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George William Prescott - J. Morgan

Black Country Vicar - Revd C. Hathorne

John Shearan, A Journey from West Bromwich, Around the World

   and Back to West Bromwich - P.R. Shirley

From Redhall Junior to Dudley Grammar Pt2 - A. Nicholls

The Telly - A Black Country Woman

Archibald Stanton Whitfield (1899-1974) P.C. Ray

A Special Order at Round Oak Steelworks - C. Pardoe

Sunday Walks along the Cut - M. Page

Remembering Merry Hill (Comp Winner) - R. Jones

Did the Ghosts of Lapal Tunnel save Dudley Canal Tunnel? - R. Amon

The Carnival Orchestra - C. Woodward

The Statue of Apollo at the Priory - M.R. Cooper

Hagley in the 1920's - J.W. King

My Goronwy Williams - One Man's Railway - A. Dunphy

Flippin' Good - J. Blundell

The House Where I Was Born Pt1 - D. Hughes

Every Family Had One - M. Dallow

Thomas Dudley launch new Moulding Machine - M. Pearson

My First Car - M. Richards

Don't I Know Him - B. Dakin



Night School - R. Jones

2001 is a Census Year

British Glass Foundation Launch

The Treasure of the Bull & Bladder - N. Baker

Before Round Oak Timber - Dr T. Raybould

A Grammar School Place in 1946 - S. Davies (nee Winchurch)

Along the Smestow from Hinksford to Devil's Den

   its confluence with The Stour - A. Dunphy

Wheels within Wheels - G. Fisher

The House Where I Was Born Pt2 - D. Hughes

The Founding of the Stourbridge School of Art - J. Measell

Merry Hill Memories - B. Barr

My First & Last Motorbike - S. Bridgman

The First Black Country Night - S. Hill

The Art of Serendipity - J.R. Flavell

My Beloved Bus Stop - J. Blundell


The Black Country & the Black Shirt - C. Morgan

Simeon Carter (1818-1890) - P. Carter

Merry Hill Shopping Centre - P. Taylor

Education in Amblecote in 19th Century - J. Morgan

John Frederick Jewes (1818-1958) - S. Hill

Prof. Sir Maurice Wilkes (1930-2010) ...

A Tale of Two Castles - M. Richards

Black Country Vicar - Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be? -

   Revd C. Hathorne

A Black Country Train Spotter - M. Page

Starting Work - R. Jones

The Mystery of Mr Isles - C. Atton

Wunderbars in Pictures ...

Wickham King (1862-1959) A Memoir Pt1 - J.W. King

What A Coincidence - P. Dunn

Do You Have a Moreton? ...

How Long is a Piece of String - B. Kirk


Wickham King - A Memoir Pt2 - P. King

Simeon Carter (1818-1890) Master Coach Smith & Iron Roof

    and ~Bridge Builder - P. Carter

Nocker's 'Oss - Ray Jones

Dr Henry John Perry (1804-1864) - Dr D.J. Cox

B'ham Jazz Festival at the Black Country Museum ,,,

Black Country Vicar: It's the Way I Tell Them - Revd C. Hathorne

Starnge to Tell - D. Simmonds

The Battle of St. James's School - Fascists and

   Communists Clash on the streets of Wolverhampton - C. Morgan

Before the Precinct Wsa Built - D. Hughes

Parson Moreton - J.D. Harper

Mario Lanza & Serendipity = M. Pearson

Cricket Lyrics by Thomas Disney - S. Hill

Nine Locks Ordeal 1869

When Dudley Tunnel met Castle Hill - Dr T. Raybould

A Tribute to Vi Whetton - R. Moss



Simon Carter 1818-1890 Master Coach, Smith and Iron

    Bridge Builder - P. Carter

Making a New Portland Vase Replica

Sydney John Sankey: A Wulfrunian in Flanders Field - C.Twiggs

Advertures Up 'The Blood Tub' - D. Lister

Attending Holy Trinity Infants School in the 1940's - M. Page

Do You Remember Dudley Zoo? ...

The Stringer Shop - J. Morgan

A Family and a Factory - J. Palfrey

A New Archive Centre for Dudley ...

Jack Daniel Powell - Railman - S. Hill

Van Gogh in Birmingham - R, Jones

The Notorious Rev. William Moreton - A. Franklin

Rosies Words - O. Rose

Skeletons in the Closet - I.R. Warren

John Corbett (1817-1901) Worcestershire Salt King - J. Hodges

Stage & Screen in S. Staffs & the Black Country ...

The Bespoke Black Country Mon - B. Dakin



Simeon Carter (1818-1890) Master Coach Smith & Iron Roof & Iron Bridge Builder (postscript) - P. Carter

The Y Station on Perton Ridge - A, Dunphy

Entering A Painted Horse in a Race - E. Jenkins

Memories of All Bright Girl's School 1955-58 - S. davies

John Thompsons's 1947-1970 Pt1 - L. Willis

Press Pack at Brierley Hill - K. Russell

Taking Account of our Past ...

New Local History Collection - Dr T. Raybould

A Chance Discovery - P. Dunn

Chamber Safeguards Historic Records

A Tipton Model Maker - M. Richards

Mystery: What was the Connection? - R. Marshall

Report of the Select Committee on the Oxford, Worcester and     Wolverhampton Railway 1844 - Dr T. Raybould

Dudley Zoo updates ...

Bernard Pumfrey - Wulfrunian to Stratfordian - D.G. Harris

Midlands Theatre Company - S. Hill

Bug A Warning - P. Franks

Earl of Dudley - Photographs from 1905

Schooldays The UnHappiest Days of my Life - S. Bridgman


John Thompson's 1947-1970 Pt2 - L. Wills

Bantock House - S. King

BCS at Who Do You Think You Are? - M.Pearson

Diamond Jubilee Year 2012 &

    (to York for the Royal Maundy ) - R. Peacock

POW Camps for German Prisoners in Brierley Hill - S. Hill

Going to Big School in 1950's - M. Page

Jim William Jones: An Appreciation - T. Brookes

Coal Mining Before the Industrial Revolution - Pt1 - P. King

Jesus and The Miner - M. Webster

Where is it Now? - A. Dunphy

Village Life (A Personal Memory) - J. Tromans

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Black Country Bridge in Australia - J. Meddowes

The Boy Paganini - J. Lester

Chris Kelly MP-What You Need to Know - M. Pearson

The Phantom Goon - P. Shirley

UK Industrial Heritage under Threat

Children's Games

John Northwood II and his Broken Masterpiece - D. Whitehouse

The Portland Vase Project 2012

Ibternational Festival of Glass

The Flora of Birmingham & the Black Country - Prof I Truman

Kinver Country Fair

Vol 46.4 Autumn

John Thompson's 1947-1970 -  Pt3 - L. Willis

William Morgan Longmore -Profile - S. Hill

50yrs of Painting the Black Country - B. Flynn

Flying the Flag for the Black Country - J. Morgan

Walsall Listed Building Tradegy - M. Peason

An Introduction to Walsall Writers Circle - A. Reed

The Invisible Nation - A.N. Britt

Black Country Mining before the Ind. Revolution Pt2 - P. King

Hospital Lane - A. Cadman

Nash & Carder: Stourbridge Glassmakers, USA - D. Whitehouse

Lord Peter Archer of Sandwell (RIP) - S. Hill

Olympic Torch in the Black Country - G. Beckley photos

Yarrington Navigation-The Stourbridge Connection - N. Baker

Pat McFadden MP: What You Need to Know - M. Pearson

Enemy Aliens & Suspect Persons - C. Morgan

The Haunting of Haden Hill - A.N. Britt

Life of Mario Lanza Ghostwriter - AJW

Mon 'o Many Parts (Jim William Jones) - J. Hunt

Geoff Stevens: A Man of the Black Country - N. Leadbetter

Coronation Day Reminiscences - P. Dunn

Black Country Bugle - J. Morgan

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