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Black Country History Day July 16th 2022 at the Black Country Living Museum

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Photos from History West Midlands, Pail Winchurch, Quint Watt and Jack Price

The programme

Dr Malcolm Dick introducing the day

Simon Briercliffe spoke about his book "Forging Ahead - Austerity to Prosperity in the Black Country" published by History West Midlands

Pat Talbot telling the cultural history of Black Country football through its England international players and introducing his book "White Shirt, Black Country"

Over lunchtime

The President at the Hippodrome table

Anna Muggridge couldn't be therein person but with the power of technology she was able to share the history of pioneering women as local councillors

The BCLM team ‘Interpreting the Black Country: Living History Perspectives’ - the team who help make the museum such a great place to visit and at the same time tell the history of the Black Country

And finally - The President entertains

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