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Johnny (Mogs) Morris - Black Country Poet



THE BLACK COUNTRY SOCIETY is very pleased to support Black Country Creatives and have permission from Johnny Morris to present some of his work on our website.

QUESTION: Who is Mogs?

Though my name is John Morris, most people call me Mogs. I was originally from Halesowen and now live in Wollaston.

I worked in IT at the MEB for 30 years before getting early retirement because of failing eyesight.

I am a member of two writing groups in Stourbridge, Coach House Writers and Robin Woods Writers and also the Worcester Writers Circle. I regularly perform at local spoken wordopen mic events, well at least until the Covid Lockdown

 I’ve had two books published by Black Pair Press - ‘Poems Your Parents Won’t Like’ which is suitable for ‘children’ up to the age of 100. Every poem has an illustration drawn by my 2 sons and half a dozen students from Stourbridge College of Art and Design.

Also a children’s novel called ‘Griff’.

For more info take a look at my website. I also have a few poems available to listen to on Soundcloud and a couple floating about on Youtube.

To find out more visit his website where you can also listen to Johnny reading his poetry.

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There is no doubt that wordsmiths like Johnny Mogs can give us much pleasure through their ability to interpret the moment.

Read the contrasting poems below and visit his website to find out more ...

Click on the pdf to open the poem

A Black Country Chap

A Black Country Chap.


I’m a Black Country chap,

So doe gimme no crap

‘Bout soundin’ like some kinda Brummy.

‘Cus them people from Brum,

They’m as common as they come,

And when they spake, they doe ‘arf spake funny.


If I come from Newcastle,

Yow’d not gimme no hassle,

About soundin’ like some kinda Jock.

If from Hereford I came,

I’m sure yow’d refrain,

From saying, warro Taff, where’s ya flock?”


And if by some chance

I come from French France,

‘Ud yow say, “Bonjour, est vous Belgique?”

And if I woz Dutch,

I‘d not thank yow too much,

If yow said I woz German, damned cheek!


Yow’d not get no thanks

Calling Canadians, Yanks,

It’s just someat’ of which they’m quite fussy.

And Portuguese in the main,

They doe come from Spain,

And a New Zealand bloke ay an Aussie.


Now doe get me wrong,

‘Cus when all’s said and done,

I’m sure Brummies am really nice folk,

But my identity,

Is precious to me,

And I just ay a Brummagem bloke.


Well I’m no racontu-er,

No delusions of grandu-er,

I ay posh, not me, no far from it.

I come from Halesowen,

And I’ve writ this ‘ere poem,

To say, I’m a Black Country chap, and proud onnit.

The Severn Stour

Do Wasps ever cry?


Why it's called the Black Country

The poem about the Severn Stour' links well with the society sponsored book called 'Our Stour' by Graham Beckley.

The book has over 200 full colour photographs following the course of the Stour from the Clent Hills to Stourport.

Visit the Book/Gift Shop Page to purchase it!


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