The answers are listed at the bottom of the page.

1. How did the Black Country get its name?

2. What Black Country football team had its own railway station?

3. Who was Abraham Darby?

4. In the Black Country what is a 'Sord'?

5. What is Cradley Heath famous for?

6. What is a 'tatter'?

7. In what town was the 'Titanic' anchor made?

8. What is 'barm'?

9. Why is Willenhall Famous?

10. Why was Wrens Nest, Dudley important?

11. What is a 'powke'?

12. What is an 'Oliver'?

13. How thick was the thickest seam of coal in the Black Country?


14. How did Dudley Port get its name?

15. Who was the famous lady, said to be the Florence Nightingale of Walsall?

16. Why was Walsall well known?

17. What well known early comedian came from Dudley?

18. Which radio actor in a 'farming related programme' was born in Stourbridge?

19. What was Stourbridge famous for?

20. Name a very well known motor car made in Tipton & Dudley?

21. What connection has Holbeach House with the Gunpowder Plot?

22. Where was the first canal opened in the Black Country?

23. What was a 'tiswas'?

24. Who or what was Agenoria in the Black Country?

25. Where is 'Humpshire'?

26. Why is 'Humpshire' so called?


1. The label is thought to come from the amount of smoke and dust created by the industry in the area. Everything was stained black.

2. West Bromwich Albion. The station is called The Hawthorns.

3. The first Dudley man to produce iron commercially using coke.

4. The rind or pork on bacon.

5. Hand Made wrought iron chain.

6. A 'rag and bone' man.

7. Netherton

8. Yeast for fermenting beer.

9. Locks & Keys.

10. Vast quantities of limestone were mined there for iron smelting.

11. A sty on the eyelid.

12. A semi-mechanical hammer operated by foot to leave the workers hands free.

13. 30 feet (10 yards).

14. It was the nearest place the canal could be brought to Dudley so became known as 'Dudley Port'.

15. Sister Dora

16. For leather goods, especially equestrian related.

17. Billy Dainty

18. Chris Gittins (Walter Gabriel of the Archers).

19. Cut Glass

20. The Bean

21. The remaining Gunpowder plotters were caught there.

22. From Wednesbury to Birmingham

23. A four pronged spike to stick in the feet of horses. Used by protesters against cavalry attacks in the 18th century.

24. A famous locomotive owned by the Earl of Dudley in the early part of the 19th century. Now preserved in York Railway Museum.

25. Willenhall


26. Lock makers worked very long hours and were said to develop humped backs.