Dear Visitor, since the Society was established late in 1967 the First issue of the Blackcountryman magazine was published in 1967. This tradition has been continued and you will therefore find all Issues numbered 1 in the year before the following issues 2,3 and 4. If you have any queries please contact the society and we will be pleased to help with your enquiry.



The Smestow, Seisdon & Trysull - A. Dunphy OBE

Dudley Grammar School 1562 - 1975 Pt3 - Dr. T. Raybould

'Wish You Were Here' Great Flood Stourbridge 2008 - G. Fisher

Accles & Pollock Pt2 - T. Henwood

Blacvk Country Vicar - C. Hathorne

Gooin' 'Oppin - P. Dunn

Storytelling - R. Jones

Lisa Potts GM - S. Hill

Tipton Canal & Community Festival 2008 - M. Jones

The Unveiling of a Plaque to Major K. Hutchinson Smith - R. Davies

Black Country Writing in the 21st Century - Dr P. McDonald

The Black Hole of Dudley - A. Truby

Q for Queenies Final Flight - K. Russell

Adventures on the Wrenna - D. Lister

Alternative Viewpoint on Black Country Heraldry - J. Biddulph

Oldbury 1891 - G. Thornton

Moving On - B. Wills

The Black Country a Hotbed of Football Pt1 - K. Smallbone

Holiday in the Country - Black Country Woman

Planet Ice - J. Blundell



Journey - J. R.Flavell

Dudley Grammar School Pt4 - Dr T. Raybould

The Black Country a Hotbed of Football Pt2 - K. Smallbone

Accles & Pollocks Pt3 - T. Henwood

Would You Like To See Annie Moan - A. Truby

Fairwell Ollie - G. Fisher MBE

Archie Hill - R. Steel

The Kendall Family - Stourbridge Ironmasters Pt1 - J. Byard-Jones

Stourbridge Caverns - J. Morgan

A Simple Black Country Man - R. Jones

A Clash of Cultures: Meera  Syal's 'Anita and Me - Dr P. McDonald

A Black Country Vicar, Abide with Me - Revd C. Hathorne

A Loss of Identity, the Towns & Districts

    Taken Over by Wolverhampton - M. Mills

Lest We Forget - S.L. Guest

The Bilston Road Lido - Prof. Y. Langford

Stan Hill: 80th Birthday - Short Biography - M. Pearson

1911 Census Goes Online - M. Pearson

A Walk amoung the Wilkinsons - Dr N. Allen

The Alphabet Song - J. Watkin

Chuckery in Walsall & its Two Factories - D.F. Vodden


Dudley Grammar School Pt5 - Dr T. Raybould

The Black Country A Hotbed of Football - K. Smallbone

Accles & Pollock Pt4 - T. Henwood

A Black Country Vicar, Born & Bred - Revd C. Hathorne

The Smestow, Trysull Mill to Smestow Bridge & Heathnmill - A. Dunphy

VJ Day 15 August 1945 -  T. Steventon

Spirited - J. Watkin

The Clock - A Black Country Woman

Paul Robeson in Wolverhampton - N. Williams

Black Country Tartan - P. Tibbetts

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Heritage Centre - R. Evans

The Kendall Family, Stourbridge Ironmasters Pt 2 - J. Bayard-Jones

An Irish Girl Comes to the Black Country 1936 - M. Page

Black Country Miners Emigrate to Vancouver Island 1854 - M. Dallow

Gone But Not Forgotten - J. Morgan

What Was Lost in the Merry Hill Centre:  Catherine O'Flynns View

   of the Black Country Shopping Centre - Dr P. McDonald

War Hero Rests in St. John's Churchyard, Kates Hill - D. Hughes

Wollaston Schools in the 1930'2 - Dr N. Allen


Dudley Grammar School Pt6 - Dr T. Raybould

A Black Country Vicar: Fame at Last - Revd C. Hathorne

Royal Books of Cradley Heath - N. Williams

Idle Thoughts on the Jerome K Jerome Society - T. Gray

On Having a Heart Attack - R. Jones

Norman Morris, A Great Choral Conductor - J. Southall

A Close Run Thing - How Walsall FC Survived

    the Great War - T. Harrison

Arley Ferry - R. Moss

Welsh Wizardry - A. Truby

Mario Lanza: AJW Still at Large - M. Pearson

William Bourne (1811 - 1870) Dudley architect - J. Weston

Bradford Earls & Chuckery in Walsall - D.F. Vodden

A Musical Life in the Black Country - Frank Edwards - M. Jones

Battle Stations - J. Blundell

Moving to Moxley in 1946 - M. Page

Wife Selling in the Black Country - M. Dallow

Windmill End Railway Station ...

The Tests - N Allen

Memories of Kates Hill Primary School in the 1950's Pt1 - D. Hughes

Three Stories from the Haunted Black Country - C. Duckworth

Sandwell Valley (1975 - 2008) an Introduction - P. Shirley



Dudley Grammar School Pt7 - Dr T. Raybould

Along the Brook to Smestow Mill - A. Dunphy

Sandwell Valley Pt1 - P. Shirley

The Death of Charlie Radford - T. Harrison

Memories of Kates Hill Primary School Pt2 - D. Hughes

Forder & Traves Pt1 - R. Miller

Black Country Vicar: By Any Other Name - Revd C. Hathorne

Bill Hipkiss: Tha Langley Laureate - B. Dakin

I Want To Be An Engineer - M. Page

Roy Fisher's Black Country - Dr P. McDonald

Weather - Black Country Woman

The Rocks of the Imagination still Remain - J. Blundell

The Weldless Steel Tube Co. Ltd - G. Kernan

Wolverhampton Art Gallery - VictorianDisplay - Olga Baird

Tipton Grammar School (1957 - 1962) - T. Henwood

Mapping the Black Countries Historic Characters - P. Quigley

Who Were These Men? - R. Peacock



Dudley Grammar School Pt8 - Dr T. Raybould

Letter from John Cox, a Pupil at Dudley Grammar 1932-39

Along the Brook to Smestow Mill - A. Dunphy

Black Country Vicar: Hour of Fame - Revd C. Hathorne

Introduction to World War 2 - A. Smith

Jeeves and the Black Country - R. Jones

Strewth - It's About Time - Dr. U. Clark

He Serves God Best that Nobly Serves Humanity - O. Baird

Forder & Traves Pt2 - R. Miller

Sandwell Valley Pt2 - P. Shirtley

Further Memories of Norman Morris (9127 - 2009) - B. Starrs

Grave Matters in Wordsley - N. Baker

Everyone Has A Story to Tell - D. Matthews

Damned Yanks - A Black Country Woman

Dudley Sculpture Trail ...

An Odeon Experience - J.R. Flavell

Night Remembered at West Bromwich During WW2 - M. Dallow

In Walsall does Familiarity Breed ...? - D.F. Vodden

Black Country Ladies - J. Blundell

The Mystery of the Cow in the Window - I.R. Warren


Dudley Grammar School Pt 9 - Dr T. Raybould

Bedcote ... A Likely Tale - D. Simmonds

Hang onto Your Masterpieces - R Hazel

Sandwell Valley Pt3 - P. Shirley

Black Country Vicar: Aynuk & Ayli - Revd C. Hathorne

Along the Brook to Smestow Mill - The Himley

   Straits and Holbeche Brooks - A. Dunphy

Dialect and the Inhuman - B. Dakin

Prestwood - R. Jones

Joseph Woodcock & the Oak Farm Ironworks - A. Smart

From Stick Insects to Mr Meatyard: A Pillar

   of Society in Victorian Wordsley - S. Chandler

Sankey Apprentice at Bilston (1960-63) - M. Page

When Men were Men & Football for Gentlemen - L. Webster

Do You Remember the Future? - M. Vykoukal


Sandwell Valley Pt4 - P. Shirley

Black Country Vicar: Just Common Sense - Revd C. Hathorne

Gospel Union Tabernacle, Fenton St, Brierley Hill - S. Hill

Memories of the 'Darlaston Loop' Railway - M. Page

From Rednall Junior to Dudley Grammar Pt1 - A, Nicholls

The Rag an Boon Mon's 'Oss - D. Hughes

Well, As Margaret Thatcher once Remarked

    'It's a Funny Old World' - J. Morgan

The Older 'Shropshire Lad' and Other Musings -J. Biddulph

The Black Sheep, the Artist & the Goodie Two-Shoes -

   the Children of Oswald Meatyard of Wordsley - S. Chandler

Pig Scrapers ...   ...

The Black Country - What, Where, When - Dr T. Raybould

A Slendid Day Out in Salisbury 12 June 2010 - M. Round

When Men were Men & Football for Gentlemen Pt2 - L. Webster

The Brierley Hill Tremperance Hall - N. Williams

Giggerty, relaunch of 'Dusk to Dawn' on CD - B. Langtry

A Power Station Apprentice in the 1950's - M. Richards

A Recent Find in the Local Archives - M.R. Cooper

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