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1974 continued

VOL 7.3

The Kinver Light Railway - T.R. Bennett

Black Countries Historical Collection

(a) General Strike News

(b) Sunday School Certificates - J. Brimble

Halesowen Stations Edwardian Heyday - M. Hale

The 1831 Riots in the Black Country - J.R. Williams

A Grazebrook of Stourton (1884-1974) - P. Rostron

Bull & Bladder (Delph) - G. Stevens

60yrs of Guy Motors - H. Parsons

From Saddle to Stage - H.V. Morgan

The Norton Museum, Bromsgrove - R. Moss

The Haden Saga - H.J. Haden

Whippets again at Tipton - J.M.F.


VOL 7. 4

125yrs of St. Mary's Church, Ocker Hill - C. Nicholls

The Future of the Canals - From Hansard

The 1831 Riots in the Black Country (Pt II) - J.R. Williams

Around the Cape (Smethwick) - A.H. Bryan Holden

The Voice of the Old Black Country - A.G. Price


VOL 8. 1

Black Country Guns & the Slave Trade - W.A. Richards

The Grazebrooks at Audnam - P. Rostron

The Victoria Inn, Dudley Wood - R. Moss

Boatman's Missions in the Black Country - H. Potter

Action for Owen St (Tipton)

The 1831 Riots in The Black Country (Pt III) - J.R. Williams

Sweeping Changes - G. Stevens

Black Country Museum Notes - J. Hallam

Passenger Trains from Dudley - M. Hale


VOL 8.2

Early Film Relics - B. Pardoe

Recollections of West Bromwich - C.E.M. Fillmore

A Secondary School for Smethwick - L.E. Webster

Preserved for Posterity - M. Hale

The Chapels of All Saints Church (W. Brom) - C.W. Hannah

Keys by the Millions (Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd)

Brief Biographe (Ron Moss - They erve the B.C.S.)

Art in the Black Country 1975 & 1909

Richard Wallis - a Blackcountryman - G. Stevens

Discovering History through Street Names - J. Brimble

The Lyng in The Twenties - L. Turner

John Henry Carless V.C. - A.H. Price

Caractucus at Wednesbury - L.O. Clarke

VOL 8.3

The Good Lord Lyttleton 1709 - 73 - P. Rostron

Robert Blatchford - Cradely Heath Chainmakers - C. Elwell

Samuel Butler - Ballard of Wedgbury Cocking - C. Elwell

Robert St. Strict & Particular Baptist Church - P. Marston

Walter Knott - S.A. Williams

Gornal Cottages - T.R. Bennett

Walsall Canal Survey

The Black Countrymans view of B.I.P. - C.S. Dingley

I talked to Julia Varley - M. Rix

Tipton Writers in 19th Century - J. Brimble

Birth of Holly Lodge Secondary School - L.E. Webster

All Without Hands (Local Histories) - H.J. Haden

The Hollybush Inn - J. Daker

VOL 8. 4

Travel by Flyboat - P. Rostron

The State of the Willenhall Union (Parkes 2 stroke) - M. Knight

The Stourbridge Canal - K. Lloyd

Holly Lodge Gramar Schools III - L.E. Webster

Tiswas or Caltrop (Wesley Perrins) - R Moss

Dudely Port Explosion - J. Brimble

Glass Bottles & Stone Jars - J. Brimble

Thompson's Traction Engines - M. Hale

A Londoners impressions of the Black Country 30yrs ago.


VOL 9.1

Old Days at Saltwells Spa - M. Hale

'Bob' Knealey - S. Platts Driver

Wolverhampton Festival 1976 Vintage Rally - J. Boulton

History of Ruiton United Reform Church - V. Welch

Ballad of Wedgebury Cocking - P. Radford

Angelo Antonio Nicola Francesco Solari

   (St. Martin's, Ocker Hill) - E. Cotterill

St. Georges Church, Darlaston

The Tipton Cenotaph - J. Brimble

National Railway Museum Commemorative Plate - M. Hale

Bridge St. Chapel, Walsall - C.J.L. Elwell

The Winston Churchill - M. Hale

The Big Top - P. Rostron

The Permanent Way for Today (West Bromwich) - M. Hale

The Tennant Brothers - S.A. Williams


VOL 9.2

Black Country Beauties - P. Rostron

Kingdom Hall, Jews Lane - T. Bill

Reflections of a Baggies Supporter - S.W.B.

The Bellringers - A.E. Truby

Steam Scene - B. Holden

The Black Country Society & The Future of the Region.

The End of a Tipton Chapel - J. Brimble

Days of the Dudley Dasher - J. Haddoch

Marx Cars-locally made engines - J.M.F.

VOL 9.3

Prodorite - H. Parsons

Foxfield Light Railway (ABC Connection) - K. Lloyd

William Frederick Blay (Walsall) - H.G. Green

Cheap Ticket to the Hawthorns - M. Hale

Pony Power - P. Rostron

Sgt. Bates of the Wednesbury Rifles - J.R. Williams

The Marvellous Flute (James Matthews) - H.J. Haden

W.B.A. 1975-76 - M. Gardner

Railway Horses at Tipton - M. Hale

Links with the Black Country-Chasetown - C. Emberton

VOL 9.4

The Flying Machine comes to Wolverhampton 1910 - H. Parsons

High hopes for the Bean Car - M. Hale

Glass Paperweights - P. Rostron

2 Black Country Poets - Shenstone/Newbolt - C.J.L. Elwell

A Shunting Loco named J.T. Daley - K. Lloyd

Halesowen Local History Group - J. Ball

The Bloomfield Colliery Engine 1776 - R. Newnham

The Black Country Blacksmith - E.W. Evetts


VOL 10 1

Wednesbury Red Coats - J.R. Williams

Carvers of Walsall (Leather) - H. Parsons

Gornal's link with Number 10 - A. Williams

Tipton & Coseley Building Society - K. Lloyd

Some aspects of Parish Life in West Bromwich - G.W.Hannah

A Topigraphical Catalogue (Walsall) - C.J.L. Elwell

When Jesse Pennington wore a Blue Shirt - W.E. Evetts

The Other Londonderry - M. Webster

Spaken up for the Black Country - T. Willetts



VOL 10 2

Byron & the Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

The Round of Beef, Colley Gate - H.Parsons

The Day of the Privies - D.H. Richards

Baggeridge Pit Ponies - B. Holden

Reflections from Coalport - E. Badger

Parson Owen of Bilston - J. Rowley

The Shifnal Buttery & other Mock Tudors - R. Davies

Spinning Lucky Charms (Friggers) - P. Rostron

Wesley at Dudley - S. Porter

Early Black Country Flying Machines - J. Boulton

Reminiscenses of Brierley Hill - P. Taylor

An Appalling Colliery Accident - R. Hoole

The Stourbridge Goods Branch - M. Hale

Minding Doors (Pit Ventilation) - A. Williams

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