Eminent Black Country Folk - Sue Lawley - S. Hill

Recollections of Black Country Natural History - F.M. Slater

Remembering Badley Hall & Kingswinford - P. Taylor

Housing & The Black Country Dev. Corporation - S. Hill

Come Again! - J. Sparry

What's Flat, Square & Black all over? - C. Dunne

Crystal 90 - A Festival 350yrs in the making - M. Carpenter

Over the Top - J.W. Jones

Princes End Baptist Church - H. Francis

A First Day at the Foundry - N. Sale

What the Postman Saw - D. Piggott

The Queen's Dance Hall 1959-69 - G. Sharp

International. interest in the Steamy Story of

                           Prehistoric Sandwell - M. Hodder

More Trouble at the Frontier - N. Williams

'A Capful O' Nails' A critical analysis - P.J. McDonald


Eminent Black Country Folk -

                      Rachael Heyhoe Flint M.B.E. - S. Hill

A Great Black Country School - C.J.L. Elwell

The Early Days of Tipton Firebrigade - J. Brimble

Sam Cotton, Councillor & Entertainer 1872-1965 - S.R. Wallin

The Black Country Re-visited - N.H. Brettell

Gothersley Mill - R. Davies

More on Tommy Handley of 'itma' Radio Fame

At Much Bashing in the Bashas - J. Sparry

A Baker's Century - H.J. Haden

Netherton Cricket Club - R.R. Dews

The Rise, Fall & Rise Again of

St. James's School, Dudley - A. Lineen

Life & Death in Sandwell, Report

The Black Country Development Corporation Education

and Training Initiatives - S. Hill


Eminent Black Country Folk - Sir Jack. Hayward M.B.E. - S. Hill

Copper Kettles & Brass Plates - J. Sparry

Passenger Boats between Wolverhampton & Birmingham

             1843 - 1852 - P. Thorn

Harrisons Cycle Shop, West Bromwich - D. Palmer & J. Davis

From Willenhall - Whitehall, The PM Local Ancestory - R. Bond

The Infuence of Somers - R. Bayliss

Taken to the Bnaks - H. Parsons

Cor! Strike a Light - P.D. Bloore

Brunel & the Low Level Station - M. Hale

The Tangled Tale of 2 Kingswinford Houses - H.J. Haden

Mary Stevens Hospice, Stourbridge - Y. Bourne

The Black Country Development Corporation

Working with the Environment - J. Smith

Stour - J. Crompton


Eminent Black Country Folk - Noel Harry Brettell - S. Hill

Memories of a Black Country Lad - W.L. Pace

Old Swinford Hospital - J. Smith

Tales from Tipton - Long Jimmy, Ponky & Polly - T. Jukes

How Long Have We Been in the Black? - K. Hodgkins

The Influence of Somers (II) - R. Bayliss

Amateur Theatricals in the Dudley Area

                              1856 -1939 - S.R. Wallin

Come on the Baggies - J.W. Proctor

Black Country Water Supplies - Sedgley -

                                             B.J. Williams & J. Van Leerzem

Saline Speculations - J. Sparry

Sir Gilbert Claughton - Man, Machine, Model - M. Hale



Eminent Black Country Folk - Anthony Whittaker - S. Hill

Tales from Tipton - Before Coral's - T. Jukes

Galvanised & Corrugated Iron Trade in

                      Wolverhampton - E.P. Hickman

The Story of a Bloxwich Empire Builder - J. Hunt

Memories of a Black Country Lad - Locksmiths - W.L. Pace

Reminiscences of School Days - L.V. Walker

I Don't Know Much About Art -

                      But I Know a Bit About Hats - J. Sparry

James Matthews & His Marvellous Flute - M. Lowe

Crystal 91 - and thereafter - M. Carpenter

Amateur Theatricals in the Dudley Area

                              1856 -1939 (II) - S.R. Wallin

My Holidays in the 1920's - H. Francis

Anthony Booth V.C. - S. Hill

Three Clues to the Past - N.H. Brettell

Black Country, Bright Future - J. Smith

Dudley Poor Law Union New Workhouse - S. Ward

Black Country Surnames - An Update - P. Chandler


Eminent Black Country Folk- Sister Winifred Jarvis - S. Hill

The Industrial Scene 30yrs ago - M. Hale

The Mountbatten Family Home - T. Jukes

Bill Homer - A Black Country Man - M. Homer

The Birmingham New Road, 65yrs old - E.P. Hickman

Black Country Aftermath (Poem) - R.R. Dews

Five Historical Landscapes in Halesowen - M. Carpenter

In Search of Noel Brettell - A. Harvey

Churchill Forge - J.C. Pople

Sydney Ryder & Stourbridge Playreaders - S. R. Wallin

Walsall's Parson, Printer, Poet & Palmist - C.J.L. Elwell

'I Dreamt I Dwelled in Marble Halls' - S. Hill

Sandwell Priory - M. Hodder

Smethwick's 19th Century Bell Casters - H. Parsons

'Cum Sing Wi' We' - R. Weston

Goodbye Cannon: Hullo Lighthouse - N. Williams

The Water Supplies of the Black Country -

                                  B.J. Williams & L. Van Leezerm

A Nuremburg Moon - J. Sparry


A Tribute to Harold Parsons (1919-1992) - H.J. Haden

Black Country Personalities - Don & Roy Richardson - S. Hill

Recollections of a Smethwick Florist - L.M. Jewkes

Bread from Heaven - The Story of Hickinbottom

            & Sons Ltd - S.Hill

Winter Coal - T. Jewkes

Crossroads Care - M. Carpenter

Brierley Hill & its People, Memories of a POW - M. Homer

In Famous Footsteps to the New World - J.K. Cheetham

The Last trains to Stourbridge - M. Hale

Bats in the Belfry - R. Weston

Around Stourbridge - R. Davies

A Black country Devine - C.J.L. Elwell

Old Schools and More Hats - J. Sparry

The Reverend Clement Pass - W.L. Pace

25th Anniversary Celebrations - S. Hill

Langley & Causeway Green - J.R. Rawlings

'Gorrenny Wizzuds' - A. Truby

Birmingham Canal Navigation, Bradley - R. Davies

Memories of Noel Brettell - J. Fenwick

Oldbury Shops & Shopkeepers Remembered - H.L. Kershaw

Old Ghosts (Poem) - J.W. Jones


Black Country Society History - H. Parsons

What's in a Name - H. Francis

The Theatrical Lives of Doctor's Wives - S.R. Wallin

Cockfights & Ancestors - J.A. Sheldon

Sunbeam Studios - J. Boulton

The Worcestershire Regiment at the Battle of Gheluvelt - B. Bruff

George Rose Park, Darlaston - M. Timmins

The Grange Theatre, Walsall - P.F. Viles

Wolverhampton Road Developments - D. Huffer

Black Country Personalities - Nigel Hallard FRSA - S. Hill

Seargent Major Purvis - One of the Few - D.F. Vodden

Living & Working in the Black Country - M.P. Smith

Oldbury, Langley & Halesowen Occupations 1841 - K. Crew

Princes End and its Railway (I) - M. Hale

Merry Hill to Mars - J. Sparry

Naming A Locomotive - N. Williams

Walsall's Self Taught Genius - C.J.L. Elwell

Up from Zummerset - H.L. Kershaw

The Black Country Museum - I. Walden

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