Blackcountryman article by Matt Mills- Corrected article and response by Nick Moss

The article 'A study of the debates regarding the boundaries of the region' appeared in the Spring 2022 edition of the Blackcountryman magazine. It was incorrectly attributed to Matthew Stallard. The article was in fact written by Matt Mills. In the Summer 2022 edition of the magazine a response to the article from Nick Moss was incorrectly directed to Matthew Stallard. A corrected version of the article and the subsequent response letter are therefore reproduced here. Apologies to Matthew Stallard, Matt Mills and Nick Moss for any embarrassment the error might have created.

The Black Country - a study of the debates regarding the boundaries of the region by Matt Mills

This paper examines the definitions of the industrial region of the Black Country, once a major centre of manufacturing in Central England. Much argument has taken place for many decades regarding where the boundaries of the Black Country are located. The definitions of the region are studied in detail throughout this essay and debates about which towns and villages are in the “true” Black Country” will be studied in detail.

The Black Country, situated in the English West Midlands, is often regarded as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and during the nineteenth and twentieth