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The Graham Beckley collection

Over the years long standing member of the society Graham Beckley
has used his skills and camera equipment to record many of the events. His family connection with the area goes back a long way in a number of industries.

The Beckley family garage at Brierley Hill housed the first ambulance to serve the area. It is shown amoung these Black & White images, not only in the back of the garage, from where it had to be reversed out, but also in a special parade to 'bless' it.

Graham is also the author of a book 'Our Stour' which traces the course of the river on its route from a source in the Clent Hills to meeting the Severn in Stourport. He took over 600 images along the course of the river. 240 were published in the book and here for the first time is a gallery of the others (the total upload may take a few weeks. . All images are copyright of Graham Beckley. 

Buy the Book to read about how the course of the Stour influenced the history and industry of the area. You will also find out about the real source of the Stour.

Scroll through the slide presentation below to view the locations Graham had to brave to get his superb images for the book.


Graham Beckley's book is available for sales in the Shop Page.

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