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The Black Country has given birth and a start to inventors, business leaders, scientists, artists, authors and exceptionally talented characters and some short biographies are given below

Potted Histories

James Watt
A Special Feature about the Bloomfield Engine
by Keith Hodgkins.

James Watt portrait.jpg

James Watt
200yrs Anniversary
(2019) and the first rotary engine

James Watt portrait.jpg

Bean Cars

Over 100yrs ago

a GB car was driven across Australia


Jack Judge

Songwriter &

Music hall



Joseph Darby
The Netherton Jumper and World Champion

Dorothy Round
The Dudley girl and
Champion Tennis player

Robert Plant
The West Bromwich lad
who was voted the
Greatest Rock Singer

John Corbett
Narrowboat owner to MP and the owner of
Chateau Impney

Joseph Darby with belt.jpg
D Round pose.jpg
Robert Plant image.jpg
Chaeau Impney front.jpg

Emma Sproson
Wolverhampton's first
women M.P. and former

Emma Lloyd Sproson.jpg
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