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Black Country Images

Webmaster note

I took over the Black Country Society web site in early 2022 after the sudden death of the previous webmaster and thus there was no proper handover. The photos shown on this page were all uploaded to the website, but in most cases there was no information as to who was the photographer / contributor. If any visitor to these pages can identify who should be acknowledged, I will gladly do so - please use the general enquiries form on the Contacts page. 

Black Country at work

1980 Lucy Woodhall1.jpg
1980 Lucy Woodhall3.jpg
Women Chainmakers.jpg

Chain makers (Lucy Woodhall)

Baggeridge Miners 1.jpg
baggeridge lorry.jpg
Baggeridge Coal Shop Ernie Elwell.jpg

Baggeridge Colliery (Ernie Ellwell)

(Central and right-hand photo taken at Tettenhall station sometime in the 1920s - information from Andrew Cope)

Black Country transport

6a canal scene B&W.jpg

Canal basin

spon lane bromford lane bridge John Allen.jpg
Canal Boat bowl.JPG

Spon Lane Bromford Bridge (John Allen)

Canal art

Lorry from John Hall SB.jpg

John Hall Firebrick Lorry

Baggeridge old Morgan.jpg
Old car.jpg

Morgan cars

Black Country people


Hop picking families

Thomas and Emma Houlston copyright John Benfield.jpg

Thomas and Emma Houlton (c John Benfield)

Black Country places

West Brom High Street 1930s [Wolv Civic Soc].jpg

West Bromwich High Street (Wolverhampton Civic Society)

Gt West Archade.jpg

Great West Arcade

WWII HF 227 WEST BROMWICH 1940 [South Staffs Water].jpg

West Bromwich war damage (South Staffs Water)

Dudley Port 1904 Palethorpes .jpg

Palethorpes, Dudley Port 1904

1937 WB gas showroom [c Terry Price].jpg

West Bromwich Gas Showroom 1937 (c Terry Price)

HPIM0671 grey.JPG

Stourbridge floods

The Black Country Zoo

Dudley Zoo 1939 13.jpg
Dudley Zoo 1939 10.jpg
Dudley Zoo 1939 121.jpg

Dudley Zoo 1939

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