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1977 continued

VOL 10. 3

A Bilston Haulier - A.L. Hammonds

40yrs on Cronehills School, West Bromwich - A. Truby

Leisure & Recreation 100yrs ago (Pt 1) - H.J. Haden

Reynolds Hall, Walsall - H.E. Green

The New Era (Bean Commercial) - W.E. Evetts

Gornal V Brierley Hill (Charley Edge V John Bate) - T. Langley

From a Fortune to a Farthing -

       Prince of Wales, Spring Vale - G. Stevens

The Saga of Sedgeley Junction - M. Hale

Sister Dora, George Eliot & Walsall - C.J.L. Elwell

Black Country Toys - P. Rostron

Tipton Arms - C. Lloyd

Tipton Born A.J.S. - Test & Competition Rider - J. Boulton

Hales Lane, Smethwick - L.E. Webster


VOL 10. 4

Fires, Fireirons & Fireplaces - S.A. Williams

Leisure & Recreation 100yrs ago (Pt. II) - H.J. Haden

Goodyear (50yrs of progress)

The South Staffordshire Railway (Pt. 1) - C.J.L. Elwell

Alexandra High School Tipton - J. Brimble

Early 'open topped' Cylinder Newcomen Engines

The Saga of Sedgeley Junction - M. Hale

Oak House, West Bromwich - W. Richards

Himley Hall - J. Cartwright

The Black Country of David Christie Murray - L.E. Webster

The Dudley Loyal Association - J.R. Williams



Thomas Monk - Boat Builder & Canal Carrier - J.I. Langford

George Tonks & Sons (Darlaston) - M. Timmins

The South Staffordshire Railway - C.J.L. Elwell

The Black Country Museum £600,000 Funding

Walsall Pewterers (17th Century) - R.F. Homer

Profile of an Ironmaster (Francis Grazebrook) - P. Rostron

Wolverhampton Volunteer Rifle Corps - J.R. Williams

The Fight Game - L. Webster

The Long Knowle Story - R. Davies

Sedgeley Signal Box - J.H. Lloyd

Windmill End Pumping Station - G.C. Hartland

A Plethoa of Pits - D.H. Richards

An Inventory of Church Goods - H.E. Green


VOL 11. 2

Coal Mining in the Straits - A. Williams

Netherton Breeze Burners - T. Willetts

Langley Green Railway Station - M. Hale

The Brickmaker's Battle - H.J. Haden

Boyhood at Ettingshall - J. Gower

Mushroom Green - A Feminine Tribute K. Lloyd

Methodist Chapel, Coalpool - E. Badger

Wolverhampton Broad Street Bridge - R. Moss

The South Staffordshire Railway (Pt. III) - C.J.L. Elwell

Roots and How to Find Them - T. Willetts

Local Studies at Ellowes School - A.W. Dunphey

Any Old Bottles - P. Rostron

Wolverhampton's own Infantry Regiment - J.R. Williams

Black Country Museum - Transport Group - R. Clark

VOL 11. 3

The Titford Canal - K.J. Lloyd

Transportation for Life - J.R. Williams

A Little Known Sunbeam Product - J. Boulton

G.W.R. Priestfield Station - M. Hale

Effects of the 1926 General Strike (Midlands) - A. Box

Thomas Phillips R.A. 1770 - 1845 - A. Box

Halesowen's Champion Model Loco Builder - B. Holden

An Excursion through The Black Country - M. Knight

Election Recollections - T. Lamgley

The Famous Lady of Silverhampton - G. Stevens

Black Country Token Coins - H.J. Haden

Thomas Jackson of Walsall - C.J.L. Elwell

Walsall Locks - K. Lloyd

VOL 11. 4

The Stourbridge Lion - B. Pardoe

Lady Clerk (1918 - 1933) - E. Badger

C.S. Kipping (Wednesbury Headmaster) - C.P. Vale

The Boat Inn - K. Lloyd

100 Boats at Stourbridge - A.E. Roden & S.B. StJohn

Sir Charles Marston (Pt. 1) - M. Marston

The Largest Anchor in the World - M. Hale

Borrow and The Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

Railway Smiths & Bridge Builders - B. Carter

The Red Lion of Wednesbury - G. Stevens

Isabella (1859 - 1943) - P.R.R.


VOL 12.1

Sir Charles Marston (Pt. II) - M. Von Harten

Memories of Wordsley Hospital - J. Godfrey

Trials ensuing from the 1831 Black Country Riots - J.R. Williams

J. Brevitt Ltd - H.P.

Agenoria and Her Railway - M. Hale

James Woodhouse - H.R. Wilson

The Sunbeam - R. Champ

King Street, Darlaston - M. Timmins

The 1922 3.5hp Union Motorcycle - M. Knight

Sister Dora (Centenary of Death) - H. Parsons

Historic Mural - H.P.


VOL 12. 2

Heaving in the Black Country - D.C. Woods

Trials ensuing from the 1831 Black Country Riots - J.R. Williams

Black Country Nicknames - W.G. Till

Parish Happenings (West Bromwich 1766 - 1828) - G.W. Hannah

Holidays at Great Bridge early 1920's - C.J.B. Dodd

The Lion - K.J. Lloyd

Sir Charles Marston III - M. Von Harten

M 7 W Grazebrook's Netherton Ironworks - P. Rostron

Cardinal Newman & The Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

Memories of Wordsley Hospital II - J. Godfrey

The Pit Ponies - H.G. Hill

VOL 12. 3

Okell's Farm - E. Cotterill

Sir Charles Marston IV - M. Von Harten

When the Cinema came to Stourbridge - K. Crew

A Description of Dudley & area 1837 (I) - J.S. Allen

With Full Military Honours - J.R. Williams

A Half Century of Yale in Willenhall - H. Parsons

The Glazebrook Blowing Machine - D.J Humphries

Geo. Barnsby & The Social Political History

     of the Black Country -  R.H. Trainor

A Baths for Tipton - J. Brimble

A Horse Load of Salt - P. Rostron

VOL 12. 4

The Stourbridge Town Branch - M. Hale

The Ingenious Mr. Keir of West Bromwich - C.J.L. Elwell

Sir Charles Marston V - M. Von Harten

A Description of Dudley 1837 (II) - J.S. Allen

Quakers in Dudley - A. Truby

The Enville Hall Disaster of 1904 - R. Benbow

Hailstone Quarry - J.W. Jones

30 Years on - M. Hale


VOL 13.1

Pubs for Sale - H.J. Haden

Zeppelins Over The Black Country - T.Cope

Historic Steel Billet - Bilston NB - G. Medley

A Glimpse into Life at Dudley Castle - R. Benbow

St. James's Mission, Old Hill - H.R. Wilson

Reminiscenses of Tipton - E. Cotterill

Tipton Councillor Arthur Bannister - D. Humphries

Mumpers Dingle - A.M. Fraser

D.A.S.H. 2 (bicentenary of Dudley/Stour Canal) - M. Hale

1879 Despair and Depression in the Black Country - D.C. Woods

Yew Tree Inn, Blackheath - H.R. Wilson

Pits & Furnaces or Life in The Black Country - C.J.L. Elwell

The Gornal Basket Carriage - A. Williams

Census Returns aid Family History Research - B. Carter



VOL 13. 2

Francis Brett Young - Doctor-Medicine & Literature - H.J. Haden

Mesty Croft, Wednesbury - E. Badger

End or an Era for County's Oldest Newspaper - R. Langdon

A Child's View of Pre- 1939-Willenhall - M Wakelam

A Dudley Castle Tragedy - R. Benbow

Wolverhampton Street, Dudley -

Sir Charles Marston VI - M. Von Harten

Recruiting for the GWR in the late 40's - C. Burton

The Pits in the corner of the Coalfield - H.G. Hill

Old Time Black Country Colliers & Colleries - D.H. Richards

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