The Smestow, Seisdon & Trysull - A. Dunphy OBE

Dudley Grammar School 1562 - 1975 Pt3 - Dr. T. Raybould

'Wish You Were Here' Great Flood Stourbridge 2008 - G. Fisher

Accles & Pollock Pt2 - T. Henwood

Blacvk Country Vicar - C. Hathorne

Gooin' 'Oppin - P. Dunn

Storytelling - R. Jones

Lisa Potts GM - S. Hill

Tipton Canal & Community Festival 2008 - M. Jones

The Unveiling of a Plaque to Major K. Hutchinson Smith - R. Davies

Black Country Writing in the 21st Century - Dr P. McDonald

The Black Hole of Dudley - A. Truby

Q for Queenies Final Flight - K. Russell

Adventures on the Wrenna - D. Lister

Alternative Viewpoint on Black Country Heraldry - J. Biddulph

Oldbury 1891 - G. Thornton

Moving On - B. Wills

The Black Country a Hotbed of Football Pt1 - K. Smallbone

Holiday in the Country - Black Country Woman

Planet Ice - J. Blundell


Journey - J. R.Flavell

Dudley Grammar School Pt4 - Dr T. Raybould

The Black Country a Hotbed of Football Pt2 - K. Smallbone

Accles & Pollocks Pt3 - T. Henwood

Would You Like To See Annie Moan - A. Truby

Fairwell Ollie - G. Fisher MBE

Archie Hill - R. Steel

The Kendall Family - Stourbridge Ironmasters Pt1 - J. Byard-Jones

Stourbridge Caverns - J. Morgan

A Simple Black Country Man - R. Jones

A Clash of Cultures: Meera  Syal's 'Anita and Me - Dr P. McDonald

A Black Country Vicar, Abide with Me - Revd C. Hathorne

A Loss of Identity, the Towns & Districts

    Taken Over by Wolverhampton - M. Mills

Lest We Forget - S.L. Guest

The Bilston Road Lido - Prof. Y. Langford

Stan Hill: 80th Birthday - Short Biography - M. Pearson

1911 Census Goes Online - M. Pearson

A Walk amoung the Wilkinsons - Dr N. Allen

The Alphabet Song - J. Watkin

Chuckery in Walsall & its Two Factories - D.F. Vodden


Dudley Grammar School Pt5 - Dr T. Raybould

The Black Country A Hotbed of Football - K. Smallbone

Accles & Pollock Pt4 - T. Henwood

A Black Country Vicar, Born & Bred - Revd C. Hathorne

The Smestow, Trysull Mill to Smestow Bridge & Heathnmill - A. Dunphy

VJ Day 15 August 1945 -  T. Steventon

Spirited - J. Watkin

The Clock - A Black Country Woman

Paul Robeson in Wolverhampton - N. Williams

Black Country Tartan - P. Tibbetts

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Heritage Centre - R. Evans

The Kendall Family, Stourbridge Ironmasters Pt 2 - J. Bayard-Jones

An Irish Girl Comes to the Black Country 1936 - M. Page

Black Country Miners Emigrate to Vancouver Island 1854 - M. Dallow

Gone But Not Forgotten - J. Morgan

What Was Lost in the Merry Hill Centre:  Catherine O'Flynns View

   of the Black Country Shopping Centre - Dr P. McDonald

War Hero Rests in St. John's Churchyard, Kates Hill - D. Hughes

Wollaston Schools in the 1930'2 - Dr N. Allen


Dudley Grammar School Pt6 - Dr T. Raybould

A Black Country Vicar: Fame at Last - Revd C. Hathorne

Royal Books of Cradley Heath - N. Williams

Idle Thoughts on the Jerome K Jerome Society - T. Gray

On Having a Heart Attack - R. Jones

Norman Morris, A Great Choral Conductor - J. Southall

A Close Run Thing - How Walsall FC Survived

    the Great War - T. Harrison

Arley Ferry - R. Moss

Welsh Wizardry - A. Truby

Mario Lanza: AJW Still at Large - M. Pearson

William Bourne (1811 - 1870) Dudley architect - J. Weston

Bradford Earls & Chuckery in Walsall - D.F. Vodden

A Musical Life in the Black Country - Frank Edwards - M. Jones

Battle Stations - J. Blundell

Moving to Moxley in 1946 - M. Page

Wife Selling in the Black Country - M. Dallow

Windmill End Railway Station ...

The Tests - N Allen

Memories of Kates Hill Primary School in the 1950's Pt1 - D. Hughes

Three Stories from the Haunted Black Country - C. Duckworth

Sandwell Valley (1975 - 2008) an Introduction - P. Shirley



Dudley Grammar School Pt7 - Dr T. Raybould

Along the Brook to Smestow Mill - A. Dunphy

Sandwell Valley Pt1 - P. Shirley

The Death of Charlie Radford - T. Harrison

Memories of Kates Hill Primary School Pt2 - D. Hughes

Forder & Traves Pt1 - R. Miller

Black Country Vicar: By Any Other Name - Revd C. Hathorne

Bill Hipkiss: Tha Langley Laureate - B. Dakin

I Want To Be An Engineer - M. Page

Roy Fisher's Black Country - Dr P. McDonald

Weather - Black Country Woman

The Rocks of the Imagination still Remain - J. Blundell

The Weldless Steel Tube Co. Ltd - G. Kernan

Wolverhampton Art Gallery - VictorianDisplay - Olga Baird

Tipton Grammar School (1957 - 1962) - T. Henwood

Mapping the Black Countries Historic Characters - P. Quigley

Who Were These Men? - R. Peacock


Dudley Grammar School Pt8 - Dr T. Raybould

Letter from John Cox, a Pupil at Dudley Grammar 1932-39

Along the Brook to Smestow Mill - A. Dunphy

Black Country Vicar: Hour of Fame - Revd C. Hathorne

Introduction to World War 2 - A. Smith

Jeeves and the Black Country - R. Jones

Strewth - It's About Time - Dr. U. Clark

He Serves God Best that Nobly Serves Humanity - O. Baird

Forder & Traves Pt2 - R. Miller

Sandwell Valley Pt2 - P. Shirtley

Further Memories of Norman Morris (9127 - 2009) - B. Starrs

Grave Matters in Wordsley - N. Baker

Everyone Has A Story to Tell - D. Matthews

Damned Yanks - A Black Country Woman

Dudley Sculpture Trail ...

An Odeon Experience - J.R. Flavell

Night Remembered at West Bromwich During WW2 - M. Dallow

In Walsall does Familiarity Breed ...? - D.F. Vodden

Black Country Ladies - J. Blundell

The Mystery of the Cow in the Window - I.R. Warren


Dudley Grammar School Pt 9 - Dr T. Raybould

Bedcote ... A Likely Tale - D. Simmonds

Hang onto Your Masterpieces - R Hazel

Sandwell Valley Pt3 - P. Shirley

Black Country Vicar: Aynuk & Ayli - Revd C. Hathorne

Along the Brook to Smestow Mill - The Himley

   Straits and Holbeche Brooks - A. Dunphy

Dialect and the Inhuman - B. Dakin

Prestwood - R. Jones

Joseph Woodcock & the Oak Farm Ironworks - A. Smart

From Stick Insects to Mr Meatyard: A Pillar

   of Society in Victorian Wordsley - S. Chandler

Sankey Apprentice at Bilston (1960-63) - M. Page

When Men were Men & Football for Gentlemen - L. Webster

Do You Remember the Future? - M. Vykoukal


Sandwell Valley Pt4 - P. Shirley

Black Country Vicar: Just Common Sense - Revd C. Hathorne

Gospel Union Tabernacle, Fenton St, Brierley Hill - S. Hill

Memories of the 'Darlaston Loop' Railway - M. Page

From Rednall Junior to Dudley Grammar Pt1 - A, Nicholls

The Rag an Boon Mon's 'Oss - D. Hughes

Well, As Margaret Thatcher once Remarked

    'It's a Funny Old World' - J. Morgan

The Older 'Shropshire Lad' and Other Musings -J. Biddulph

The Black Sheep, the Artist & the Goodie Two-Shoes -

   the Children of Oswald Meatyard of Wordsley - S. Chandler

Pig Scrapers ...   ...

The Black Country - What, Where, When - Dr T. Raybould

A Slendid Day Out in Salisbury 12 June 2010 - M. Round

When Men were Men & Football for Gentlemen Pt2 - L. Webster

The Brierley Hill Tremperance Hall - N. Williams

Giggerty, relaunch of 'Dusk to Dawn' on CD - B. Langtry

A Power Station Apprentice in the 1950's - M. Richards

A Recent Find in the Local Archives - M.R. Cooper

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