. Julian

A Bit of Local Colour - N. Johnson

A Nostalgic Walk in Fox's Lane, Wolverhampton - P. McHugh

Hop Picking - The Nailmakers Holiday - N.H. Jones

Woden & Wednesbury - J. Hemingway

Spectrum Poets - C. Deakin

My 'Contribution' To Cunnard - V. Holloway

Holt Road Junior School, Blackheath - N. Taylor

The Metalspinner (Poem) - D. Muir

The Black Country on Antique Maps - Dr J. Lester

Penn Hall - A. Dunphy O.B.E.

2004, 50th Anniversary Francis Brett Young - M. Hall

Article on Arthur Spiers - J. Byard-Jones

BCS Queen's Golden Jubilee Commemorative Fund - S. Hill


Black Country Personalities - Donald Barry Southall -  S. Hill

Country Bus to Lower Penn, Trysull & Bobbington - A. Dunphy OBE

Different Ball Games - A. Truby

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists - S. Hill

Getting in the Spirit - R. Aston

Joan White Black Country Society President 2004-5 - S. Hill

Memories of Hill Top, West Bromwich - D.C. Rogers

Abbey Farm, Lower Gornal - P. Taylor

The New Hampton Loade Ferry - S. Hill

The Crash - R. Jones

The Ghosts of Haden Hall - A. Pardoe

The Black Country Living Museum - R. Julian

The Curious Disappearance of Arthur Spiers Pt2 - J. Byard-Jones

And We All Danced - J.R. Flavell

Amazing Sights on The Nailmakers Holiday - N.H. Jones

Brierley Hill Grammar School 1953 - T. Church

West Bromwich Roller Rink - M. Dallow

Mond Gas - A Black Country First and Only - H.R. Jones

Mayors Honour Memory of Midland Author - S. Hill


Black Country Personalities - Mary Archer - S. Hill

Lord Ednam Air Rifle League - P. Hollingworth

Did You Like Your Kali, Ayli? (Poem) - A. Truby

'Woodbine Willie' - M. Dallow

Harris & Pearson Co., Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill - D. Trevis-Smith

Henry Comes to Stay - L.D. Wilkie

Houses and Landlords - R. Jones

Adventures of a A900 JEA - D. Cox

Too Much of a Good Thing - B. Wills

Museums Cycling Cornucopia - A Tribute

    to Two Centuries of Pedalling Pleasure - J. Beck

Jan Kudanowski - M. Round

The Black Country Living Museum - R. Julian

Cat-astrophe! - S. Homer

Avonbank Hall Pershore - B. Stewart

A Penny for Friendship - L. Webster

The Black Country's Light Railway

    Equipment Suppliers - T. Lodge

Six Wiks 'Olliday (Poem) - N. Washbrook

Farley Clock Tower - D. Mannering

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