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Dudley War Memorials by JBE Hale

This major work has been published in conjunction with the Society’s Heritage Lottery Fund award. It has been well-documented by John Hale, who has researched the 720 names on the Dudley War Memorial. Aside from an alphabetical list of the names and the information John has unearthed, there is much more information, including the story of how the memorial came to be. Looking at some of the names John found a number of brothers, as well as evidence of men joining together, probably friends. The evidence for this is that their service numbers were consecutive, probably queuing together to sign up. John also details the group of Dudley men who ended up in the 10th Lincolns, with others from Tipton, Smethwick and other Black Country towns. They were drafted there because the Lincolns were struggling to man a battalion about to go to the front. This book is much more than a list of names; the photographs, descriptions of the men commemorated, photographs, campaign information and much more make this an authoritative record of the fallen of Dudley.

Dudley War Memorials

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