Definition of the Black Country  - Dr J Fletcher

Baggeridge Colliery - R Newman

The Hurst Hill Gardener - L. Hickman

On Behalf of the Working Classes - H. Parsons

In Search of Aynuk & Ali

Walsall Coat of Arms

Withymore Penny Token 1814 - R Newman

Sandwell Priory - R.Boffey


Bilston Enamels - J. A. Wylde

Dorothy Round - H. Parsons

Walsall Coat of Arms

Warley Abbey - V.R. Lupton

Yells & Beyond - J.H. Rushton

Francis Brett Yoing - W.Homer

Venice of the Midlands - F. Pepworth

Tipton Wake - J.B.

The Black Country Ironworker 1866 - J. Jones & S. Timmins


The thick seams of Coal of S. Staffs - H.D. Poole

Jesse Pennington W.B.A. - H.P.

Life of a Sandrat - Chris Gittins

Early Days of Baggeridge Colliery - J.W. Stainton

Makers of the Black Country No. 1 - Tom Mondon

Weekend Retreats (Little Lake)

Craftsmen at Work - E.H. Bissell


Writing a Local History - J.F. Ede

Bustleholme Mill - A.H. Price

The Earlof Dudley's Saltwell Colliery - H.D. Poole

Dudley Priory - R.E. Boffey

C19 Curate - P. Barnsley

Stage Coaches - P. Barnsley

The Fire Fighting Gilberts of Darlaston - M.G. Williams

Bayliss, Jones & Bayliss (GKN) - C. Spencer



Malleable Iron & The Black Country - J.A. Wylde

Round the Region - Stourbridge Panto Society &

   Dudley Recorded Music Society.

Lutley Mill & Shilton Mill - P. Barnsley

The Netherton I Remember - Tom Mondon

Lamplighter - A.P. Richards

Stage Coaches - F. Pepworth

Cast Iron from W. Bromwich - J.M. Fletcher


The Journey - M. Wiggin

End of a Great Era - J.A. Wylde

Black Country Crime & Punishment 90yrs ago - H.J. Haden

Brierley Hill 1869 Miraculous Rescue - J.M. Fletcher

West Bromwich Inns - G. Stevens

Village Statesmen - P. Barnsley

Female Nailmakers - 1888 Board of Trade Report


My Visit to Staffs & Birmingham 1875 - T.P. Garlich

John Bradley of Stourbridge - N. Mullon

Patches, Patch Boxes & a Queen - E. Benton

Mines Drainage - B. Poole

James Whale - P. Barnsley

Aston Tech. College pre 1914 - J.M. Fletcher

LNWR in the Black Country - M. Hole

The Bayliss's of the Black Country - G.A. Moore

Castle Dudley - J.H. Rushton

First Mayor of Smethwick - H. P.


Accles & Pollocks - H. P.

Makers of the Black Country - T. Russell

Boatman - J. Fletcher

Bicentenary of B'ham Canal Navigation - R. Newnham

Funeral of Sgt. Tyler - P. Barnsley

Halesowen Abbey - R. Boffy

Hunting out Family Past - E. Chitham



Calling All Cars - Clyno Royal 1927 - D. Burgess Wise

Black Country Dialect - E.M. Starkey

Walsall Author Noreen Didlock

Only 6 Beds for the Poor - F. Squires

Birth of Ellowes Colliery 1926 - S.A. Williams

Characters & Street Cries of Old Cossley - J. Foster

Signs of Dudley Pubs - B.Kelly

Elergy for a Craftsman - P. Barnsley


The General Hospital Wolverhampton - F. Squires

The Lost Film - P. Barnsley

Welding Technology in the Black Country - C. Spencer

Car Ownership in the Black Country 1966

The Future of Black Country Canals - L. Braithwaite

Fiddlers Arms - S.A. Williams

Lord Dudley & the making of The Black Country - T.J. Raybould

The Seven Sisters - G. Bubb

Bilston Riots - J. Mellor


England in the 1930's - J.B. Priestley

Postscript to Bladys - H.J. Haden

The Brockhouse Story - H. Parsons

Natural Gas & Black Country Industry - H. Parsons

Childhood in Smethwick - A. Turner

Nurses were drunk on the Wards - F, Squires

Black Country Canal Survey - L. Braithwaite

Romsley History Society

Cholera 18949 - J. Howells

Wolverhampton Trolley Bus System - J. Hughes & R.C. Oliver

Francis Emily Campbell (Author)


Narrow Boat to Frieghtliner - A.F. Moseley

The Victoria Palace, Horsley Heath - G. Stevens

A Century of Fasteners - J.M.F.

Black Country Industrial Advertising - H.P.

Johnny Smith of Essington - G.T. Allman

Black Country Pleasures a Century ago - H.J. Haden

Memories of Old Walsall - A. Brockhurst

Quarry Bank Epidemic - J. Cartwright

A Cab-horse pulled the Ambulance - F. Squires

Navigation Inn, Willenhall - E. Giles

The Rockson Motorcycle - P. Barnsley



Recollections of the Black Country - J.G. Faulkner

Wolverhampton Exhibition 1902 - H. Boucher

Gornal-Some Impressions & Changes - H.A. Hickman

Paleanotology of the Wrens Nest - M. Knight

Canal Boats of Dudley Port - J.M.F.

Garden Archaeology J. Smith

The Crescent Lock Makers, Willenhall - G. Stevens

John Thompsons at War - H. Parsons

A Club is Born- Brierley Hill Labour Club - H.J. Haden

The Nailmakers - A. Moseley

Canal Pollution Survey - A.R. Tindall

Bygone Christmases - H.J. Haden



The Sunbeam Motor Company - H. Boucher

Thomas Holcroft & Sons (Bilston) - G. Stevens

Log Book - Darlaston Central School - J.M.F.

Stourbridge Historical & Archaeological Society - H>J> Haden

Sister Dora - J. William Jones

Castles & Roses - A.H. Price

Old Walsall Pubs - A. Brockhurst

Hugh Lewis- Pawnbroker & Philanthopist - J. Brimble

Brierley Hill Railway Station - M. Hale

Look Back in Languor (Wednesbury) - N.P. Lester

The Story of Pendeford (Wolverhampton Airport) -

                                    Boys of Springfield C.S. Boy's School


Webbs Seeds - H. Parsons

The Lock Industry - S. Mould

The Local History Library Wolverhampton - H. Boucher

Sheridan Debating Society - J.M.F.

Lineprops - J. Hunt

Victoria Park, Tipton - J. Brimble

Open Space Environment of Black Country

New Hawne Colliery - P. Barnsley

Engine Sheds at Wolverhampton -

Brierley Hill Railway Station - P. Yorke

Use of Urban Canals - L. Braithwaite

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