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Babolutely Fabulous!

Updated: Mar 25

Babsolutely Fabulous is written by former Birmingham Poet Laureate and Guardian journalist Adrian Johnson for Grusha’s Theatre Company of Smethwick. It is the story of three amazing and controversial Black Country women: Sylvia King – builder of a massive people’s fun palace in West Bromwich, Edna Kirby- Walsall’s manufacturer of the UK’s finest leather gloves and Dorothy Round - Dudley’s two times Wimbledon tennis champion. They are on a mission, unexpectedly gathered in the Wolverhampton offices of The Express & Star, to reclaim their own story of remarkable achievement from the sensational front page newspaper reports, myth, local legend, and sceptical newshounds. All three larger than life Black Country women have their side of the story to tell but, will they succeed, listen and learn from each other's tale that includes soaring success and some devastating disaster? Whatever else happens it’s guaranteed to be Babsolutely Fabulous!

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