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Black Country Society books

A list of Black Country Society publications is given below. Their availability is indicated by the following abbreviations.

DA - one or more copies held in Dudley Archives - see link to catalogue below.

SA - copy held in Society Archive.

SS - copy can be purchased from Society Shop - see link below.

WS - copy available to members as PDFs on this web site  - see link below (from May 2024) 

1969, Freeman's Tales of the Black Country, Reprint of original by J Freeman

1969, Poster showing 'The Black Country and its Borderland' , T Bennet , DA/SA

1969, Black Country Stories, T H Gough, SS/DA/SA

1969, The future of local government in the Black Country, DA/WS/SA

1970, Freeman's Black Country Folk, Reprint of original by J Freeman, DA/SA

1971, The Stourbridge Glass Industry in the nineteenth century, H Jack Haden, DA/WS/SA

1971, Clebak in the Black Country, Clebak, DA/SA

1971, Two Stourbridge Locomotives, Bill Pardoe, Michael Hale, DA/WS/SA

1971, Old St Martin's Church (now St John's) Tipton: a short history, J S Allen, DA/WS/SA

1972, From under the smoke, Jim William Jones, DA/WS/SA

1973, West Bromwich before the industrial revolution, D Dilworth, DA/WS/SA

1973, A capful o' nails, David Christie Murray, DA/SA

1973, The coming of the kingdom: nine readings from the authorized version of The Bible in the dialect of the Black Country, DA/WS/SA

1973, The Nailmakers, J Raven, M Totten, DA/WS/SA

1974, Factory and Fireside, Jim William Jones, DA/WS/SA

1974, Sandwell Prory, D Dilworth, WS/SA

1975, The Old Testament in Black Country dialect Part 1, Kate Fletcher, SS/DA/SA

1975, All Saints church West Bromwich, G W Hannah

1976, A lady of Wednessbury Forge Diary of Georgina Elwell 1868-1869, Georgina Elwell, DA

1976, Powered vehicle made in the Black Country, Jim Boulton, DA/SA

1977, Mushroom Green Chainshop, Ron Moss, SS/DA/SA

1977, The limestone mines of Walsall, H E Green, DA/WS/SA

1977, The Black Country Society presents "The Blackcountryman" - the first 10 years (1968-1977), DA/SA

1977, From the Black Country: a collection from The Blackcountryman, DA/SA

1978, Bostin Fittle, Pat Purcell, SS/DA/SA

1978, Tales of Puddingbag, Tom Langley, SS/DA/SA

1978, Tales from Aynuk's Black Country, J Raven, DA/WS/SA

1978, Bilston Enamels of the 19th Century, Tom Cope, DA/WS/SA

1979, Historical documents relating to the Shut End Railway, L Hollis , DA

1979, Old Testament in the dialect of the Black Country - Part Two, Kate Fletcher, SS/DA/SA

1981, A Black Country Nurse at large, Edith Cotterill, DA/SA

1981, Smethwick Gas Works, D J Dimmock, WS/SA

1982, Saltwell Spa, DA/WS

1982, Highgate Brewery Walsall, K L Lloyd, WS/SA

1983, So you think you know the Black Country, W Homer, DA

1984, Boulton, Watt and the Soho Undertaking, W Gale, SS/DA/WS/SA

1985, Black Country Victoria Crosses. From the Crimea to World War 2, Barry Harris, DA

1985, No bed of roses, Audrey Franklin, DA/SA

1986, Jim and Kate, Kate Fletcher, J William Jones, DA/SA

1987, The Cannon Foundry, Coseley: The First 100 Years, 1826 - 1926, DA/WS/SA

1987, From Belbroughton to Botany Bay, Madge Vaughan and David J. Cox, SS/DA/SA

1988, Stourbridge Street Names CD, H Jack Haden, SS/DA/SA

1988, Pills and potions, John Brimble, DA/

1989, The Gospels in Black Country dialect, Kate Fletcher, SS/DA/SA

1991, Aspects of the Black Country. Social and economic history, Charles Elwell, DA/SA

1992, Index to volumes 1 to 25 of The Blackcountryman, M Hale, DA/SA

1993, Artists in cameo glass, H Jack Haden, DA/WS/SA

1994, More Black Country Humour in Tales & Verse, Stan Hill, SS/DA/SA

1994, Black Country Humour, W Homer, H Parsons, SS/DA/SA

1996, Lost Canals of the Black Country, Eric Richardson, SS/DA/SA

1996, A Black Country Photographer, Frank Powell, DA/SA

1998, The Black Country as seen through antique maps, Eric Richardson, DA/SA

1998, Essays and reviews by Charles J L Etwall 1, Charles Elwell, DA

1999, William Fowler's Kingswinford, Eric Richardson, SS/DA/SA

1999, Street names of Stourbridge & Its Vicinity Vol 2, Jack Haden, SS/DA/SA

1999, Stan Hill's Brierley Hill and life, Stan Hill, DA

1999, Toasted teacakes and baked potatoes, J Sparry, DA

1999, Towpath tale, The BCN remembered, A Truby, SS/DA/SA

2000, Blackberrying: and a gathering of another 53 poems by 16 Black Country Writers, SA

2000, Time passeth away - a brief history of the Glynne School, S Ball, K Workman, DA

2002, 57 Black Country People, Stan Hill, SS/DA/SA

2002, For a shilling a day; Black Country memories of warfare, P Rhodes , DA/SA

2002, Slurry and Strawberries, Carol Hathorne.  SA

2002, The Good Faggot Guide, Ghislaine Povey and Richard James, SA

2003, A sketchbook of the Black Country and its environs, E Richardson, DA

2003, The Civic Heraldry of the Black Country, Peter Skidmore, SS/DA/SA

2003, The Dunsley Murder, David Cox, SS/DA/SA

2004, A Black country Voyage, P Rhodes, 

2004, White Shirt-Black Country (1st edition), Pat Talbot, DA

2006, Aspects of the Black Country , Charles Elwell, DA

2006, James Foster of Stourbridge 1786-1853, Roy Peacock, SS/DA/SA

2006, Dudley War Memorials, Barry Ward, DA

2009, 57 more Black Country people, Stan Hill, DA

2009, A Black Country Mixture: A Selection of Stan Hill's Jokes & Writings from the Blackcountryman 1981-2009, Stan Hill, DA/SA

2010, Aspects of Life, May Cox, SS/DA/SA

2011, Cricket Lyrics, Thomas Disney, SS/DA/SA

2011, Black Country Vicar and Great Aunt Polly stories, Carol Hathorne, SS/DA/SA

2011, The Seventeenth Century Foleys: Iron, Wealth and Vision 1580 - 1716, Roy Peacock, SS/DA/SA

2013, Bilston, Bradley and Ladymoor, Ron Davies, SS/SA

2014, In Cramped & Sooty Caverns, Michael Hall, SS/DA/SA

2014, Confessions of a Newsagents Son, James Morgan, SS/DA/SA

2015, Memories of Private Ted Galley MM Worcestershire Regiment 1900-1919, Dave Galley, SS/DA/SA

2016, The Tipton Slasher, Tom Langley, SS/DA/SA

2016, Our Stour, Graham Beckley, DA

2016, The Tommy Mundon Story, Angela Daniels, SS/DA/SA

2016, Dudley's 1914-1918 war memorial and the 720 men commemorated, J Hale, SS/DA/SA

2016, Lt. E Felix Baxter VC, 1/8th Battalion: The King's (Liverpool) Regiment 18th April 1916, Roy Peacock , DA

2018, Remembrance 2018 'Never Good Bye', Roy Peacock, SS/DA/SA

2019, White Shirt-Black Country (2nd edition), Pat Talbot, SS/DA/SA

2019, Palethorpes - Master Sausage Makers for 115yrs, John Dunn, SS/DA/SA

2021, The Black Country - 500 years in 50 Voices, Brendan Clifford, SS/DA/SA

Undated, Reverend Stephen John Rabone, B Tonybee, DA

Undated, Significant buildings of the Black Country, K Hodgkins, DA

Undated, Sketches of Black Country Transport (19th to 20th Century), A Moseley , DA

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