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The Tommy Mundon Story by Angela Daniels


Tommy Mundon was for many years a comedy legend in his beloved Halesowen, throughout the Black Country and further afield. Dubbed ‘The King of Black Country Comedy’, Tommy was the man who could ‘mek yo loff at the drop of a hat’. His warm personality and the ability to put a smile on everyone’s face made him a much sort after entertainer. He certainly always had a smile on his face as he led his audiences down memory lane with jokes and anecdotes, delivered in the style of true Black Country humour. He passed away in 2014. As a local entertainer he is irreplaceable because he was one of the greatest exponents of comedy in the Black Country dialect and Angela Daniel’s book, ‘The Tommy Mundon Story’ encapsulates all aspects of the man, his life and his humour. It also contains many of Tommy’s gags and sayings, along with photographs taken of him on stage and with his family. Many of his friends have contributed their own personal memories of the great man, making this book a unique and very personal account of his life.

The Tommy Mundon Story

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