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1983 continued

VOL 16.3

The Family of Henns - Jewellers - B.M. Henn

John Roper Memorial - J. Brimble

The Great Oak Farm Smash - R. Davies

Two Loco's with Black Country Links - R. Shill

An Unusual Memorial - H. Francis

Lost Films in The Black Country - N. Williams

The Fair Name of Oldbury (County High School) - O.L. Jones

Blue Ribbons & Brass Bands (II) - H.J. Haden

Inn Signs of The Black Country (II) - K. & K. Lloyd

Town Gaols of Walsall & Wolverhampton 1802 - B. Harris

The 19th Century West Bromwich Notebook - R.F. Homer

The Remains of Atlas Ironworks - B. Harris

VOL 14. 4

The Pitt Family of Dudley - S. Cooper & P. Pitt

Chance's Glass Works circa. 1857 (Engraving) - R. Moss

A Black Country School in Wales - R. Moss

Bilston's Warm Entry - J. Smith

In Signs of the Black Country (IV) - K. & K. Lloyd

A Wolverhampton Midget (The Atomette) - S.E. Baggott

The Gate into The Black Country (From Flower of Gloster)

Thomas Carlyle & The Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

Willingworth Hall - R. Davies

A Century Unattained (Halseowen Railway) - M. Hale

Darlaston Library (Early Years) - M. Timmins

Jemima Lamb - G. Elwell

Tommy Truck (Pt I) - H.J. Haden


VOL 17. 1

Wolverhampton Garden Suburb -  N. Williams

West Bromwich Houses of Victorian Gentlemen - B. Harris

Thomas Attwood - Life & Times - J. Taylor

Troubled Waters - A 19th Century Fued - C.J.L. Elwell

The History of the Button Trade in Halesowen - C.F. Grove

Cycle Manufacture in The Black Country - M. Knight

Inn Signs of the Black Country (V) - K. & K. Lloyd

Tommy Truck (II) - H.J. Haden

When Beans weren't Has-Beans - J. Brimble

The Oldest pidgeon Loft in Bilston - R. Davies

William Shenstone's Schoolmistress - F. Burns


VOL 17. 2

A History of the Button Trade in Halesowen (II) - G. F. Grove

Wordsley 'Olympia' (Lymp) & its Proprietor - H.J. Haden

Memories of Kates Hill in the 1920's - E. Rhodes

The Old Glasshouse Site, Dudley - R. Benbow

Loco's with Black Country Links - R.M. Shill

Netherton & Darby End - G. Baker

The 'Elisabeth' (Blast Furnace) - R. Davies

Wall Heath from the 1930's - D. Griffiths

A Great Engineer Visits the Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

The Woodside Ironworks - A.T.C & E.M. Lavender

Willenhall Box Company (50th Year) Review

         Town Records by John West - A.S. Hill

VOL 17. 3

Birchills & Leamore - R.M. Shill & P. Steele

Some Old Bilston Toll Houses - R. Davies

A History of the Button Trade in Halesowen (III) - E. Grove

Beating Boredom before Computers - E. Badger

Advent of the Safety Brigade - The Black Country

          Response - M. Knight

Death Cards - H. Parsons

J. F. Ede - J.M. Fletcher

Wordsley 'Olympia' (Lymp') - H.J. Haden

A Product of Bilston (The TB Three Wheeler) - S.E. Baggott

Wales & The Black Country - I.G.H. Wilks

VOL 17.4

The Laureate in the Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

The Dudley Hutments - R. Benbow

Wolverhampton Ordinaries (Bicycles) - M. Knight

A Mystery of the 1881 Census - B. Carter

Bilston's Ancient Pile - R. Davies

Juvenile Crime & Punishment in The Black Country -

           1850 - 1900 - D. Woods

An Incident in Stourbridge Road, Halesowen - S. Edge

The Empire Variety Theatre, Smethwick - B. Harris

A New Station for The Black Country - N. Williams

Private Cinemas in The Black Country - N. Williams

The Prophet of the Long Road (Francis Asbury) - A. Franklin

A Walsall Hero of 1927

              (Air Vice Marshall Webster) - J. Boulton


VOL 18. 1

Apprentices on the Run - A. Franklin

Clarke's of Wolverhampton (Cycles) - M. Knight

Wollaston Hall - H.J. Haden

William Paget of Wednesbury - B. Harris

Look Back to Coseley - H. Francis

Holly Hall Crossroads - A.T.C. & E.M. Lavender

Walsall Church Hill - M. Lewis

Starting Tipton's Road to Health - J. Brimble

Rolfe Street Baths, Smethwick - B. Harris

Two Notorious Public Houses at Bilston - R. Davies

A Black Country Vicarage Garden - D. Durstan

Tipton Link with Nova Scotia - K. Brown

Two Pumping Engines of the S.S. Mines

        Drainage Comm - D.J. Humphries

That Was The Market, That Was - R. Davies

A Coseley poet (Joseph Darby) - L. Taylor

What the Black Country means to Me - M. Bennett

Vacation at Dudley Castle 1909 - B. Williams


VOL 18. 2

The First General Strike in the

        Black Country (I)  - C.J.L. Elwell

The Watermen of Dudley - B.J. Williams & J.V. Leerzem
Workmen's Return - A. Truby

St. Leonards, A Black Country Church - R. Davies

Stourbridge Market Hall Facade - H.J. Haden

George Lovatt (Brierley Hill Heavyweight) - H.J. Haden

Black Country Snippers - R.M Shill & P. Steele

The Wednesbury Residences of Victorian Gentlemen - B. Harris

A Black Country Flora - R. Davies

Miss Joan Green M.B.E. - A. Franklin

Pity the Poor Prentice - H.J. Haden

Coseley Composer - L. taylor

The End of an Era (Oldbury Ironmongers) - J.E. Hornby

Modern Road Names - J. Brimble

Recalling the Last of the Charter Masters - A. Williams

VOL 18. 3

G.W.R. 150 and its Relevance to the Black Country - M. Hale

Humphrey Gainsborough & His Steam Engine - M. W. Caesar

Reminiscences of a Black Country Pub - M. Murphy

Picturesque Bilston - R. davies

Building the Bean - D. Humphries

Where Two Ways Meet (Wellesley House) - J. Winkworth

Black Country Machines at the National

             Motorcycle Museum - J. Boulton

Darlaston Street Names - M. Timmins

Oldbury in the 1840's - H.L. Kershaw

The Swan, Swan Villiage - B. Harris

Ma Pardoe (The Old Swan, Netherton) - W. Steventon

Stourbridge Skin Works - H.J. Haden

The First General Strike in the Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

The Dark Ages Revisited - K. Prosser

Retired Lye Cobbler - J. Cooksey

Major Lock Museum for Willenhall - H. Parsons

VOL 18.4

The First General Strike in the Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

The Wolverhampton artists Group - C. Burns

West Bromwich Institute Centenary - J. Maddison

Oldbury Glassworks - D. Humphries

Walsall to Walsall (South Staffs Water Works) - B.J Williams &

           J. Van Leerzem

Protestant Refugees in the Midlands - A.T.C. & E.M. Lavender

Living with Dialect - K. Fletcher

The Lords of Dudley (I) - H.J. Haden

Tipton Musical Society Finale - G. Gill

Schooldays - The Happiest - E. Badger

Entertainment Early This Century - H. Francis

On Sedgley Beacon - J.W. Jones

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