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Black Country Society Christmas cards

The Society produced one or more Christmas cards annually from its inception through to the early 1990s. These were of two forms - standard cards with or without some reference to the nativity story, and cartoons drawn by C, L. Baker (CLEBAK). Copies of both are held in Dudley Archives. Images from the standard type are given on this page, with a separate page for the cartoon cards. Where possible a date and title is given, obtained from text descriptions in the Blackcountryman. This has not been possible in all cases.


1968 No room at the Inn by Graham Lockett

1969a and 1974 Narrow boat Christmas by

1969 Narrow Boat Christmas by Austen Moseley

Christmas Card 2 1970_edited.jpg

1970 Star over Black Country

1972a 1815 drawing of Top Church_edited.

1972 1815 Drawing of Top church

1968b There cum theee knowin chaps from

1968 There cum three knowin' chaps from a good way off by Patricia Constable


1969 The star over a Black Country yard by Austen Moseley

Christmas Card 1_edited.jpg

1970 Narrow Boat

1971 Canal Furnace Scene_edited.jpg

1971 Canal and Furnace, Bilston in 19th century

1972b Fishing Trip_edited.jpg

1972 Fishing Trip

1973b Wolverhampton Church_edited.jpg

1973 Wolverhampton church

1973a Wednesbury Church or 1974 Halesown

1974 Halesowen Church and Whiefriars by Austen Moseley

1976b Wilbert Clayfield_edited.jpg

1976 Wilbert Clayfield

1976d by Brain Langtree_edited.jpg

1975 No room at the Inn by John Redley

1976a by Graham Benton_edited.jpg

1976 Graham Benton

Scan_20240128 (2).png

1976 Brian Langtree with lyrics by Kate Fletcher

1976c by Marjorie J Sparks_edited.jpg

1978 Ruiton Mill by Ron Moss

1976 Marjorie Sparks

Scan_20240128 (4).png

1980 The Sportsman - from a painting by Ewart Chapman with poem by Jim W Jones


1981 Pub scene from a painting by Ewart Chapman

1981 An orange for Christmas by Austen Moseley


1982 A colliery in Bradley, Bilston, taken from Cyclopedia of Useful Arts and Manufacturers 1852

1983 Dudley Castle_edited.jpg

1983 Dudley Castle

1985 Bradley Iron Works 1836 Robert Noye

1986 Bradley Iron Works 1836 by Robert Noyes - taken from a photograph by Peter Glews

1987 Dudley SA band by Ron Smith_edited.

1987 Dudley Salvation Army Band by Ron Smith

1984 Icebreaker by Austen Moseley_edited

1984 Icebreaker by Austen Moseley

1986 Winter scene at BCM_edited.jpg

1986 Winter Scene at Black Country Museum - David Whyley

1988 Great Bridge by Ron

1988 Great Bridge by Ron Smith

It has not been possible to assign a date to the cards below - no suitable descriptions have been found in the Blackcountryman.  The colour cards are probably from the period 1991 to 1993 - no cards were produced for 1989 and 1990.


A Black Country Foundry by Austen Moseley

1975 - John Radley_edited.jpg

Wilbert Clayfield

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