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Black Country Personalities - John Graham Price - S. Hill

Rally of BlackCountry Made Vehicles - J. Boulton

Sagging Seagars! It's Sang de Beout' (Ruskin Pottery - J. Sparry

A Day to Remember - R. Griffin

The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries - D. Mannering

New Stamps - Black Country Connections - J. Boulton

A Black Country Marconi Wireless Officer WW1 - J. Bradley

A Child's Christmas (c1917) Poem - J. Hunt

Rolfe Streets Theatre Royal - R. Griffin

The Family & Local History Fair - G. Beckley

Fox Henderson & Co. of Smethwick - P.J. English

William Cobett in the Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

R.A.F. Over the Black Country - J. Van Leerzem

Wittimer - R. Jones

Stourbridge Festival & Arts Forum - S. Wallin

The Black Country Viewed from Far Off Places - M. Homer

We Will Remember Them - P. Hickman

James Bates Brickworks 1840 - 1956 - T. Genge

No Nudes is Good Nudes - B. Broadbent

Rowley Regis Parish Church - G. Bubb



Black Country Personalities - George Thomas Philpott - S. Hill

Open-Air School Days - F. Wilmot

Netherton Post Office - R.F. Homer

Sir Harry Hinsley - Dr J. H. Martin

The Black Country - Mind Over Matter - P. Talbot

Noah Hingley 1890 - 1918 - Dr K. Mallin

Memories of a Black Country Lad -

    Hilton Main & Holly Bank Collieries - W.L. Pace

Around Sedgeley with Ron Baker & Trevor Genge

Ikra Glass - H. Hughes

Cum Sing Wi' We - A Million Smiles - R. Weston

Florence Wallin - A Woman Worth Remembering - S.R. Wallin

Fox, Henderson & Co., Smethwick - P.J. English

Grandads Grehound (Poem) - C. Cartwright

Accidents & Runaway Trains in Stourbridge - C. Butcher

Parkes's Hall Reservoir - B.J. Williams & J.Van Leerzem

William Shenstones Ruinated Priory Revisited -J. Hemmingway

We Talk of the Trees - J. Sparry

The End of Wittimer - R. Jones


Black Country Personalities - William Eley Homer MBE - S. Hill

Medieval Taxation - J. West

Memories of Domestic Service at Corngreaves Hall - E. Tranter

Black Country Water Supplies, Tipton Depot & Conygre                Reservoir - B.J. Williams & J. Van Leerzem

ReOpening Bantock House - P. Hickman

Folkes Group Hosts select UK Tercentenarian Firms

The Vanishing Lidos - B. Broadfield

Fox, Henderson & Co. of Smethwick Pt3 - P.J. English

Autumn Colour in your Garden - M. Warburton

James Whale-Dudley born Film Director - P. Barnsley

The Black Country & Postal Reform Pt1

      The Wolverhampton Originators - C.J.L. Elwell

History of Wollaston (Research Group) - P. Skidmore

Noah Hingley 1890 - 1918 Pt1 - K. Mallin

Xylophonically Speaking - J. Sparry

Tipton Lost Canals - J. Ricjmond

A Fatal Railway Accident at Cradley - C. Butcher

Visit to Churchill Forge - P. Dunn

Empire Theatre Smethwick - R. Griffin


Black Country Personalities - Geoff Hill - S. Hill

Sunbeam Rally - 4th July 1999 - J. Boulton

Scented Winter Plants - M. Warburton

The Black Country Development Corporation - P. Skidmore

Wednesbury Boys High School - C.P. Vale

Amblecote Hall - D. Cox

Disaster at Allports Pool, Dudley - B.J. Turner

Jersey's New Stamps - D.E.A. Evans

Oldbury Rep - R. Thompson

Deliver Us from Eve Hill - N. Williams

Around Old Haleowen - B. Hazelhurst

From Mrs Tomlinson to the Misses Hutchinson - J. Sparry

The Black Country & Postal Reform Pt2

    The Walsall Witness

History is Alive & Well in Quarry Bank - N. Williams

Recollections of a Grave Digger - A. Bradley

Medieval Taxation Pt2 - J. West

John Cochraines Woodside Works - P.J. English

The Brierley Hill Railway Disaster - Sequel - M. Hale



Black Country Personalities- David Piddock - S. Hill

Ruskin Pottery of West Smethwick - C.V. Smale

Born Under a Wandering Star - M. Homer

Sylvia M. Everitts, Staffs Millennium Embroiderers - D. Mannering

A Locomotive does not a Railway Make - R. Wilkes

Bow Street Runners in the Black Country - D. Cox

Duncan Edwards (Statue Unvieling) - G. Warburton

Confrontation on the Tramway - C. Butcher

Who was Zella Vondi - N. Williams

The Aphrodisiac on the Cradley Line - P. Barnsley

Spring Colour in the Garden - M. Warburton

Black Country Water Supplies -

       Warley Water Tower - B.J. Williams & J. Van Leerzem

Steve Bull - A Football Legend - J. Hendley

Black Country Public Art Sculptures 'The Legger' - R. Moss

John Cochraines Woodside Works, Dudley - P.J. English

At the Sign of 'The Finger' - J. Sparry

Black Country Public Art Sculptures 'John Northwood and the     Portland Vase' - S. Hill

1930's Parkes Hall - E.A. Austin

A Cottage Craft - B. Pace

The History & Archaeology of a Glass House Site - J. Hemmingway


VOL 34.2

Black Country Personalities - Margaret Walden - S. Hill

Never Buy A Dog from a Gypsy - D. Barlow

Noah Hingley Pt1 1919 - 1938 - K. Mallin

Sappho Plaque - C.W. Perry

Who Was Zella Vondi? (Conclusion) - N. Williams

The Garden in Summer - M. Warburton

Art of History - D.E.A. Evans

Excerpts from the Diary of a Black Country Vicar 1815 onwards ...

    Foreword to 'A Century of the Black Country' - T. Copson

Walter Iliff (1901 - 1999) RIP - J. Boulton

Christopher Brooks Round - Dudley Zoo Curator - J.A. Bradley

Ellen and her Forgotten Mershire - T & J Perry

Farewell to the Bishop of Dudley

A Cottage Craft (Conclusion) - B. Pace

Black Country Water Supplies-Hinksford Pumping Station - B.J. Williams & J. Van Leerzem

Wednesbury Remembered - D. Lester

By Dolly Tub to Shut End - J. Sparry

John Cochraines Woodside Works, Dudley - P.J. English

Sylvia M. Everitts, Staffs Millennium Embroiderers - D. Mannering

Royal Brierley Crystal Plans

VOL 34.3

Black Country Personalities - Johann Van Leerzem -  S. Hill

The Dome of Discovery for the 1951 Festival of Britain - J.S. Allen

A Black Country Childhood - R.E. Cook

The New Art Gallery for Walsall

Dudley Grammar School in the 1950's - G. Gill

A Brother's Grave - G. Woodall

Remembrance - R. Griffin

From Victorias Yacht to Bilston Theatre Royal - J. Beck

Four Churches _ G. Warburton

From West Midlands to West Tamar - J. Ryan (Nee Ellis)

Lost in the Black Country - B. Jarrett

Noah Hingley Pt2 1939 - 1945 - K. Mallin

Wednesbury Remembered - J. Lester

Do You Remember the Fire? - M.K. Wheway

Summer Planting - M. Warburton

Model Vehicle Collecting - J. Boulton

John Cochraines Woodside Works, Dudley - P.J. English

Bill Wheale & Frederick Price - J. Sparry

An 1887 Photograph of Brook St, Board School, Wordsley


Black Country Personalities - John Sparry - S. Hill

Belbroughton's Scythe Industry - A. Pilkington

Rowley Roadmen (Poem)- G. Bubb

History & Archaeology of Wren's Nest East Basin J. Hemingway

Pilgrim's Rest - S. Africa's Living Industrial Museum - M. Hall

More Thoughts on Dudley Grammar School - K. Bakewell

Wilf Kelsey: Bilstons Carnival Knight - N. Williams

Back to School - D. Barlow

Theatre Fire Victims Stone Restored - R. Griffin

Chirches around Pensnett & Bromley - B. Stokes

Noah Hingley Pt3 - K. Mallin

Saving The Carder Tomb Plaques - S.V. Sanders

Jersey Stamps - Black Country Interest - J. Boulton

It Pays to Advertise - J. Sparry

Multiple Frustration - A. Truby

The Rolfe St. Museum Project Completed - R. Julian

The Wandering Vicar of Cradley - P. Barnsley

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