2020 NEWS: UNESCO has given The Black Country 'World Geopark'status - join us Today   

Blowers Green Pumphouse 6
Blowers Green Pumphouse 5
Blowers Green Pumphouse 1
Marlene & Catherine
West Bromwich Billiard Hall
Mist over Wednesbury
Bert Williams Leisure Centre Coseley
Coseley 2
Coseley 1
Walsall Arboretum
Wrens Nest Walk 2
Wrens Nest Walk 7 Group
Wrens Nest 1
BCS Members on Wrens Walk 8
Wrens Nest Walk 5
Wrens Nest Walk 4
Wrens Nest walk 6
Wrens Nest Walk view
St. James Priory ruins, Dudley
Pelsall Walk 1
Pelsall Walk 3
Pelsall Walk 2
Pelsall Walk 4
Pelsall Walk 6
Canal bridge Pelsall
Fountain Arcade, Dudley
Dudley No 1 canal 9 Locks
Dudley No 1 canal 9 Locks Delph Brierley
3 BCS Coseley Walk 2019
1 BCS Coseley Walk June 2019
Stourbridge High St 4 copy
Stourbridge High St 3 copy
Stourbridge High St 2 copy
Stourbridge High St 1 copy
Ian Bott leads Summer 2019 Walk
Ian Bott guided walk Summer 2019
BCS Members on Summer Walk 2019
BCS Walk on Turners Hill near Dudley
View taken from Turners Hill near Du
View from Turners Hill near Dudley G
View from Turners Hill near Dudley G
Gt West Archade
Canal scene
The Iron Age
Gertrude Millar
Wednesbury High St, looking towards Hill
Catholic Church Wednesbury
Wednesbury Town Centre
Roy Peacock
Doug Woodborn
Marlene Watson & Keith Hodgkins
The Wheatsheaf Public House, West Br
West Bromwich street scene
Old Hop Pole,West Bromwich
Tipton Canal near The Fountain
The Fountain Inn, High St, Tipton
Canal Boat bowl
Tipton Farrier casting
TIPTON CANAL with modern building
The Fountain Inn, Tipton
Darlaston War Memorial with plinth
Darlston tree art installation
Darlaston walkway
Darlaston Street scene
The Noahs Ark
Darlaston Police Station
Darlaston church
Stan Cullis statue at Molineux
Sentinel Locomotive at BCLM
Billy Wright statue at Molyneux Stadium.
Turls Hill, Sedgley
Turls Hill, Sedgley 2
Horses in Sedgley
Duncan Edwards statue
Dudley Town Centre
Sedgley's Special Celebrity Post Box
Sunrise over the Black Country
Stourbridge Canal
Blk Country History Day 2018
Stourbridge Canal basin
Dr Malcolm Dick OBE
Doreen Brimble & Pauline Fletcher
Upper Ettingshall Methodist Church
BCS Members celebrate 50th Anniversary
BCS Members at BC Museum
Sunset over Sedgley
BCS Members celebrate 50th Anniv
Stourbridge Canal
Dr Malcolm Dick OBE, BA, PGCE, PhD
BCS President Keith Hodgkins
BCS Members at Himley Hall 50th Annivers
100 Members + Guests at 50th Anniversay
Thomas Bryan Tribute commemoration_edite
BCS Walk & Talk
BCS Members inside the Noah's Ark, Tip
John Woodall & Keith Hodgkins
Roy Peacock
John Woodall BCS Chairman
G Worton with Giles Miller (Geological Curators' Group
1937 WB gas showroom [c Terry Price]
Black Country Living Museum
Black Country Brass
The Fizzogs
James Morgan
BCS Members at Himley Hall 50th Anniversary
Ned Williams
Dignitaries at BCS 50th Anniversary Celebration
Mary Stevens Hospice spokesperson_edited
Val Mundon with donation cheque for Mary Stevens Hospice
Cheque Presentation to Mary Stevens Hospice
100 Members + Guests at 50th Anniversay Celebration
Entertainment at BCS 50th Anniversay
Four Mayors attend 50th Anniversary celebration
Thomas Bryan Tribute commemoration_edited
BCS AGM 2018
BCS AGM 2018
Keith Hodgkins & James Morgan
Bridge over the Stour
Cookley, West Midlands
Wilden Viaduct
The Public, West Bromwich
BCS support Stourbridge Glassmaking Heritage
Tommy Mundon Book
Speeches on Blue Plaque Day
BCS Outing
Foley Park Viaduct
Blue Plaque Day
Unvielling Plaque
Blue Plaque on Noahs Ark pub, Tipton
James Morgan with Lord Mayor, Dudley
The river Stour passes through Kidde
St. Marys Church
BCS Members enjoy a tour

  2020 NEWS: UNESCO has given The Black Country 'World Geopark'status - join us Today   


Welcome to our unique website and the 'Home Page' which we hope will 'wet your appetite' to become a member. 

The Black Country Society provides you with a great opportunity to develop a real interest in the History, People, Places and Lifestyles of our ancestors and those currently making a difference in the area.

As you will find through this website the Society covers all these aspects plus a quarterly Magazine, Talks & Walks programme (when the pandemic eases).

If you are not a member yet, please consider joining today (£12.50). Join online in minutes or print and post the Membership Form. 

We keep the website up-to-date with topical items and news. There should be something for everyone and if you want to contribute - email us through the 'Contact' Page.


HOME PAGE - Society History / News / Magazine (digital copy) / Dialect A-Z.

MEMBERSHIP PAGE  - Join the Society online / Application Form to print & post.

MESSAGE BOARD PAGE - Members Messages / Other Societies / Quizzes.

MAGAZINE PAGE - All issues of the magazine are listed in a searchable index.

  MEMBERS ONLY PAGE - By Autumn 2021 all editions of the Blackcountryman will be available to view in          digital format on the website. The page is password protected and all members will receive the password.

    Visitors wishing to carry out research, can buy the password or join the Society to view all editions.

EVENTS PAGE - Talks programme / Walks programme / Images.

PUBLICATIONS PAGE - A listing of all Society sponsored books with descriptions.

BOOK/GIFT SHOP PAGE - Here you can buy books and gifts from the Society.

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The Society which was established in 1967 by Dr John Fletcher and Mr John Brimble at the Noahs Ark public house, Tipton. In 2017, the 50th Anniversary of the Society, a 'Blue Plaque' was unveiled above the front door of the public house. The Society and its members are extremely proud to have, for over 50 years, supported, recorded, preserved and celebrated the distinct character and nature of the West Midlands area known since 1846 as 'The Black Country'.

The Society publishes a select number of books each year. These books enable Stories, personalities, legends, historic and researched information to be shared with BCS members. The books are available for purchase through various Midlands outlets and in the Gift Shop/Library of this website.

The 'Blackcountryman' magazine is our flagship and if you prefer, you can sit in your most comfortable chair at home and be entertained and extend your knowledge by reading the published features and articles in the magazine. These features describe the extraordinary events, achievements, places and 'larger than life' characters of the Black Country. The magazine also contains the latest news about the society and its events, so you will always be up-to-date.

"We live in the presence of History" Winston Churchill

FOOTBALL NEWS: Black Country’s 53rd England Player


Congratulations to Jude Bellingham who has become the 53rd Black Countryman to be

selected to play for England. Jude, born in Stourbridge has become the third full England

international from Stourbridge, following Joe Bache and Pat Beasley.

He joins a talented line-up of England players from the Black Country.

Here’s the top 10 by number of caps awarded: 25 Jesse Pennington (Albion, 1907-20); 24 Bert Williams (Wolves, 1949-55); 23 Don Howe (Albion, 1957-59) and Steve Bloomer (Derby & Middlesbrough, 1895-1907); 19 Allan Clarke (Leeds United, 1970-75); 18 Duncan Edwards (Manchester United, 1955-57), Billy Walker (Villa, 1920-32) and Carlton Palmer (Sheffield Wednesday, 1992-93); 16 Billy Bassett (Albion, 1888-96); and 13 Steve Bull (Wolves, 1989-90).

The 52 Black Country footballers who represented England are included in White Shirt – Black Country by Pat Talbot.  Price: £12.00 incl. pp - Visit the Book/Gift Shop




Thank you Thank you!!

The Committee would like to thank all Members who have donated an additional amount to the Society with their membership renewal. It is very rewarding to know the aims of the Society are appreciated.

Thank You to all Autumn renewers!!!


Mr Brian Forsbrook 

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Kerrie Clarke (Ireland) 

Mr Haydon Munslow

Mr Ken Farrington

Mr Andrew Turner

Mrs J M Allen

Mr Barry Wyton

Mr W S C Richards, CBE.

NEW BOOK - Palethorpes (Master Sausage Makers for 115yrs)

Author John Dunn, worked for Palethorpe’s for over 30 years and through his connection to the Palethorpe’s family wanted to put on record how they created a World renown sausage and pie manufacturing facility in the Midlands. It also shows the family’s ethos in caring for the workforce on a daily basis and throughout two World Wars. A WONDERFUL RECORD OF THE TIME for just £14.00

The limited edition Book is sponsored by and only available from BCS. Visit the Book/Gift Shop page.


The website has a new page called 'Potted Histories' so why not take a look at some of the featured short biographies of Black Country personalities.

1. Have a go at our online Quiz

2. Refresh your memory with our Black Country dialect pages

3. See a sample of The Gospels Book in Black Country dialect .and try translating it back. Why not order a copy from the Book Shop pages.

4. Visit the Book/Gift Shop to view the Society's selection of books for sale.

At this time of restricted travel, please be patient with any books ordered from the Society. Delivery may take up to 7 days. Thank You.

5. Read a copy of the Blackcountryman online (see below)

6. Take a look at the 'Potted Histories' Page where you will find a number of short biographies of people who come from the Black Country and have made a difference in their own personal way.


Starting in December 2020 BCS Members will be able to access pages over the Christmas period with Quiz and Word Puzzles, Stories and BC Creative Links.


Read about a World Champion Jumper, 

World's Best Rock & Roll Voice, 1st Woman

M.P. & Suffragette plus more ...

NEW - Do you like poetry?

Click the button to read

Johnny (Mogs) Black Country Poet

Want to see a copy of the BCS magazine?   

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NEW Book Launch

The Black Country - A History in 100 Objects

read the review written by Dr Trevor Raybould

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This book is available

for purchase online.

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NEW - Memories of the Dudley

'Hip' Hippodrome


Who were the Jolly Boys in 1914?

Click the icon to see the photo!

Click the camera to see BCS

Events images by Graham Beckley


Do you know the date of the blessing

of the 1st motorised ambulance in

Brierley Hill?


DID YOU KNOW - The Black Country has produced more England International footballers than any other area of the West Midlands! Read this fascinating book by Pat Talbot which has over 50 biographies of some of the greatest players from the Black Country.



County FA

               As you can see from the information on the website, the Society                 has a lot to interest all kinds of people and there is no pressure to do anything other than relax, learn, study and be amused. As a Member we can help you with any queries and don't forget that you will be part of one of the most unique 'heritage' society's in the UK. We welcome your support for the continuation of the Society into the next 50 years.

Go to the Membership Page and join something special today!


Diary entries of Bombing Raids in the Midlands during WWII

A few years ago I was given a package of loose leaf pages which are hand written and log a short daily account of German bomber raids in the Midlands. I have now upload the script and you can find the information by clicking onto the button below ...

The Black Country Society has a team of volunteers to help you with your enquiries.

We are pleased to fulfil your purchases and also supply information, books and back issues to further your interests.

Some requests can take time to research and prepare, and many of contacts are pleased to make a donation to the Society. This action is very much appreciated, so if you would like to donate, please click the button.

Thank You for your valued contribution! 

Robert Perry RBSA is a local artist with a unique mobile studio.

He should have been exhibiting at Himley Hall this month.

Find out more by visiting his page on the website or contact him direct - www.robertperry-artist.co.uk




The Society has a new Secretary - Andrew Homer

A familiar face if you have visited the Black Country Living Museum. If you would like to know more click on the button.


The Express & Star has just launched a website of its photo archive containing historical pictures of the public, architecture and events in the Black Country.

Did You go to HIgh Harcourt School, Hayden Hill

Nikki Higgs would like to find former pupils for a friends group.

Contact: Nikki Higgs

Email:  nikki_higgs@hotmail.com

Telephone: 01970822180

Dimbleby Lectures

Did you watch Sir Tim Berners-Lee talking about the world wide web?

If you are a computer user and concerned about the future, he is launching www.contractfortheweb.org to show how the web can be used as intended to good effect and for democracy where everyone using it is accountable.

Take a look!


The Black Country Society are pleased to offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to advertise on the website.

Please call Brian Ridout on 0790 3023260 or email: admanbcs@gmail.com

The Black Country Society has over 1500 members and this website gets thousands of visitors a month. The Society is one of the largest and most unique 'Heritage' sites in the UK and is also International with members living in many countries around the World.

The 2020 UNESCO announcement that the Black Country has been identified as an International Heritage Site & World recognised GeoPark really does give the area a high profile.

Black Country Society

West Midlands, UK


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