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1980 continued

VOL 13.3

The Warings of the Lea - M.W. Caesar

Bromford Ironworks - W.K.V. Gale

Bottom's Up (Story) - E. Cotterill

The South Staffordshire Wareworks - C.J.L. Elwell

Newcomen's Beam at F.H. Lloyds - R. Davies

The Beginning of Methodism in Darlaston - M Timmins

The Lamp Oil Woman - Esso Magazine

Three Victorian Policeman - D.C. Woods

The Argosy Cycling Club

Some Dudley Charities of the 18th & 19th Century - D.W. Hartill

Children's Games - M. Miles

VOL 13. 4

The Return of the Tram - R. Clark

Crime & Punishment - H.J. Haden

The Lee Howl Story 1880 - 1980

150th Anniversary St. Mary's, Bilston

The South Staffs Waterworks - C.J.L. Elwell

Red Hall First School 1880 - 1980 - A. Williams

A Conservation Area for Wednesbury - G. Johnson

Methodist Church Records - B. Carter

The Datestone - A. Williams

Visit to a Dudley Inn - ATCLEML



The Deepfield Drainer - R. Davies

Memories of the Black Country

Pity the Poor-The 18th Century Treatment (1) - H.J. Haden

The Tipton of the 1890's (via Adverts) - J. Brimble

Lea Hall Colliery, Rugeley

Working on the Railway (aged 12) - S. Hill

Bullers, Tipton

Star Motorcycles - J. Boulton

Wolverhampton's Hollywood Film-maker - N. Williams

Sculptured Panel, Ryland Memorial

School of Art, West Bromwich

Thomas Clayton, Oldbury Ltd - K.J. Lloyd

Griffin to Griffin in 200 Years - W.K.V. Gale

Griffin Medalion - R. Moss

Down the Mine - Chatterley, Whitfield Colliery - K. Lloyd

Deepfield Remembered - R. Davies

Clayton's Folly - D.H. Richards

Extract 'Dudley Castle' - Bentley's Directory


VOL 14.2

A Boatman called Eli - R. Davies

Head Balancing Woman - R. Davies

The Role of the Field Carpenter - H.G. Hill

Short Heath Methodist Centenary - W.L. Pace

Off We Went To Cookery Class - E. Badger

The Cry of the Children (1) - C.J.L. Elwell

The Stuart Glass Cone - C. Hajdamach

Pity the Poor (II)- Oldswinford - H.J. Haden

The Midland Electric Corporation - A.E. Price

Factory Basin's Lifting Bridge - M. Hale

Thomas Chatwin, Tipton - R.J. Brough

VOL 14.3

The Alkali Works of Chance Bros. - J.E. Hornby

Kingswinford Post Office 1922 - 67 - K. Fincher

Born in the Black Country - M. Stewart

A Sneer was the Spur - A. Williams

The Cry of the Children (II) - C.J.L.Elwell

More Boatman Stories - R. Davies

The Tipton Slasher - T. Langley

Sculptured Busts - Wednesbury Art Galley - B. Harris

Silhouettes - Jerome K Jerome

Lickey Bound in the 1910's - S. Edge

The Bilston Brook - R. Davies

Corngreaves Hall - K. Hodgkins

The Old Workhouse, Darlaston - H.P.

VOL 14.4

Darlaston Champion of Nut & Bolt Workers - R.D. Woodall

Park Lane Methodist Church, Tipton - A 'Singer'

Wolverhampton's other Filmaker - N. Williams

The Dudley Dispensary - C. Cooper

Palethorpe's Rail Traffic - K. Lloyd

Pennwood Forge Mill (Show Jumper) - B. Holden

Memories of The Black Country - C. Glazzard

The GWR at Willenhall - M. Hale

The Cry of the Children (III) - C.J.L. Elwell

Connops Corner, Blackheath - D.L. Connop

Walter Parsons (Black Country Giant) - B. Harris

The Bilston Town Halls - R. Davies

The Princes End area 1920's - H. Francis


VOL 15.1

An Accident at Ettingshall - N. Williams

Highfields Bridge, Coseley - R. Davies

The Bull Stake Plaque, Darlaston - J. Brimble

Wednesbury Cocking - C.J. Spittal

Stan Hill sets the scene for 'When I Was A Boy' - C. Willetts O.B.E.

Civic Banquets - J. Brimble

Haden Hall - H.J. Haden

The Cry of the Children (IV) Their Parents - C.J.L. Elwell

The Walsall Workhouse Enquiry 1867-8 - D.C. Woods

A Private Railway in Willenhall - R. Shill

The Library & Sergeants House, West Bromwich - B. Harris


VOL 15.2

Mining in Cotwallend Valley - A. Williams

Cradley at the Turn of the Century (II) - C. Willetts

Souvenirs - H.G. Hill

My City - Right or Wrong (Dudley) - E. Beaizley

The Cry of the Children (V) - C.J.L. Elwell

Black Country Freightliner Saved? - M. Hale

Cricket at Holly Hall - A.T.C. Lavender

Ladymore Missions and Chapels - R. Davies

The Wesleyan Reform Union, Ebeneezer Chapel, Oldbury - C. Cooper

VOL 15.3

The Cry of the Children (Finale) - C.J.L. Elwell

Old Street of the Black Country - A.E. Price

Black Country Men Afield - C.A.G. Thomas

Hop Picking as I saw it - H.G. Hill

Non Literary Memorial Busts,

              Central Library, West Bromwich - B. Harris

When I was a Boy (III) - C. Willetts

Nail Mistress - Eliza Tinsley - G. Webb

Black Country Pleasures (I) - H.J. Haden

St. Martin's Church, Bradley - R. Davies

St. Hilda's Parish Church, Warley Woods - H.L. Kershaw

The Sunday School Trip - H. Francis

VOL 15.4

Molineux Hotel, Wolverhampton - K. Hodgkins

Mining in the Clee Hill (II) - C.A.G. Thomas

The Priestfield to Capponfield Railway Line - R. Davis

Halesowen Street by Gas - K. Crew

Darlaston - History - J. H. Garrington

When I was a Boy - C. Willetts

Capponfield - 100 Years on - R. Davies

Black Country Pleasures 100yrs ago - H.J. Haden

Going to the Pictures at Tipton - D. Mole

Punch lines on the Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

Industrial Tea Party (Chance & Hunt) - J.E. Hornby

7 Year Old's on The Black Country Museum - Foley Infants School


VOL 16. 1

Teacher Ellen - B. Pardoe

A Black Country Childhood - M.F. May

St. John's Ambulance Brigade Dudley

The Telephone comes to The Black Country - C.J.L.Elwell

When I was a Boy (V) - C. Willetts

A Lady Motorist of Dudley - B. Willioams

Bull Bating - J.H. Garrington

Any Old Iron - J.E. Hornby

Dorothy Round - H. Parsons

West Brom's 'Willy Holt' - B. Harris

Black Country Pleasures 100yrs ago - H.J. Haden

Princes End Memories - H. Francis

The Priory Hotel, Walsall - R. Davies

Inn Signs of the Black Country (I) - K. & K. Lloyd

Letters: Brierley Hill Cricket Club - H.J. Haden


VOL 16. 2

Lora Roberts Day - J.E. Hornby

The Cochrane Family in the Black Country - A.T.C. & E.M. Lavender

When I was a Boy (VI) - C. Willetts

Gornal's Blind Coalman - Eb Turner BEM - A. Williams

Cdr. James Eaton, R.N. - B. Harris

Memories of High Street, Brierley Hill - B. Jay

Blue Ribbons & Brass Bands (I) - H.J. Haden

Inn Signs of the Black Country (II) - K. & K. Lloyd

Children at Play - H. Francis

L.N.W. Railway, Royal Train Arrangements 1873 - C. Taylor

The Golds Hill Chaplaincy - D.D.

St. Paul's Church, Wood Green - R. Davies

A Midland Tour 1872 - A. Reeves

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