The Grand Old Man of the Cinema

       (Geo. C. Smith 1880 - 1960) - N. Williams

Bilston in the 1930's - J. Cooper

The Willenhall Furnaces - R.M. Shill

A Monument to Stafford Road Works - N. Williams

'Diggum Uppers' - T. Langley

The Lords of Dudley (II) - H.J. Haden

Some Bygone Black Country Railway Goods Service -

                                  - C.J.L. Elwell

A Child of the Brook (1927-33) Pt I - J.M. Wood

The Crab Mill, Oldswinford - H.J. Haden

A West Bromwich poet (Fred W. Bayliss) - D. Jeffcott

James T. Chance Memorial, West Smethwick - B. Harris


Black Country Town Clocks - B. Harris

A Child of the Brook (1927-33) Pt. II - J.M. Wood

Bilston Public Houses - R. Davies

The paper Shop, Talbot St, Oldbury - H.L. Kershaw

A Move to The Black Country - M. C. Caesar

A Mystery Locomotive 'Britannia - R. Shill

'Never Could A Twicer' - T. Langley

The Lords of Dudley Pt III - H.J. Haden

Borough of Oldbury - Charter Souvenir 1933 - H.L. Kershaw

John Cornfield of Cann Lane, Sedgley - A. Chatwin

The Glow in the Sky (Round Oak Steelworks) - B. Parkes


The Autobiography of Thomas Newton - C.J.L. Elwell

The Druce Locksmith Family & 19th Century

           Wolverhampton (I) - J. Druce

Memories of the Great War - A. Haeusler

The Bratch Pumping Station, Wombourne - R. Moss

Pat Collins-The King of showmen - N. Williams

The Francis Brett Young Society - H.J. Haden

The First Hospital; Carnival at Lye - B. Pardoe

The Clewes Family Pt I - W. Richards

The Mysterious Round Oak No. D - M. Hale

The Mines and various Amusements - T. Langley

A Trifle from Bilston - R. Davies

Where is The Black Country (Views

            from the South) - P. Talbot

The Blackbrook Valley - A.T.C. & E.M. Lavender


The Druce Locksmith Family & 19th Century

           Wolverhampton (II) - J. Druce

Frank James, D.L., J.P. (1821-1924) - B.J. Williams &

            J. Van Leerzem

The Clewes Family - Final Part - W. Richards

Black Country Characters of 60yrs ago - H. Francis

Riots-Strikes and Other Matters - T. Langley

Annal of Walsall (from Newtons Works) - C.J.L. Elwell

Bumblehole and its Canal - R. Shill

Kingswinford Bus c. 1924 - H.J. Haden

Stourbridge's Latter Day Moses - E>B. Marten - H.J. Haden



Extracts from the Records of the

Stourbridge Canal Navigation - H.J. Haden

Rowley Churches -

The Druce Locksmith Family, Wolverhampton - J. Druce

A Yarn of Old cycling Days - W.J. Smith

St.Michael's Mission Church, Bilston - R. Davies

Somers at Halesowen - H.J. Haden

Annals of Walsall Pt II - C.J.L. Elwell

Mount Pleasant Primary School, Coseley - K. Melbourne

West Bromwich Town Hall - B. Harris

Life with Tipton Harriers (late 20's) - A. Belcher

Return to Silverhampton (Ellen Thorneycroft -

          Fowler's Wolverhampton - G. Stevens


Mond Gas - G.C. Hartland

West Bromwich (From Farm to Factory) J.C.M. Smith

Cartwrights Step Out of the Shoe Trade - J.M. Fletcher

The Battle of Tipton Green - B. Harris

Lye Forge - N. R. Perry

Oldbury in the 1800's - H.L. Kershaw

Oak Farm Ironworks - W.K.V. Gale

Annals of Walsall III - C.J.L. Elwell

Kingswinford Metamorphosed - H.J. Haden

The Chillington Iron Company Railways - R.M. Shill

Black Country George Medal Winners (World War 2) - B. Harris



King Edwards School, Stourbridge 1921-31 - M. V. Wilkes

Annals of Walsall concluded - C.J.L. Elwell

The Fortunes of a Bradley Plot of Land - R. Davies

Smethwick - A New Appraisal - M. Bodfish

Wartime Fire Service Duty at Coseley - H. Francis

Grand Junction 150 - M. Hale & N. Williams

Black Country Migration - A.T.C. Lavender

The Old Toll House, Smethwick - J.C.M. Smith

Black Country Co-operative Societies - N. Williams

Walsall Local History Centre

A West Bromwich Missionary - F.G Ault

West Bromwich Theatres (I)  - T. Kilburn


The Workers of Wednesbury Forge - C.J.L. Elwell

Bantock House Museum - R. Davies

Trolley Buses Return to the Black Country

An Unusual Case-Robbery on the Railway - R.M. Shill

This Forriner Served the Black Country (Marion Richardson) - H. Francis

16 Pages of Photographs & Illustrations from Volume 1 - 20

The Last Years of J.E. Boyt (Headmaster K.E.S.S.) - H.J. Haden

A Pub & 2 Engineering Works in 19 C. Pensnett - S.D. Parsons

West Bromwich Theatres (II) - T. Kilburn

Crystal Charms - P.R. Rostron

Moseley Hole-A Black Country Mining Village - R. Shill

Herbert Payton's Floral Welcome to Halesowen - H.J. Haden



Cornelius Whitehouse - C.J.L. Elwell

The Job Garrett Memorial, Woodside Park - B. Harris

Himley Reminiscences - P.R. Rostron

The Big Town (Poem) - J. Wm. Jones

How Stourbridge Celebrated the 1814 Peace - J.H. Haden

The Grazebrooks - A Brief History - R. Davies

The Diet (Dialect Poem) - N. Washbrook

The Old Police Station at Halesowen - J. Marsh

Shades of Midlands Language - A.J. Shaw

A Black Country Pioneer-Dudley Brewery - D.F. Radmore

High Buttoned Shoes - R.A. Pursehouse

Mundy Mornin Craad - J. Webb

More Childhood Memories - G. Edwards

Festive Dinners at the Workhouse - S. Ward

A Fatal Tramway Accident - Dr J.C. Cutler

The Nail Maker's Lamentation - J. Knowles (1862)

The Cromwell-A Football Memory - A. Truby


The Walsall & District Co-operative Society - N. Williams

Drinking & Gambling in West Bromwich - T. Kilburn

Top of the pops - G. Stevens

Saved - Shire Horse Harness Co.

Memories at 72yrs - T. Crump

Sam & Bill Visit an Exile - H.L. Kershaw

Black Country Alms Houses - B. Harris

Kingswinford 300yrs ago - Dr P. E. Chandler

A Muffled Fear (Poem) - J.W. Jones

A Wednesbury Outing Between the Wars - J.M. Fletcher

The History of Halesowen Grange - J. Hunt

Ananias Conkling - Glassmaker - A.T.C. & E.M. Lavender

Helping-Fetching-Carrying - G. Edwards

Actress Barmaid - T.R. Bennett

The Nailers Wail - H.J. Haden


Richard Foley & the Iron Slitting Mill - K. Gale

Kingswinford-Pensnett Chase Pt. II - Dr P.E. Chandler

William's Rowley Ales - A. Williams

The Rhinocerous Case - C.J.L. Elwell

The Halesowen & Hasbury Co-operative Society - N. Williams

All Acorns dow Grow on Trees - P.J. Horton

Military Heroes-True & False - H.J. Haden

Dayspring (Poem) - J.W. Jones

John Etheridge-A Black Country Worthy - J. Smith

Munitions Works in the Black Country - R.M. Shill

Hagley in the Horse Age - P.R. Rostron


Eminent Black Country Folk (I) - S. Hill

Wherry Clenches & Tenterhooks - J. Sparry

The Rhinocerous Case (pt II) - C.J.L. Elwell

Before the Railways Came - M. Hale

A West Bromwich librarian - G. Stevens

The Kingswinford Landscape Pt 3 - P. Chandler

Seventy Years On - R. Peacock

Mon O' Many Parts (Poem) - J. Hunt

Drink & Gambling in West Bromwich - T. Kilburn

Hatherton Furnace Boatmen - R.M. Shill

Mons Hill (poem) - J.W. Jones

Willenhalls New Museum - N. Williams

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