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Black Country Personalities - Len Pardoe - S. Hill

Electrifying the Black Country Pt1 - C.J.L. Elwell

Reviving Memories of a Black Country Childhood - P. Dunn

Eye Witness of a Kamikazi Raid - J.M. Fletcher

Baldwin, Ben, Cox & Co. - J. Sparry

Pen Friends (Poem) - D. Kelly

The Return of the Native after 44 years - M. Homer

A Survey of Smethwick in 1828 - M. Bodfish

A 19th Century Halesowen Headmaster's

    Lasting Impression - R. Bowling

Society Trip to the Black Country Museum with Photographs

The Gypsies of Brierley Hill - K. Knott

Edward Evans, Coach Builders for Bean Car Co. - D.E.A. Evans

Facts & Phantoms of Dudley Castle - C.B. Round

Postcard Publishers of the Black Country - E. Woolley

Mushroom Green - R. Moss

Women in Newspapers - L. Hawthorn

The Beacon Hotel - D. Hickman

'The Blackcountry Man' - B. Clarke


VOL 28.2

Black Country Personalities - Jim Boulton - S. Hill

The Golden Age of Cameo Glass - D. Whitehouse

Keeping Up Appearances - D. Evans

The Blue Bottle Cavern - J. Cutler

The Hon. Frederick William Johnson O.C., S.O.M., Q.C. - T. Genge

William Fowler's- Kingswinford Way - E. Richardson

Requiem for a Chapel - D. Brooks

Nanaimo's Princes Royal Day - S. Hill

With Ron Davies around Tettenhall - R. Davies

Home Brweing in the Black Country - C. Billingham

Pre-War Commercial Photography -Dudley & District - F. Power

A Black Country Scientist - J. Lester

Still Stepping Out - B. Broadfield

Travelling Light - J. Sparry

Electrigying the Black Country Pt2 - C.J.L. Elwell

Black Country Spitfires - C. Harper & J. Van Leerzem

The Industrial Archaeology Group - R. Moss

Down in Dudley - R.S. Arbib jnr.

VOL 28.3

Black Country Personalities - Rev. Carol Hathorne - S. Hill

The Wolverhampton Chamber of Commerce - C.J.L. Elwell

Walter Allen - J. Hunt

Fraser Wood Celebrate 150yrs - D.F. Vodden

Black Country Air Raid Alerts & Incidents

In Search of Lost Canals in the Black Country - E. Richardson

Songs from the Heart of England - P. McDonald

Cyril Manley - A Man with an Obsession - H.J. Haden

Limelight Cinema - N. Williams

Ivo Shaw - Artist & Craftsman - R. Shaw

Francis Asbury-American Methodist Apostle - Rev. M Hathorne

Button Gwinnett

Listening to the Lido - J. Sparry

A Wednesbury Childhood - M. Perry

A Black Country Scientist Pt2 - J. Lester

The Dudley Election of 1874 Pt1 - P. Skidmore

A Spark too Many - G. Marsh

VOL 28.4

Black Country Personalities -William Thomas Swaithes - S. Hill

Squabbling over the Castle - D. Mannering

In Search of the Lost Canals - E. Richardson

Stourbridge Students bring Art to community - J, Swift

A Wednesbury Childhood (Conclusion) - M. Perry

Dancing in the Dark - J. Sparry

Pensnett Day Nursery - P. Childs

With Ron Davies around Tipton - R. Davies

The Dudley Election of 1874 Pt2 - P. Skidmore

The Saxon Cross, St. Peter's Church, Wolv. - S. Whitehouse

C.H. White, Chemist - H.M. White

The Blackcountryman's Dog (60yrs of Staffies) - J. Wilkes

Memories of Woodside Band - M. Pearce

The Tramp - B. Harper

The Song of Dudley (Poem) - B. Swaithes



Black Country Personalities - Frank Power - S. Hill

Albert E. Momme - USA/Bilston connections - B. Jones

In Search of the Lost Canals (Final) - E. Richardson

Black Country Gas (Postscript) - C.J.L. Elwell

The Pantomime Cinderella (Wednesbury Schools 1938) - B. Richards

Squabbling Over the Castle (Conclusion) - D. Mannering

Pensnett Nursery School (Final) - P. Childs

Bishop Asbury Celebrations - Revd. M. Hathorne

With Ron Davies around Willenhall - R. Davies

A History of Banking in Stourbridge 9i0 - C. Fonteyn

A New Railway for the Black Country - N. Williams

Calling All Black Country Film Sleuths - P. Collins

Elergy for a Black Country Foundry (Poem) - B. Eccleston

Audree Henwood - Still Stepping Out - S.R. Wallin

Lye's Journalistic Minister - D. Brooks

Ray Westwood-Brierley Hill Football Star - S. Hill

The Road - J.D. Williams

Willpower & Witches Brew - J. Hunt

Focus on Brockmoor - J. Sparry



Black Country Personalities - David John Wright - S. Hill

A Promise Kept 26 July 1995 - V. Dando

The Himley Ghost - A.E. Price

People Moving- amoung other things - M. Carpenter

A History of Banking in Stourbridge Pt2 - C Fonteyn

Thomas Fenn - Black Country Mining Engineer - W.L. Pace

Dudley's Political Posters - P. Skidmore

Monday Was Tyring Day - D.E.A. Evans

The Best Laid Plans (Dudley No1 Canal) - G. Fisher

The Boulton Paul Association - A. Brew

Cum Sing Wi' We - R. Weston

Trading the Castle - D. Mannering

Seagers of Kingswinford Paddling in History - D. Brooks


Ralph Minty (1857 - 1948) - J. West

A G.I. in the Black Country - J. Pickering

Dud Dudley & the Pit Coal Iron - P.W. King

Stourbridge Town Hall in context (1) - P. Skidmore

The Worker's Institute Building, Cradley Heath - R. Moss

Stan Laurel, Chocs & The Inkspots - J. Sparry

Memories of Dudley Girls Highschool - M. Homer

Anthony and the Bishop

Black Country Personalities - Ron Baker - S. Hill

The Birmingham & Midlands Museum of Transport - A. Wakelin

Going Round in Circles - G. Fisher

Wigmore Schools, West Bromwich - E.J. Bloor

The Art Monitor - D. Barlow

Zeppelins over the Black Country M. Powis

The Centenary of Bilston Technical School - T. Genge

A History of Banking in Stourbridge - C. Fonteyn

VOL 29.4

Black Country Personalities - Stehan Asbury - S. Hill

Pushing the Boat Out - D. Balow

The Storm before the Calm - B. Barr

Products of the Black Country - Anchors - G. Warburton

Collecting the Rents & other Stories - D. Evans

Ocker Hill Power Station (Brief History) - M.J. Richards

The Nightwatchman - F. Willetts

Milko: One Man's Enterprise - H.J. Haden

Short Heath Methodist - Sundat School 1935-1944 - W.L. Pace

Cradley Castings Ltd - W.K.V. Gale

Stourbridge Town Hall in context II - P. Skidmore

A Walk Around the Green Piece - J. Sparry

Zeppelins over the Black Country II - M. Powis

Glamorous Night - D. Brooks

The Dudley Chamber of Commerce & Industry - C.J.L. Elwell

Graingers Lane Methodist Church - 90th Anniversary - L.K. Wellings

More Tales from a Roving Black Country Woman

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