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Lucy Woodhall - P. Barnsley

Wednesbury Poor Law Rate Book - D.D.

A Famed Sunbeam Mechanic - H.P.

A Master Craftsman of Churchill, Worcs. - F.E. Campbell

Some Black Country Words - D. Foster

The 1921 Coal Strike - H.J. Haden

Jem Butler V Joe Burton - T. Langley

Subterranean Fires in the Black Country - J.M.F.

Pollution Survey, Walsall Canal

Prince End Railaway Station - M. Hall

The Guest Hospital Dudley

Stourton Castle - P. Rostron

Wolverhampton Low Level Railway Line -

                                                             Springfield CS School



The Story of Pargeter St, Walsall (Portland Vase) - H.E. Green

New Hawne Colliery - J. Thompson & R. Moss

Herbert's Park Tavern, Darlaston - J.M.F.

The Hill & Smith Story - H. Parsons

Wedgbury Market - Mrs M. Hutchinson

Breweries & Brewers - D. Preedy

Tramways of the Black Country

E. Wood & Sons of Lye (Anvil makers) - G.Stevens & K. Fellows

The Black Country Farmer (Joe Beasley of Lutley) - P. Barnsley

A Craftsman to Remember (Les Allen-Boat Builder) - P. Freakley

1921 Coal Strike - L. Rowbottom

Two Recent Canal Reports


Bradley & Foster - L. Holden

Emanuel Tinsley V Harry Catron - T. Langley

Disaster at Coombes Wood - P. Barnsley

Charles II at Bentley - D. Foster

Bradley & Moxley Railway Stations - M. Hall

Great Tinplate Workers Strike - W. Highfield

Book Review - Glass of Frederick Carder - H.J. Haden


The Aaron Man - J.S. Allen

Baker - A Lye Firm - G. Stevens

King of the Black Country - G. Stevens

Witley Colliery - P. Barnsley

Baggeridge Poker 19341-2 - S.A. Williams

The Christian Church & The Black Country - Rev. E.J. Alldrit

Fighting Holdens of Walsall - T. Langley

Women in the Nail - J.M.F

Name This Child - H.J.Haden

History under the Foundation Stone - J.B.


By Rail to Halesowen - M. Hale & N. Williams

Darby Hand Cricket Club - P. Barnsley

The Brewers Swan sung - G. Stevens

Church Hill, Wednesbury - R.Taylor

West Bromwich in the 30's - A.E. Truby

Toll End, Tipton - D.D.

Bird Watching - P.B.

Full Circle-Richard Smith - Rev E.T.B. Farncombe

The Black Country - Rev J.B. Owen M.A.

Tipton 1912-Health Hygiene & Sanitation - J. Brimble

Top Church, Dudley - Rev R. Efemey



The Mander Story - H. Parsons

A Black Country Childhood - S.H. Edge

Company Cameo: Samuel Lewis & Co.

The Black Country from an early Railway Guide - P. Bryars

G.P. Grazebrook by Rail to Halesowen (Pt.II) - M. Hale & N. Williams

50yrs of Wireless in Wolverhampton - H. Parsons

Josiah Parkes & Sons - H. Parsons

Public Houses in Wednesbury - G. Norton

Landscape with - Label - L. Jay

Staffordshire Blues, Quarries & Half Enders - G. Stevens


Thoughts on Trams - C. Spencer

A Darlaston Gun Catalogue

Historic Churches of The Black Country - J. Roper

The Stour Vale Lire & The Dudley Moon - A.E. Truby

All Saints Church, Darlaston - J.M.F.

An Old 'Old Hill' Smithy - R. Moss

Black Country Friendly Societies - H.J. Haden

The Black Country's earliest recorded Wireless Transmission -

                                                             W.C.L. Moorwood

Life in Halesowen & Old Hill - S.H. Edge

Railway Stations at Darlaston - M. Hale


An Airship over Amblecote - J.R. Williams

Cannon Industries - H. Parsons

The Birth of a Small Car - S.H. Edge

Thomas Pearce, Walsall - H.E. Green

Smethwick's early School Board Education - L.E. Webster

Early Days beneath Dudley - J.M.F.

Black Country Place Nmaes - L.O. Clarke

A Survey of the Stourbridge Canal - P. Purcell

Weldless Steel Tube Co. Ltd - H. Parsons

Book Review: William Caslon (johnson Ball) - H.J. Haden


The Halesowen Cavalry - J.R. Williams

She Lived in Six Reigns (Sedgley)

Drama at the Hawthorns - P. Barnsley

Sky High MP's in 19th Century Dudley - H.J. Haden

Umfshire (Willenhall) - Mrs H.M. Durman

Downings Hand Pumps - R. Moss

The Gas Industry, Tube Trade & The Fosters - D. Foster

Sandwell Park Colliery Co. - D. Dilworth

Black Country Structure Plans

J.P.S. means Beer - G. Stevens

Technical Education in Smethwick - L.E. Webster



The Beginnings of Methodism in Wednesbury - J.M.F.

A Large Tipton Family - J. Parsons


West Bromwich Volunteer Corps. - J.R. Williams

West Bromwich Gun Trade (19th cent) - G. Stevens

A Little Black Country Colliery - A.E. Price

Post Boxes Made in the Midlands - H. Parsons

Reminiscences - Walsall History - H.E. Green

Wolverhampton Trolley Bus - R. Clark

Tipton Free Library - J. Brimble

William Glazebrook (1791 - 1878) - P. Rostron

Dudley's Historic Buildings

They serve the Black Country Society - D. Simkins & A Moseley



Black Country Childhood - E. Rubery

Early School Days - E. Massey

Can we save Haden Hall - P. Barnsley

The Making of a Museum - J. Brimble

Square Dealing (Tokens) - P. Rostron

The Elwell's Wednesbury Church - J>M>F>

The Wesley Handstamp

Henry William Treece - G. Stevens

A Methodist Worthy

A Boozers Guide to the Font of Knowledge - H.J. Haden

Ciseley Railway Station - M. Hale

John Petty (Walsall Author) - A. Price

From Brierley Hill to British Columbia - S. Hill

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