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Cricket Lyrics by Thomas Disney


Thomas Disney was headmaster of Halesowen Grammar School before the First World War. The poems had formed part of a huge archive of material collected by the late H Jack Haden and subsequently bought by Black Country Society Chair - James Morgan. In the 35th box of material that James examined he found Disney's poems in printed form. After some research it was decided that these delightful poems should be published along with contributions from a number of related authorities on the man and subject matter. Angus Dunphy, former Acting and Deputy Head of Earl's (formerly Halesowen Grammar) contributed an evaluation of Disney's teaching career at Halesowen; Doctor Michael Hall examined the connection between Disney and Halesowen's most famous writer, Francis Brett Young; and Ron Simpson carried out a critical appraisal of the poems. Stan Hill also researched the cricketing prowess of two former pupils from Disney's school: Eric Hollies and Charles Henry Palmer CBE, as well as providing some of the images for the book. ‘Cricket Lyrics’ provides an interesting insight into Thomas Disney and will appeal to both lovers of poetry and sport.

Cricket Lyrics

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